LED Lenser Torches X21r, L7, F1, Head Torch H7r And H14r

It’s not until you’ve actually used one of the variety of LED Lenser torches and Lenser head torches on the market that you find how ordinary and rather inadequate your bog standard torch can be.

Once you get your hands on an Hi power CREE LED X21r torch or a more popular lightweight polycarbonate torch like the LED Lenser L7, you’ll truly appreciate the vastness of the technology and light engineering you have invested in.

For anyone that works in the dark and I don’t mean simply searching for a box in the garage. When you get recommendations from the police, security guards, army personnel and professional divers then it’s pretty clear that if you’re looking for a police torch or a shock proof solution with the clearest light beam, strongest and most focused ray of light then you know instantly that you’re dealing with a superior manufacturer.

LED Lenser, as a company, are winning competitions and awards throughout the world based on design, energy efficiency and most recently entered into the Guinness Book Of Records for the largest flashlight in the world. A gimmick yes, but behind the plaudits and press attention is some of the latest torch technology in the industry.

Take the LED Lenser X21r for instance, it’s quite possibly one of the most expensive torches in the world aside of the Olight SR95 Intimidator. Why? Because to get so much light – an horrendous 1600 lumens which equates to carrying around a concentrated beam of 500 watts which can shine ahead for 535 metres. Well it’s something the likes of the Titanic could have only dreamed of at the time.


LED torch lights and indeed LED light bulbs for the home are advancing at such a rate, that investment is paying off both for the long term financially as well as in energy efficiency. While the Lenser X21r (8421-R) is the rechargeable version, the LED Lenser X21 (8421) at 1100 lumens is equally impressive with a burning life of 244 hours. Astounding!

The question you need to ask yourself is, what do you require from a torch? Hand held or an head torch, because whatever the answer, LED Lenser torches have a solution for both. The Lenser head torch H7r and H14r are equal to any hand held and are supremely effective at allowing a hands free solution to lighting the way ahead whether you’re 250 metres underground pot holing, mining or caving, or carrying equipment, cycling, walking and searching on land.

Are these flashlights and tools so superior that they are only effective as police torches and tactical torches? No, again, while I put the fact down that you don’t need so much light searching for a box in the garage, these are wonderful lighting tools for anyone and almost any situation. They don’t just offer the brightest beams and longest lasting battery life, the torches come in all shapes and sizes with different lumens capability for each individual.

It is far better to invest in the best LED torch for the future rather than find yourself in a situation in the pitch dark where the most light is required. I can recall having the best torch available on the market when I was in the Scouts, I can also remember being with someone walking back from the pub down a dark lane and their puny lightweight keychain torch failing. Lenser torches come in handy no matter the scenario as they deliver a powerful light beam whatever the product or desired use.

Squillions feature some of the most popular and most advanced LED Lenser torches. The most popular X21r, Lenser L7 and the compact (88mm) yet powerful F1 are all briefly featured in review below. As are the Lenser head torches H7r and H14r with speed focus functions and lamp head 90 degree swivels. We have chosen Lenser torches as they are by far the most superior, durable and brightest beams on the market.

So no matter whether you’re fishing, buying an LED lenser torch for use as a police torch, tactical torch or as a flashlight for camping, mountaineering or work on an oil rig. If you wish to carry around a lighting capacity that is the equivalent of a floodlight or beats the capacity of a car headlamp, then Lenser torch technology is the only solution.

LED Lenser X21r Torch Rechargeable 1600 Lumens

REF: 8421r

If you’re a criminal then beware, homeowners and the police are going to really notice you at 2am if you make a noise and they turn the Lenser X21r on you, whether you’re stuck in an 8 foot garden or one measuring 535 metres. You’ll certainly be a cat burglar caught in the headlights.

A favourite as a police torch or tactical torch, the LED Lenser X21r torch is the brightest handheld LED light on the market. The X21r has 1600 lumens and is rechargeable with a charging cradle and wall mount, while the X21 has 1100 lumens. Both have a three mode brightness switch, a burn life of 244 hours and make use of a high intesnity 1.25 watt LED.

With no less than seven terminator lenses and ultra high performance CREE LED chips, an advanced focus system which can be operated with one hand and a carry case and nylon shoulder strap, you’ll be forgiven for going out on the prowl looking for burglars rather than waiting to catch them in the act. Quite simply it’s the high end LED torch for everyone. View the LED Lenser X21r here.

LED Lenser L7 Torch Lightweight Polycarbonate

REF: 7008

There’s a reason the Lenser L7 torch is a best seller. It’s one of the cheapest LED torches on the market but that’s not the real reason it sells. Ok it’s cheaper but it’s also the best LED torch based on price as well being the ultimate pocket touch which while offering 100 lumens, it’s durable and robust, shock and shatter proof and also lightweight.

The LED Lenser L7 torch is made from polycarbonate, making it very lightweight indeed. The beam range is a magnificent 738 ft with a burn time of 42 hours. You can go from spot to flood with an old fashioned twist of the head and while some reviews state it is only good for the home and garden, there are just as many trumpeting its use for the outdoors. Find the Lenser L7 here.

LED Lenser F1 Torch 88mm 400 Lumens

REF: 8701

At just under 9 cms the compact Lenser F1 torch will have your companions forever in your debt. A dark alley, a countryside walk, all covered by this small yet very powerful LED torch. Complete with CREE LED light chip it delivers a massive 400 lumens of light and just in case you fall down a very deep puddle like the Vicar of Dibley, it is waterproof to 2.5m.

Functionality is important with any small torch and LED Lenser F1 torch certainly delivers. With three settings, defence strobe, power and low power and a re-positionable clip and an interchangeable tactical front ring is the future in LED lighting, only you can have it now. View the F1 torch here.

LED Lenser H14R Head Torch 210 Lumens

REF: 7499r

When is an head lamp not an head torch? When the LED lamp can be detached from the headband and in combination with the universal fastener, can be worn on a belt or any number of other clothing and positions. The fun doesn’t stop there with the LED Lenser H14r head torch. The unit offers 210 lumens of light with  a lamp held that swivels 90 degrees. No more awkward head tilting!

The H14r weighs only 348 grams, the LED lamp has a burn time of 13 hours and can be operated by a micro controller, otherwise known as Smart Light Technology with single handed speed focus. If you’re caving, you won’t need to look far for precious metals – well maybe using it’s range of 210 metres, this LED Lenser H14r has hard gold plated contacts and is fully rechargeable. Read more on the H14r here.

LED Lenser H7R Head Torch 200 Lumens

REF: 7498

The most annoying thing when using a head torch is the dim factor. When cycling or running and the beam starts to lessen after twenty minutes then it’s not fit for purpose. Which is where the LED Lenser H7r is different. It is perfect for cycling and for runners or even walking the dog with only a slight dim after three hours of use.

As LED head lamps go, the H7r is by far the most popular for climbers and campers/ It has a range of 531 feet when necessary and weighs just 208 grams – weight is important when wearing an head torch. The versatile LED Lenser Hr7 has an integrated dimmer switch, a burn time of 65 hours and an advanced focus system. It should really be twice the price it’s offered at. Complete with durable nylon pouch and lanyard. View the H7r here. Be sure to use the best UKToolCentre discount codes too.

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