LivCo Livia Corsetti Bikini Swimwear At Legs Eleven

Being male I’m probably best placed to advise any woman on which swimwear they should wear at the beach. “You chauvinist!” Hold your sea horses, don’t get your LivCo bikini in a twist! I do have a point. Of course I understand that the prime directive as laid down in the rights of equality and followed through from the Magna Carta is that women’s swimwear is for personal satisfaction.

But and it is a big BUT, please don’t tell me you don’t also dress to look good on the beach where others are looking at you too. We all try to get beach body ready for both our own comfort and that of others. Why shouldn’t we all head to the beach in unique and beautiful looking Livia Corsetti swimwear? Feeling sexy and free is part of the fun of the seaside or swimming pool in the Summer.

Livia Corsetti Bikini Basanti Orange, Yellow & Red

Being male, I of course don’t have the luxury of squeezing myself into a tight bikini but being a man I certainly find the range of women’s swimwear attractive on the opposite sex. They’re vibrant and different from other beach outfits currently on the market. The main difference being the cross between casual Riviera wear and swim wear. The type of clothing you can take a dip in and then immediately go and sit in a fancy restaurant with a simple wrap around beach skirt.

Though the latter really is not necessary with these fantastic swimming panties and bras. Take a butchers at the Livia Corsetti bikini Basanti range for example. Available in red, yellow, orange and white the finishing touch in the two tone bikinis is the belt buckle on the bikini bottoms. The colour is then paired with bottom of the cups of the bikini top and bra. Available in small, medium, large and XL you can really show off all your curves in true style.

Livia Bikinis: Mocha Suvali And Odeleya Black

Being in the West, UK, Americas you can be forgiven for being more acquainted with more well known brands of lingerie¬† and luxury swimwear. However we are now in the global economy baby where the best of the crop competes on design and manufacturing detail. So please don’t think twice about Poland – the base of this exquisite women’s swimwear company – being the epicentre of the Worldwide trade in designer swimwear.

LivCo Fashion have outlets across Poland and are a global distributor of Livia Corsetti bikinis and swimwear. Being British means we know more about the rest of the world than we do the other end of our own European continent. Even though the sun only appears one hour a year and most of our beaches have pebbles. Poland with their sandy beaches and numerous resorts have ensured swimwear fashion is popular in the local Polish economy.

While the range of Livia bikinis are on the whole bright and colourful, ensuring beach play time is enjoyed to the max. There are more conservative swimming costumes such as the Suvali bikini in Mocha and the black and pink Odeleya bikini top and bottoms. Just like you, we haven’t a foggiest where they get the names for the attire but don’t they sound great!! “Yes darling, just picked up the latest Suvali Livia Corsetti swimwear… it’s gorge…”


Fawila Red Bikini Livia Corsetti Swimwear

Whether you have an ample bosom which needs a luggage belt to keep your chest in, as featured on the Livia Corsetti Fawila red bikini above. Or if you dine out at lavish resorts where no expense can be spared on designer swimming costumes and a more refined look is required with the Suvali or Odeleya bikinis, LivCo fashion are here to serve. Even party time and all out raving on the beach is catered for with the out there and colourful Basanti bikinis.

Click to view all these beautiful Livia Corsetti bikinis and be sure to check for the latest Legs 11 discount codes before you buy. If there’s one thing I do know about women at the beach it’s this. If a Princess can have a different bikini for every day on her holiday. Then she’s a very happy Princess indeed! Livia your life with designer Livia bikinis!