Luxury Jo Malone London Scented Candles

How romantic are you? Exceedingly or expensively? Jo Malone scented candles have been in the news a lot over the last two years since their inception. Jo Malone London is an eccentric perfume brand that blend the amazing smells of nature with the incredible to produce indulgent gifts that could wow almost anybody.

I say almost because if I was presented with a £300 2.1kg scented candle I may wonder what kind of impression I’d been giving all this time. You don’t get a 41 year old male a huge candle, do you? You could, my address is… For a home warming perhaps as at that size it’s nearly as big as a fireplace – that’s an idea but otherwise I’d probably prefer you to spend your sovereigns on something else but my address is…

Obtained From: John Lewis

In the news… yes mainly because the likes of Lidl or Aldi have been doing their usual thing of providing lookalike luxury scented candles as cheaply as possible, and if you listen to some people there’s no difference. I don’t quite believe them though. It’s like picking up a bottle of £1.00 Champagne and expecting it to pass for Bollinger. It’s not going to happen.

The Jo Malone candles are not without their rave reviews and if you read long enough you may come up with a few gift occasion ideas for them. Most prominent is that they are great as wedding gifts. Let’s face it candles are pretty much a women’s thing, sure sexism and gender is on the wane but romantic nights are made for the delicate little flowers in our life, what yours isn’t? Funny. Nor mine.

Talking of flowers, these are luxury scented candles for a reason. Featuring notes of Peony, Jasmin Sambac, Marigold and Freesia. Hark at me, notes – that means the smell they have and at each stage they are most evident. The candle crazies are as barmy as the wine folk with smells being released over time. It happens but I’m a man, I don’t care. I do, but I’m a MAN.

Luxury Jo Malone Scented Candles 2.1kg Tasting Notes

Don’t forget though that the brand Jo Malone London is primarily about perfume with the tag ‘Fragrance Combining.’ So if they suggest there are notes and first and secondary smells, there probably really is. Have you ever bought a room spray and thought you’d smell nice if you sprayed it under your arms or behind your ears?

I know you’re laughing because I’m pretty sure some of you as students have done exactly that. Money is tight and you’re about to go out and have found your body deodorant has run out, whatever should you do? Anti smoking room spray, kill two birds with one stone and if you’re lucky not the third girl that you’re taking to dinner.

There’s a reason these luxury Jo Malone scented candles are a treat, imagine how many hours, weeks and months they spend trying to create a novel smell in a laboratory and then for it to only end up as a Cologne or an Eau de Parfum. Some bright spark at this company, as at others, thought “let’s create luxury scented candles too.”

Surprisingly it works. All perfumes, smellies, have trademarks. No other company can release the exact blend without getting in serious trouble. So if your lab bods have a good sense of smell and the feedback is better than fantastic then a brand is born and people pay top dollar to wear it or allow the luxury Jo Malone candle to flicker the night away and waft around the bedroom or bathroom.

This brand does do the least possible with its scented concentrates when it comes to smellies for the body, which may be a reason the scents work so well across their Bath and Body, Face Care and gifts range. That’s not a bad thing but Colognes tend to have around 3% as a part, Eau de toilette 10% and Eau de parfum 15% whereas top of the range perfumes will contain up to 25%. But back to the luxury scented candles.

I didn’t think it was possible to purchase a candle for £300, it’s shocking if you think about it for too long but this is Squillions and we aim to please. There are several scents within the luxury, deluxe and home candle range and each have a different entry level when it comes to cost.

Firstly the scents, overwhelming, empowering? We all adapt differently to scents but you could give a smaller candle a try before piling in for the £300 2.1kg luxury Jo Malone scented candle unless it’s a gift of course.

Jo Malone Candles London Peony Blush Suede Luxury 2.1kg

Jo Malone Luxury Scented Candle

  • Glass container with silver metal enclosure
  • Weighs a massive 2.1kg
  • H18cm x W16cm approx.
  • A variety of slow and quick burn notes
  • Average burn time: 220 hours

Did you know that in French Bougie means Candle and well it’s a bit obvious, Parfumée means Perfumed. Therefore Bougie Parfumée means Smelly Light Dancing in French.

These Jo Malone candles are incredible. Arriving in three distinct scents, you can choose from Peony & Blush Suede, Pomegranate Noir or Lime Basil and Mandarin. The fun doesn’t stop there as there are hidden notes released too. Described in three ways as Top, Heart and Base as follows:

  • Red Apple, Peony, Suede
  • Pomegranate, Casablanca Lily, Guaiacwood
  • Mandarin, Basil, Amberwood

Jo Malone London Lime Basil Mandarin Luxury Candle 2.1kg

Jo Malone Luxury Candle Pomegranate Noir 2.1kg

Gift Ideas For Jo Malone Candles

It’s probably a no no to get your Great Granddad these huge scented candles as he may think it’s going to go off.

Essentially these make fantastic presents for couples, especially weddings. A candle could effectively last the entire first year of their marriage – how apt. Perhaps they won’t blame you when the candle goes out and they split up?

Getting The Most From Jo Malone Candles

One thing to mention is that when it comes to weight, it matters. The 2.1kg is said to burn over a period of 220 hours, while the 200g candle will last approximately 45 hours. At the lower end you’re paying £1 per hour roughly, at the higher it’s more like £1.36 so it’s the only product I know that increases in price per kilo the more you buy in bulk.

Burn Time – Weight – Cost Per 100G / Avg. Cost

45 hours – 200g – £23.50 per 100g / £47

90 hours – 600g – £20 per 100g / £120

220 hours – 2.1kg – £14.29 per 100g / £300

In fact on the official website they state that for 2.1kg it’s about £14.29 per 100g but £23.50 per 100g with the home candle but being scientifically minded it’s the burn rate I am concerned with, you get more burn per gram with the smaller candles than you do the larger luxury scented candle.

This is because of the smaller wick to mass. From this we learn one thing, going big with a luxury Jo Malone scented candle is the wow factor you are paying for. Imagine if on fireworks night I present you several sparklers to wave compared to a keg of dynamite and now you understand the objective behind a 2.5kg luxury Jo Malone candle with more scents than a uniquely nice smelling skunk.

One last thing, at three hundred nicker if you run out of deodorant you can wax your underarms with a 2.5kg luxury Jo Malone scented candle and smell gorgeous. I know there’s rich students out there, we’ve seen them rioting on the telly from time to time at Trafalgar Square. Remember though, the science bods reckon it takes several hours to burn through 50 grams of wax. These luxury Jo Malone candles however have a 100 gram to hour rate in part due to the much larger wick and mass, as at 2.1kg they state it should last 220 hours.

Obtained From: John Lewis