Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Jewellery Heist

An audacious robbery was committed in front of the eyes of the world over Easter in the UK. Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd in London which has been burgled at least once before, is a local safety deposit business which caters to many jewellers in the trade. Hatton Garden is positioned at the centre of the diamond market of the UK, hosting many related businesses similar to Diamond Heaven.

Only the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham comes close in stature. What is fast becoming the script for a huge cinema hit. Initial comments surrounding the Hatton Garden safety deposit jewellery heist stated only a few hundred thousand pounds may have been stolen. However we at Squillions, working with partners based at the very centre, know all too well that was a vastly underestimated and conservative sum.

Over seventy safe deposit boxes were raided. With it being an Easter Holiday and many jewellers heading abroad and closing down early. Many traders would have placed their diamond stock for safe keeping. It may well have been Easter but for the thieves it will have been more like Christmas. We estimate over £250 million could have been on the premises at the time. No team would have bothered just for a few hundred thousand pound, once the share divided, the prison time risk would not be worth the bother.

The Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Raid – The Distraction

The Hatton Garden heist will go down as the robbery of the century – so far. Especially as the details coming out make for phenomenal reading. We have all seen jewellery heist films, the likes of Jason Statham’s The Bank Job all too vivid in our memory. A film which was also based on a real life bank job back in the seventies. The script for this heist is similar to many that have been glorified at cinemas for years.

It’s still too early to know all the details but let’s consider for one moment what else was occurring on Good Friday. While it is thought the gang broke into offices at Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd or an adjacent building on the Thursday night. Another party was busy planning the most important aspect. Remember the underground fire at Holborn on the Friday?

It is now thought that the gang set fire to underground cables in a bid to ensure no alarms went off or that certain electrical systems and fail safes were shut off. While police and the fire service were busy evacuating 5,000 people from the Holborn area. the gang were getting proper stuck into their Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Jewellery Heist weekender.

After the fire was started, they began drilling into the lift shift that runs all the way from the top of the building to the basement – as they tend to do. Abseiling down with gear in tow, they then knocked out cameras, cut wiring, used heavy duty tools to get through security gates and bars and then went to work on the vault itself. The ongoing Holborn fire was just a seventeen minute walk from the Hatton Garden premises. An area flooded with more police than a Millwall match – ok, not that many.

You would think a savvy police detective might have cottoned on to the ensuing distraction and worked out what was really going on just down the road. But it wasn’t until Monday that the full extent of the Hatton Garden jewellery heist was discovered. Although in what would be a heart stopping cinema moment, alarms did ring as they broke in on the Friday, but the affable security guard only checked the front door was secure, allowing the jewellery raid to continue.

Hatton Garden Heist – Jewellery And Diamonds Gone

If we consider the rumours and events so far, we are looking at professional criminals, who may well have been imported for the job. Knowledge surrounding safes would also narrow down the suspects. This jewellery heist would have been months if not years in the planning. An insider at either a local jewellers or the vaults itself will no doubt be sitting on the toilet right now, albeit in a sunnier climate.

Not unlike the Great Train Robbery, the British public have a huge love in for criminals of this nature. The majority seem not to mind crime where businesses are affected and no people are hurt. Even though people tend to be hurt in the long run with higher prices. Personal property may have been stolen and the objective may have been to steal a certain jewellery piece or in tandem with an insurance claim but we may never find out the specifics.

What we do know, there is a high possibility that the Holborn fire was both the distraction and the essential part to bringing down communications and electricity. That the team moved in heavy equipment to drill through walls, break through security and the safe too. Manage to carry out several bags / boxes of diamond jewellery in the biggest Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Jewellery Heist this century – UNSEEN.

Over twenty local jewellery traders are thought to have been hit, some losing between £40,000 and £100,000 and maybe more. Each box can possibly contain up to £500,000 either in individual diamonds or whole jeweller pieces. With seventy safety deposit boxes raided, that’s at least £35 million. That amount probably still much lower than the true haul.

These goods need to be fenced, that means melting down precious metals and going to work on the individual gems so they are unrecognisable. Both these processes will see some value lost and fencing is an arduous task, which again would see the value in return of less than 50%. This all done outside of the UK with gems evacuated within hours of being stolen. Incredibly the team had a full 48 hours to get them out.

Will They Get Away With Hatton Garden Heist? Do We Mind?

They were laughing all the way to the… So what would make this heist worthwhile? The team would have needed to be small, there’s the insider and those who started the fire too. The connections to have succeeded at achieving the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit raid would have been small in number but their knowledge key. The contacts to fence the stolen gear would also take a hefty cut.

There is absolutely no way such a robbery would have taken place or been planned for a few hundred thousand pounds and even £35 million, reduced to £20 million and shared between ten people would have held too much risk. Two million is not enough to retire on these days. While one or two criminally minded assets may consider this a CV busting job for future attempts, this really is a get in and get out and stay out job.

With so much planning, it being a holiday weekend with traders storing their stock. A number around £250 million would have made this London Jewellery Heist very well worthwhile indeed. One thing is for sure, with the Holborn fire connection, the security guard nearly rumbling the whole plot. The drilling through a wall and abseiling down a lift shaft. It won’t be long before another £250 million is stolen at the gates of the worldwide cinemas. Making Squillions for not only the thieves but the film industry too.

To see the type of jewellery that may have been stored at Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd, visit Aspire Diamonds who trade nearby. You can also have a butchers at the Links of London discount codes to see if you can make the steal of the century on your next jewellery purchase.

We all love a jewellery heist, the fact in this age of technology that they can still occur, and that the thin blue line can still be fooled, makes for wonderful reading. We just hope no businesses go out of business and that people were unhurt as that makes the heist even more incredible and wonderful for the general public to immerse themselves in.

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