Led Lenser H7r Head Torch H7, H14, H14R And H4

There are a lot of sports and activities in life that require an hands free solution when it comes to lighting up the environment around us. One of the best ideas is to use an head lamp in the form of an LED Lenser H7r head torch or indeed any LED head lamp from a reputable and much recommended manufacturer.

We’ve selected some of the most popular and top selling LED head torches which provide the best lighting and most focused beams, offering powerful lighting options in most areas of the sports and hobbies where we require use of our hands. It’s also worth noticing that these LED lenser head torches are also fiddle free. So should you need to change the lighting to dim or full beam ahead, then you can do so with one hand in an instant.

Squillions has selected five head torches, the rechargeable range including the LED Lenser H7r, LED Lenser H14r and the normal replacement head lamps, the H4, H7 and H14. The differences between the torches will become evident, the H4 is the cheapest yet still durable and lightweight. The more expensive rechargeable head torch, the Lenser H14r utilises smart light technology and a micro controller giving full control over a variety of lighting options.

The most important aspect of course of all of the head lamps, isn’t just the functionality and powerful beam but the technology also. LED head torches are using the latest LED chips to provide longer lasting equipment, cost effective and more directed light, enabling the majority of us to enjoy our sports more. Whether that is cycling cross country, caving or simply camping and doing the chores hands free.

Led Lenser Head Torch H7r With CREE Chip – 7498


This unit is exceptional in that while it can run on triple AAA batteries, it is also rechargeable up to 500 times. Coming with its own charger, the LED Lenser H7r has a battery life of 65 hours and utilises a 3 watt CREE Led chip.

This chip enables the head torch to outshine most others on the market, with an output of 200 lumens and an integrated dimmer switch, you have full control of its lighting abilities. The price reflects the in-built technology.

Embedded with an advanced focus system, spot to flood and a beam range of 531 feet. With an adjustable lamp head for 90 degrees tilt, there’s no more worrying keeping your head redirected when talking to someone while fishing or distracting another caver while 100 feet underground. Indeed the angled lamp is perfect for rock climbing or running and weighs in at only 208 grams.

The LED Lenser head torch H7r is finished off with fully adjustable head strap and a durable nylon pouch and lanyard.

Led Lenser H14r Head Torch Rechargeable Best – 7499r


This high end power LED head torch really unsettled the market with its arrival. Say anything you like about the company ‘LED Lenser‘ but when they design, they not only do so to compete with their rivals but to offer the buyer of their products, in this case the LED Lenser H14r, a fully functional, rechargeable, one touch lighting machine.

But it’s just an LED head lamp! Yes, however it isn’t. The H14r is a rechargeable monster of a head torch with bells and whistles that offer any caver, cyclist or mountaineer a vast array of lighting options due to the smart light technology which enables the micro controller to be preset with many different light functions.

The Lenser LED H14r differs from its brother h14 model in that it is fully rechargeable and offers a battery life of 13 hours with 210 lumens of light within a beam that reaches a phenomenal 210 metres. Yes this is an head lamp for humans not cars. Isn’t it fantastic!

The Lenser H14r also has a swivel lamp head for 90 degree action, a fully adjustable headband, a focusable beam and get this – a speed focus just one swift hand movement away. It’s no wonder, that while it is probably one of the most expensive head torches on the market, that its exceptional quality and useability is what makes it worth the price and head and shoulders above their rivals.

Led Lenser Head Torch H7 Dimmer Switch – 7497


This is a mid range priced head torch that packs a punch no matter your activity. It’s a favourites of runners and cyclists alike. A 140 lumens LED chip and integrated dimmer switch, enables you to go from a spot range of 528 feet to a flood of white light which allows you to see for metres in front of you.

The much talked about advanced focus system, combined with a 90 degree adjustable lamp with three watt CREE LED chips makes the Lenser H7 LED head torch something to marvel at. While it’s not as powerful as the rechargeable H7r, the H7 head torch certainly has its place in the hearts of many runners, climbers and campers.

Led Lenser Head Torch H14 90 Degree Swivel – 7499


Fishermen love this unit but it is in equally good company amongst climbers and cyclists. People want to buy well made, durable and strong equipment and the Lenser H14 with 90 degree swivel certainly excels at providing both. In sport and adventurous activities, head gear and other accessories tend to get knocked about a bit.

However this unit has hard gold plated contacts and is built to last. Like the H14r it utilises smart light technology with on hand speed focus. The LED Lenser H14 head torch offers 13 hours of battery time, a range of 210 metres and 210 lumens of focused light on spot. It also comes with a universal fastener leaving you to attach at will to any other straps or sports clothing.

Led Lenser H4 Head Torch H4 Cheap – 7494


Who says technology has to come at a price. If you’re cycling or a biker who enjoys riding at night, looking for a cheap LED head torch for camping or rough and tumble night activities then why not consider the LED Lenser H4 head torch. It’s cheaper than most equivalent head lamps, very lightweight at 85 grams and offers the wearer 45 lumens and an 18 metre beam.

It’s adequate for lighting the immediate area. If you’re not doing the lighting for Jean Michel Jarre and simply taking the dog for a walk across a park or requiring a little additional light at a campsite or beach, then the H4 Lenser torch head lamp serves its purpose. The hands free option is also extended to other clothing accessories thanks to the innovative 360 degree rotating clip.

For around twenty quid, coming with a carry case, the light itself offering three high intensity LEDs with a burn time of 15 hours. Cheap, cost effective, technologically advanced LED head torches have never been so accessible. Which is probably why the units sell out as soon as they come in.

That completes our round up of the Lenser’s LED head torches. While there are many different types of head lamp and brands on the market, year on year Lenser is coming up with the tech to compete. Not only that, but long lasting and durable tools for lighting that continue to outshine in both performances and opinion.

That said, if you were to compare the cheapest against functionality, Squillions would most certainly love to have each and every one of the Lenser torches in review, however the favourite has to be the LED Lenser H7r. View more of the above products here. And don’t forget to check for the latest UK Tool Centre vouchers here.