Leather Chesterfields Sofas For Sale

Before you set off to find leather chesterfield sofas for sale consider why you’d want a leather chesterfield in your living room in the first place, above all other types of sofas and settees that are available in the current furniture market. As certain as there has always been chavs and riff raff there has been an upper class too. And these leather chesterfields for sale were royally commissioned by the upper classes back in the 1800s and early 20th century.

Indeed, the leather chesterfield is named after the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope. He commissioned the furniture piece for his manor house and the design quickly caught on in upper class households across the UK and Europe. Soon leather chesterfield sofas were for sale to the establishment and private men’s clubs and adorned the top restaurants of the day.

Unlike many of today’s settees and sofas for the living room which are designed to allow you to wallow and relax without being upright. A true leather chesterfield sofa for sale will enable you to sit comfortably but at the same time, upright and allow you to command a conversation in a relaxed fashion.

Today’s Chesterfields sofa do not differ much from their first design over two hundred years ago. Their motif is the deep buttoned press design into a quilted leather Chesterfield furniture piece and a seat that offers posture and comfort. The arms are generally the same height as the back and Chesterfield sofas often have rolling leather cushions that reach over the arms and back of the settee.

Balmoral Chesterfield Sofas For Sale

Is it or isn’t it a chesterfield sofa? We liked it so much we included the Balmoral leather suite at the top. But while it holds the same design and it is low seated, the seat is a little too deep to be classed as a right and proper Chesterfield sofa.

This genuine leather not genuine Chesterfield sofa for sale at Darlings Of Chelsea is befitting of any statesman and comes either individually or as a suite with chesterfield armchair and a matching footstool. The frame is hardwood and you can choose a variety of leather colours for your own chesterfield sofa, from outback chocolate to a hand antiqued leather. The seat cushions are made of feather and down. Buy a leather Balmoral chesterfield or view more.

Leather Dickens Chesterfield Sofa For Sale

There are a great variety of leather chesterfield sofas for sale and the leather Dickens Chesterfield sofa from Darlings is one of their newest in the traditional sofa range. Completed with a fantastically arched back design, the buttoning is deep on this quintessential 18th century imitation Chesterfield.

The chesterfield suite is  a little different to others on the Chesterfield furniture market and comes complete with its very own Victoria slipper stool encased in hardwood and topped with Chesterfield styled deep buttoning on the seat.

As with other Chesterfield suites you can furnish your living room with the added Queen Anne Dickens chesterfield footstool, Dickens chesterfield armchair – lowback and highback. So don’t be  a Scrooge and buy a Dickens leather chesterfield or view more here.

Spencer Leather Chesterfield Sofa For Sale

British upholstery has been revered around the world for nigh on three centuries. The old Empire used to come to Britain’s doorsteps but at the same time, some truly magnificent workmanship and designs were founded on our shores made for the upper class gentry, Lords and Ladies and the well off.

This designed led tradition and British born manufacturing is further exemplified by this very ruling class svelte Spencer leather chesterfield sofa. The chesterfield furniture suite features a Queen Anne leather chesterfield footstool, a regency wing armchair, a three or four seater chesterfield sofa and is available in a range of hand rubbed antique leather.

You can choose a variety of other colours and Chesterfield leathers; naturally distressed leathers and a full aniline nubuk finished velvet leather which is as smooth as a baby’s butt. Buy a Spencer leather chesterfield or view more here.

Chaucer Leather Chesterfield Sofa And Suite

No disrespect, if you’re four foot tall then the majority of modern day sofas and settees are perfect for slouching in, nestling and screwing your body up into the corner and crevices of the cushions and back to watch celebrity big brother…

However, if you’re a little on the tall side or like a perfect support for your head and an enclosed upper while engrossed in your copy of the Canterbury Tales, then you can’t go far wrong with this 18th century styled leather chesterfield sofa for sale from Darlings of Chelsea.

The Chesterfield chair, chesterfield sofa and two seater settee are all beautifully designed high back Chesterfield furniture with customary deep buttoning which we come to expect from this traditional piece of furniture. If fine leather isn’t your thing, this piece of unadulterated pleasure in leisure and comfort can be dressed in an alternative fabric if you wish. The Chesterfield highback range really is unique. Buy a leather Chaucer chesterfield or view more here.

Shakespeare Leather Chesterfields Sofa

To be in the living room or not to be, that is the Question! Should thou wish for the perfect ensemble of traditional Chesterfield furniture in one’s home. Then look no further than thy brow and glance upon this Shakespeare leather chesterfield sofa which lies over yonder. A journey of two moons and one day…

Well actually it’s at your nearest Darlings of Chelsea showroom but you can buy and view it more easily online. For the modern day gentry among our readers at Squillions, with big families and guests aplenty, forget the drawing room as the Shakespeare leather Chesterfield sale for sale this year features a massive four seater with high back. Encased in a supreme deep buttoning pattern that will have you gliding your hand back and forth for all twelve nights. Read more.

Kingsley Leather Chesterfield Sofa For Sale

Occasionally I look at wonderful pieces of Chesterfield furniture for sale and wish they were huge pieces of deliciously handmade chocolate, elaborately emblazoned with icing sugar and piped cream designs.

