London Immigrant’s Fresh Ingredients Meal Delivery Service

Are you learning to large it in South London with your eels and pie and mash? Have you just landed from Romania seeking out your favourite Ciorba? You’re one of 50,000 in town, surely there’s a restaurant that’s got Sarmale and Galuste on tap? Or perhaps you just landed on a plane from India and need some kitchen wallah to rustle up some Bisi Bele Bath finishing off with a Gajar ka Halwa to remind you of home.

With a population of over eight million, London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. One that also has a fresh ingredients meal delivery service. Forget Paris, forget New York. London is home to one of the largest immigrant communities with a great swathe of nationalities all living under one roof. But where do they eat? Everywhere is the answer, there is a restaurant for everyone from every culture with every cuisine, including good old British Jewish Fish and Chips.

Oh come on, you honestly thought that staple food of fish and chips was a wholly British invention? Next you’ll be telling me curry served to the English is a direct recipe from India. Wakey wakey! The British Empire has a lot to answer for, most notably our ability to not really invent anything culinary of our own. Though of course we have but a large percentage of dishes are borrowed.

Immigration is a hot topic in the UK (for the last 200 years) and London’s immigrants are always on the way in and out. There are over 50,000 Italians in London, 300,000 speakers of the fantastic Greek language, and across East London over 100,000 Bangladeshis. There’s South Africans, Ghanians, Somalians and Jamaicans, as well as those walkabout frenzied Australians. So where do you come from and do you like fresh ingredients when cooking?

If you’re a Greek student and living in Wood Green why not try a recipe delivery service and order a Greek Lamb Pasta? μαμά (Mum) isn’t around to cook and she hates you eating out at Burger King. Or perhaps you’re a Cypriot recently arrived and living in Hackney and you’re fed up of the Trip Kitchen and fancy making a Halloumi Steak Salad all of your own?

Are you an Islington Italian perhaps, feeling a bit hungry and fed up of visiting yet another Italian restaurant serving up Spaghetti alla Puttanesca? We know a way you can make a turn on that called One Pot Puttanesca and not have to pay £50 and a 12% tip to some grumpy Cameriere for the pleasure. Forget about it! No don’t forget about it, have fresh ingredients delivered to your home and make your favourite dishes yourself.

There’s this place on the internet that offers a fresh ingredients meal delivery service to London’s immigrants who miss home. Who miss the ability to make creations in their own kitchen and aren’t as good a cook as Mama and Papa. Even the Russian community with billions of pounds at their disposal miss their Babushka serving up a good old Pierogi or Sirniki. Now you can be a chef, follow instructions and receive the freshest ingredients to your new London door.

Being a London immigrant you no doubt wish to try other foods too. Not that cuisine hadn’t already travelled to your own doorstep before you left your country of origin. Americans love Japanese food, the Greeks love Russia delicacies and the British – well they love anything that has flavour and spice. Give this Fresh Ingredients Meal Delivery Service a go and get stuck into Saffron Risotto, a vegetarian Caramelised Onion Frittata or a North African delicacy and Tangy Pomegranate-Glazed Chicken with Minty Quinoa.

That was a mouthful and it could be if you order it! If you wish to save Squillions on London’s fresh ingredients meal delivery service, why not have a look at the latest Gousto discount codes to see if there are any deals to trial their offering. Or get straight into the cooking action and book your healthy meal delivery in London today at Gousto.