LED Flood Light Bulbs For Flood Lights

We understand the technical knowledge gap when it comes to LED flood light bulbs. It used to be easy shopping for your home and business light bulb needs. Pop down the local hardware store or supermarket, pick up the incandescent bulb that you’re used to with the correct brightness, check the filament is still intact and job done.

However these days, you’re faced with an array of light bulbs from incandescent, fluorescent, halogen to LED light bulbs and if you’re not careful you’ll leave your family or staff looking as startled as a rabbit in headlights when they switch them on.

There’s also the work environment to consider. Staff need the correct amount of light to work with, staving off headaches from artificial light is imperative. The correct amount of use and distance of lighting. And with LED flood light bulbs, the necessity to ensure the correct beam angle and that the entire area is covered either for work purposes or CCTV and security flood lights and ensuring a clear image and detection.

Replacing Incandescent Light Bulbs With LED Flood Light Bulbs

Can LED light bulbs and LED flood light bulbs match the bulbs you’re replacing? The answer is a very confident yes. The only thing you need worry about with LED flood light bulbs is where will you be in twenty to thirty years while that light bulb is still sitting in its socket. They really do last an average of 50,000 hours which depending on whether you use dimmable flood light bulbs, PIR LED flood light bulbs or always have them on during night fall, that could be up to thirty years of LED life.

When changing over to new tech it’s always a concern that it will fail to deliver on its promise. LED flood light bulbs and the majority of light bulbs do promise a lot. So much so that it’s worth questioning what the LED flood light manufacturers claim. However the research and studies are in and LED light bulbs can last a third of a human’s lifespan, deliver energy savings of up to 90% and reduces your electricity bills.

High Powered LED Flood Light Bulbs And Correct Wattage

There are two different ways to replace your current reliance on old fashioned flood light bulbs and flood light units. You can take the short term view and simply replace all your incandescent, fluorescent or halogen bulbs with LED flood light bulbs or you can buy a completely new outdoor LED flood light unit.

In both situations you will save money, a lot of money. Simply by switching from your current bulb to that from an LED light bulb. Use an energy calculator to see exactly how much you could save. There’s an easily remembered calculation when it comes to buying high powered LED flood light bulbs and ensuring the correct wattage. Simply multiply by ten!

A 10w LED flood light bulb is equivalent to that of a 100w incandescent and a 30w LED flood light bulb will match that of a 300w incandescent. So with that covered, what should you be looking for next? Well Lumens are important, this is how scientists measure how much light is actually coming from a source.

For example a 100w tungsten incandescent may well provide in the region of 17.5 l/w and in comparison the equivalent 10w LED flood light bulb will provide 90 l/w for the same wattage. In most cases with LED flood light bulbs you will receive up to 100 lumens for each wattage. You also need to decide on the colour, the options usually being cool white or warm white and also whether you require dimmable LED flood light bulbs or PIR LED flood lights.

In the four years from 2008 to 2012, the price has dropped on LED floodlight bulbs and the light emitted has risen. What used to be an industry standard of 35w LED light bulbs, is now an industry standard of an equivalent 500w incandescent. Given another four years, the technology may well be further advanced and costs reduced further still.

So is it worth waiting? Whether the price of LED flood light bulbs comes down in the near future or if the wattage capacity increases, it doesn’t really change how much you will save instantly on energy bills by switching to LED flood light bulbs or a new outdoor LED flood light unit. LED lighting is here to stay but as we like to chirp, you can save from today. Buy LED floodlight bulbs here. Or compare against LED Hut discount codes.