Levante Tights Hold Ups, Fishnets & Stockings

Who Are Levante? Like many of the world’s best known hosiery brands, Levante tights are now part of the Melas Group which also houses the British Hosiery brands Charnos and Jonathan Aston tights. Based in Mantua, Italy for the last five decades they have grown from a small family business to producing over 60 million items of Ladies hosiery on an annual basis. That’s a lot of legs catered for! Squillions even!

What Are Levante Tights? So you are very likely to have not only heard of this retailer but worn their intimates at some point in your life. And if you haven’t as of yet, then now is the time to test many of the variety of superior Levante tights they have to offer. Which also encompasses ranges of hold ups, fishnets, stockings and shapewear.

Italian fashion is all about taking you on a journey, in fact most of their manufacturing base operates in a similar way. Everything from leather furniture to clothing needs to have a story. Which is why when you buy into this product, it’s not just about wearing the product but buying the box the Levante hosiery is held neatly within.

The female of the species needs to be alluring, suave, sexy and to be clichéd, sophisticated too. Glance at any packaging of Levante hold ups or tights and you’ll receive that message straight away. But it’s a box!?! I know it’s just a wrapper but if the design of the packaging itself is of a picturesque photo shoot, imagine what the hosiery inside is like! To be Italian is to be suggestive 24/7.

Now it’s time for our little journey into the world of Levante hold ups and associated wares. Most brands shout about elegance and a fashion statement and this one is no different. We’ve highlighted below several Levante pantyhose that demonstrate that they offer a high quality product and don’t just talk about trying to achieve it. Skip and view the entire range now.

Levante Tights: The range of Levante tights contain hosiery from an ultra sheer 5 denier with Resistenza right up to a 20 denier Brilliante (pictured above) made from 83% Polyamide and 17% Lycra. The Brilliante has a lustrous shine and is sheer to waist and is accompanied in the range by an 8 denier  Solare and a variety of classic and control tights.

Levante Stockings:: Also in the sheer range is the Vanessa Levante Stockings, a 15 denier that contain an incredibly soothing patterned top and has a subtle soft matte appearance thanks to its make up of 90% Polyamide and only 10% Lycra. If you’re a leggy woman then sheer is ultimately the only way to go with stockings. In contrast you can prepare for those much colder months with a pair of 200 denier Levante footless leggings.

Levante Hold Ups:: Featured in the image above are the very popular Levante opaque hold ups, enclosing your thighs with a stretch lace top and at the tip a reinforced toe. This range encompasses 50 denier right through to 150 denier including a very tidy Suede Matte hold ups pairing. For a slightly different approach you can indulge in Micronet Knee Highs with an equally desirable matte opaque finish.

Levante Fishnets:: Not all fishnets have huge holes inbetween the entwined mixed yarns, many avoid the 1980’s comedy Who’s That Girl film appeal of Madonna as a tutu wearing Nikki Finn. Instead opting for a more upper class look and that’s exactly what you receive with these classic styled Levante Fishnets in both hold ups and Levante tights.

Featured above are the sheer to waist brief Levante fishnet tights which have a soft matte finish, sheer toes and made from 90% nylon mixed with 10% lycra. They are just one of many fishnet options which includes fishnet stockings and fishnet hold ups in the Levante Classic Patterns range.

If you want to buy British today, Forget about it! Buy Italian instead, capiche! If you’re looking for savings on your Lira while shopping for your favourite Levante hosiery you can check for the latest Legs Eleven voucher codes before you buy. Or simply browse the many cheap Levante tights on offer to find the best price on some of their most popular stockings, hold ups and associated hosiery items.