Luxury Leather RM Williams Wallets & Key Ring For Men

G’day mate, if you’re looking to save yourself some Australian dollars you had better find your way home via the billabong as these Luxury Leather RM Williams Wallets & Key Rings For Men make no sense for those with no cents! Yes we have gone a bit Aussie, that’s because RM Williams wallets are part of an Australian brand.

It often takes a while for certain brands to make their way overseas or to become a global icon. Italy’s leather industry has it much more easy, being renowned for furniture and associated leather accessories such as handbags and being bang centre in one of the world’s primary economies. But can you really position RM Williams wallets against those from Armani and elsewhere? The answer is yes!

In the Australian outback, the landscape is completely different to that of Europe. People in the cattle industries in the early part of the 20th century demanded high quality leather bridles, pack saddles and riding boots and a young RM Williams was just the man to offer them, having plied his trade for several years as a teenage apprentice.

R.M. brought the world the first single leather pieced boot which people in the outback and cattle industry and those tasked with dealing with Australia’s tough dry climate were drawn to by the thousands. Today, while they still manufacture luxury and hard wearing top of the line hand made riding boots, you can buy a range of associated clothing logo’d with the Reginald Williams’ brand.

These RM Williams wallets and key ring for men are made from the same high quality leathers that the hand made boots herald from. Fashioned in a material that is long lasting and hard wearing and will easily defeat the scruffs of your jeans pockets. Men enjoy a good sturdy luxury leather RM Williams wallet down under, it speaks volumes about how rugged and proud a man they are.

It’s not all about 4X or whisking your Sheila to the top of the Kurrajong Heights or wrestling that Alligator just like Crocodile Dundee. No, it’s about dressing the part, being unshaven for two days, not having a wash for three and turning up in pristine horse riding boots, a gleaming belt and slamming your luxury leather RM Williams wallet on the table and paying the mortgage after selling your herd.

Luxury Leather RM Williams Small Wallet

If you’re seeking a well stitched, smooth luxury leather wallet then this little black number from RM Williams will more than fit the bill. It’s manufactured from Yearling Leather, the same as your boots and will last as it is passed down the generations.

The small leather RM Williams wallets are also available in brown. Made In Australia, this wallet speaks volumes about your manliness as well as your scope for gold panning. At around £90, you had better have more than that in notes held within if you’re out on the town, looking to impress.

It doesn’t just accept cash however. This RM Williams wallet also caters for eight credit cards, as well as two notes sections. People won’t think you’re Reginald with this design, instead it hosts the steer head logo on the bottom right as an imprint. Read more here.

Luxury RM Williams Trifold Wallet And Key Ring

The perfect gift set for the man in your life, Husband, Son or Dad. The finest and trusted leather direct from Australia. This RM Williams key ring and trifold wallet set is fantastic as a gift that will last the receiver years upon years.

Both the RM Williams wallet and RM Williams key ring feature the steer head logo. The wallet will hold coins tightly in the embedded coin purse and also has room for nine credit cards. If you’re feeling flush. The Rm Williams Trifold wallet made from luxury yearling leather is truly a piece of high end workmanship and deserves its price tag. View here.

RM Williams Crocodile Crown Key Ring

The RM Williams key ring offers distinction and practical use across their entire range, however when it comes to saltwater crocodile leather this key ring fobs stands out a mile.

Available in both brown and black tanning it’s natural grooves and stylish Crocodile features will ensure you never lose grip of your keys ever again.

The RW Williams wallet logo is featured on the key fob. View this item here.

Luxury Leather RM Williams Zipped Travel Wallet

If you’re venturing north of the outback then you’ll be taking to the high seas and needing to protect your passport from all those unsavoury European savages. be well equipped with this RM Williams travel wallet – which probably costs more than your national passport renewal!

At around £100 you are paying out for one of Australia’s most well known luxury leather brands. Made from Yearling Leather and Made In Australia,you can be a proud POM and celebrate your brother’s outback feats by travelling the world with this most luxurious RM Williams wallet.

The wallet from RM Williams measures 122mm in width, a length of 237mm and depth 25mm ensuring even when full it’s not looking bulky. It can hold an ID in the visible transparent plastic window as well as a national passport. There’s room for ten cards, with three further card slots plus a three internal pockets and an external pen pocket on the spine. View details.

For Luxury Leather RM Williams Wallets & Key Ring For Men, choose RM Williams wallets and an Australian brand that is growing worldwide eighty years after their story began. The finest Australian Yearling leather wallets this side of Queensland!