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This is an online jewellery retailer that was founded in 1990 thanks to an order for fish. Well, Salmon to be precise. A restaurateur wished to have a pair of customised cuff links and the rest as they say is history. Having recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary, a growing global British brand wishes to enthuse upon you the importance of vibrant jewellery pieces and timepieces, as well as Links of London discount code to tempt you further.

I always find it incredible how in such a short space of time a new brand can create a million pound a year venture, especially is such a market as fine jewellery. While internet companies based on social models can quickly expand, manufacturing and hand made items need time to progress. However this jewellers has had no such problems thanks to its inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirit.

Bought out by Follie Follie in 2006, its a brand that fits nicely into their charms and lucrative inexpensive jewellery range, but brings a nice tilt to high end merchandise wherever required. This is enabled through a variety of long standing and new collections that have become very popular amongst the jewellery buying public. Both as gifts and personal choices with or without the use of Links of London voucher codes.

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To set themselves apart from the rest, they have gone the extra mile thanks in-house designers who appreciate what their customer wants. Personalisation is key with this retailer, aside of all important gift wrapping, you can request engraving services and the majority of their offerings can be customised to suit your individual tastes. Swapping out gems and adding other details as preferred, sometimes Links of London offers enable this personalisation to be cheaper.

Throughout the year you will find these deals and coupons may assist with UK free delivery and with their website despatching orders across the world, discounted European delivery might be found too. Invariably the money off and savings to be made will be a percentage off the basket value. Simply add the LinksofLondon voucher to recalculate before buying your chosen luxury jewellery online.

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There are currently twenty-one separate jewellery collections on their websites and in store, shops which you can find nationwide if you wish to inspect the pieces before you buy. Additionally and for quite some time now, they also offer a spectacular range in watches. Luxury timepieces that really do rival that of any other brand on the market. Often new designs are timed to coincide with a new collections and take on the appealing nature of a collection, such as that of Sweetie Bonbon.

Let’s look at more of their unique jewellery collections. They are official sponsors of Wimbledon and have released a dedicated collection that include the motif of The Championship and a variety of related tennis jewellery. Featuring tennis rackets and mini trophy charms which benefit from the above Links of London discount codes for money off. They also have a 20/20 collection but that’s more about couples rather than cricket.

To truly celebrate their 25th Anniversary, a new Timeless collection was released which is really a phenomenal offering. Each of these unique jewellery pieces incorporates a distinct feature of London’s Big Ben or as you may now call it, the Elizabeth Tower. The dial face of the clock, resplendent in stained glass window patterning is shown across the range of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

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To coincide with this event, several items were also added to current collections, both Timeless and Hope and this combined offering is termed the 25 Years Collection. Attractive pieces fashioned in Gold and Silver with black and white diamonds and a green hue of Tsavorite gems. Some of which will most definitely be collectors items, being made to order pieces and costing over £20,000. Now you should check for a Links of London voucher!!

Children can get involved in the brand too, with a dedicated Sweetie Bonbon collection that offers brightly coloured charms for necklaces and earrings with adults invited to partake in the fun with the Sweetie collection. For those who enjoy more sparkles over and above a single gemstone, consider the Diamond Essentials collection which truly makes best use of pave settings.

We could go on and on, waxing lyrical about which styles are held in each section, instead why not take a gander yourself? There’s entwined precious metals in the Kindred Soul collection, beads in Grace and 18ct gold Zodiac charms with Keepsakes. And don’t forget the luxury watches, diamond encrusted straps and fancy faces await. The entire range of online jewellery is fit for men, women and children alike. Save Squillions with your Links Of London discount codes April 2020 and sign up to their newsletter to be kept in the loop.

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