Picture this Darlings of Chelsea Kingsley leather chesterfield sofa for sale with silver coated marshmallow cushions. With deep chocolate buttoning and a gingerbread frame and you’ll soon know what I’m harping on about. Alas it is chesterfield furniture and not edible.

The Kingsley leather chesterfield sofa for sale pictured above is covered in an Etna taupe leather and is offset with absolutely huge cushions which your bum sinks into. The chesterfield furniture range comes as a three seater, two seater and four seater complete with chesterfield chair and footstool. Buy a leather Kingsley chesterfield or view more here.

Harrington Leather Chesterfield Sofa Furniture

Available if two, three and four seater chesterfield sofas, completely furnished with the finest aniline leathers this Harrington leather chesterfield sofa will provide you with many years of loyal and distinguished service.

The wide three seater chesterfield couch has two cushions and the four seater chesterfield settee has three cushions, so either way you have to share. If you’re not a fan of being so comfy with your neighbour, get yourself in position and be first on the Harrington leather chesterfield chair which comes as a high back or low back. Buy an Harrington leather chesterfield or view more here.

Stanley Leather Chesterfield Sofa And Chair

Square and conforming is the destination design of this leather chesterfield sofa. Marked by its predecessors diamond deep buttoning pattern on the back, the square framed chesterfield is decorated with rigidly designed buttoning on the lower front of the chesterfield sofa for sale from Darling of Chelsea.

Not every chesterfield can be turned into a sofa bed but this chesterfield sofa bed can. It’s one of the reasons the cushioning is filled with soft high quality fibre so you can snuggle down for night. Also available as a tow, three and four seater sofa and complete with chesterfield armchair. Furnish with naturally distressed leathers or hand rubbed antique leathers in a variety of colours. Buy a Stanley leather chesterfield chair or sofa or view more here.

Bronte Leather Chesterfield Sofas For Sale

Now this is more like it. A family of writers bestowed their own chesterfield furniture range. No bachelors but true blue sisters in the hood that you curl up with their novels in front of the fire. Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, The Tenant Of Wildfell hall, you could have a piece of chesterfield furniture for each sitting.

This chesterfield sofa furniture range is timeless and classic just as the Bronte sister’s works of literature are. Feather fill cushions make for great comfort as you dry your eyes and the aniline leathers are available in a wide range of tanning and colours from cracked wax vintage brown to Old English chestnut.

Available in a two seater, three and four seater sofa, chesterfield chair and chesterfield footstool. Buy a leather Bronte chesterfield or view more here.

Stamford Leather Chesterfield Chairs & Sofas

The Stamford range is upon first appearance a bulky multitude of deep buttoning designs embedded on a traditional leather chesterfield sofa. That may sound harsh but is stands it out from other similar leather chesterfields for sale online.

The seat area is raised and has inbuilt cushioning which allows for additional button patterning in the lower midriff and a plain sheen of leather panelling along the bottom. There is also a more elaborate deep buttoning of the chesterfield sofas back which allows for a beautiful one piece all surround leather curving out of sight over the arms.

While I salivate and dribble over the Stamford leather chesterfield sofas for sale and the chesterfield armchair that goes with it. I’m convinced now that only the chocolate made Kingsley comes a close second. Buy a Stamford leather chesterfield or view more here.

Cromwell Leather Chesterfield Sofas For Sale

Whether you have a roundhead, square head of you’re feeling a little cavalier, this Cromwell leather chesterfield sofa suite will have you raising the flag no matter if you’re embroiled in a battle with the Queen or are the effervescent Royalty in your own household. Luxury is epitomised with Cromwell.

Chesterfield furniture really is as old as the civil war. So it’s of no surprise that out of a generation of ideas and changes comes this fantastic ever lasting chesterfield sofa design that watches on as Kings, Queens and Parliamentarians come and go. This suite avails a chesterfield chair, chesterfield sofas of two, three and four seats and of course a footstool.  Find Cromwell leather chesterfields for sale here or view more.

Leather Austin Chesterfields Sofas For Sale

The Austin is a best selling leather chesterfield sofa suite that keeps on capturing the UK home owners and furniture buying public’s imagination.

It could well be the price, half the cost of most leather chesterfields. However the combination of two, three seater chesterfield sofa bed, four seater and chesterfield chair and highback chair really does answer a wide range of modular furniture needs. Available with Queen Anne Chesterfield Chair

The design is not dissimilar to other chesterfield sofas however one aspect worth drawing your attention to is that of the miniature diamond deep buttoning on the lower front of this chesterfield sofa. While reflecting the pattern on the leather upholstered upper back the smaller buttoning really does make for an all round traditional chesterfield. Buy an Austin leather chesterfield sofa or view more.

It is quite unfortunate that Darlings of Chelsea don’t name their dining room furniture after Bernard Matthews, Bird’s Eye and Heinz but we are still pleased that their chesterfield furniture and chesterfield sofas are named after such greats as Dickens, Cromwell and Shakespeare. Take a look at more chesterfield sofas for sale and chesterfield chairs at Darlings of Chelsea. Or check for the latest Darlings of Chelsea discount codes here.