Little Red Airline Flights On A320 Virgin Atlantic

Mention a journey from Manchester to London and you will no doubt automatically think of the train. Well not any longer!

Follow Little Red Riding Hood on to her Little Red flights and travel faster, receive more convenient connections to long haul flights which are just as comfortable and with a trolley service that can actually visit you during your trip with no standing passengers in anybody’s way.

Virgin is now operating flights between four major UK destinations. Operated by the Little Red Airline as a brand within Virgin Atlantic, you can be treated to the same great Virgin service but enjoy new routes between London Edinburgh, London Manchester, London Aberdeen and back again.

Say goodbye to all the hassle of getting to and from London train stations inbound from Scotland. Say tala to the hassle of catching coaches or other transport to get that connecting flight. For UK domestic flights simply turn to Virgin Atlantic’s Little Red Airline and away ye go off oop to Bonnie Scotland or da’rn Sou’f and to Londinium and around the world from Heathrow on an A320.

The Little Red Flights And Little Red Airline To See Off Big BA Wolf


Use Virgin Atlantic’s Little Red flights between Manchester, London, Aberdeen and Edinburgh for a truly unique British flying experience. Unique in that as much as Sir Richard Branson’s team like to dream up ideas and innovative ways to provide entertainment and service. Flying with little red is far from normal.

People expect that little extra from the Virgin brand, even on short haul UK domestic flights on planes from Manchester to London and flights to Aberdeen from London. This isn’t Easyjet, even when you pay low and chase cheaper flights you’ll still be expecting great service and these internal flights aim to please.

In the last few months since launch, whether it’s your cup of tea or not. A variety of press have written about the onboard treats that have come to great them. Art galleries showcased on a flight from London to New York, cocktails for VIPs and now live gigs, musicians and comedians will entertain you in the skies above Britain.

Virgin is certainly the one to tackle the stiff upper lip and time will tell how well the new services will meet supply and demand. Flights which were built on when BMI were forced to sell domestic flight slots when they were bought out by IAG, leaving Virgin with an opportunity to make internal flights competitive again.

It was a bold move for a Virgin Airline’s group which was losing a hefty sum in 2012. However the majority of Little Red’s timetable offers greater opportunity to catch connecting Virgin Atlantic long haul flights, so there’s method in amongst the madness of getting domesticated.


A320 Domestic Flights To London From Manchester And The UK


There are twenty-six flights a day within the Little Red airline enterprise, fly Manchester to London with four flights available and nine times spread across Edinburgh and Aberdeen to and from London. All at times to ensure you’re either in London on time early morning or catching that VA connecting flight.

The Airbus A320’s that will fly you to your destination has 174 seats, twenty nine rows of six seats. There is one class seating available throughout the plane, luxurious leather reclining seats. Although the airline staff are leased from Aer Lingus, the brand and training is a completely Virgin experience.

The service isn’t make or break for Virgin Atlantic yet it is new ground. Little Red Flights are aimed at opening up the competition and a battle for short haul UK domestic flights again, while at the same time making their own international flights the obvious option to take with timetables to fit.

There is also the added bonus of lesser charges for passengers. Flying is so much more easier than the train, luggage is taken care of swiftly. With this new UK service, your first 23kg is gratis, there are further goodies for existing Virgin Flying Club Gold and Premium Economy passengers with an extra 23kg bag allowance for free with Upper Class passengers having the ability to lug three bags of up to 32kg on board.

That’s what makes Little Red airlines such a magnificent difference to the cheap ticket market that preceded their entry. Hidden costs for booking, for luggage, for priority, for anything you’ve forgotten to take note of. Virgin Atlantic’s pricing is simple and effective with even the £7 contact centre charge instantly informed upon.

There’s breakfast too! Although you can’t make special menu requests. For flights that depart before 9am, on offer there is hot breakfast rolls (bacon etc.) with a choice of tea, coffee and juice. If you’re not particularly bothered about that 11am business meeting dive into their alcohol selection of Martini and Bacardi.

Cheap Flights From Aberdeen To London, Edinburgh To London


So what’s the damage guv or if you’re from further north, whit ye gonna hit me with this time pal? For cheap flights from Aberdeen to London it’s a win win all round. Prices are competitively priced and reviewed regularly by management.

The flight from Aberdeen to London takes 1hr 40 minutes and can cost £289 at the very last minute or booked in advance can range from £69 to £147 depending on the flight time. Of which there are currently three, 6.35am, 11.55am and 17.35 with an easy to access second leg chart offering additional food for thought.

Often prices are less than those of their nearest rivals as shown when using an online comparison tool. At the time of writing, Virgin Atlantic’s Little Red website was offering a flight from Aberdeen to London at 6.35am on 12th September 2013 for £106.76 and British Airways could only manage £120 with a departure five minutes later… indeed their lowest offer is £85 daily while Virgin touts £69.76.

So whether you’re after cheap flights from Aberdeen to London, Edinburgh to London or Manchester to London flying with Sir Richard Branson’s gaggle of UK domestic Airbus A320 geese is a sure way to not only get there on time, with the most free luggage carry on and free breakfast and snacks, but also a Little Red Riding Hood tale to boot.

Little Red Book Of Offers – “Oh Granny, What Big Offers You Have!”

Oh Granny, what big wings you have… I bet there was a seventies comedian just dying to make a comeback with that line. But oh granny, what big offers you have!! Flying with Little red airlines isn’t just about the long haul connection, the free breakfast, the comfortable leather seats or the O’Irish crew, it’s about the added extras.

The Little Red book of offers is the perfect way to make your pound go further with exclusive deals on offer from the new UK domestic flights service. In your little red book you can often find deals on wine cases, theatre tickets, airport parking, up to 20% off Virgin experience days and a wealth of other money off vouchers.

So if you’re thinking of catching the train between Manchester and London or Edinburgh to London, try a new mode of Virgin transport that promises to get you there quicker, with free snacks and leaves you to enjoy your UK sight seeing and connect to that long haul flight without worrying about where you bags are and if the train in front is going to delay your journey.

View the latest Little red flights prices and timetable here.