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For exclusive Mahabis discount codes you have come to the right place. But where to use them? The Mahabis slippers are not available at any other retailer and need to be bought directly from the manufacturer’s website. If you want to know about these indoor outdoor slippers, read on or scroll down for the vouchers.

With inception in 2013 they have gone to market really quickly and offer a quality slipper. One that many people have been unknowingly crying out for. We’ve been offered crocs, flip flops and sock slippers but until now a long lasting slipper product has evaded our capture. Until now.

This company have essentially taken the concept of re-soling an outdoor shoe from summer to all weathers by attaching a protective rubber sole. And instead enabling a slipper to be worn outdoors. Is that important? Well yes because typically as humans we are lazy, would you swap your shoes or put any on to just take the rubbish out?

What about owning a pet? If you live in a block of flats and need to take your dog out four or five times a day to the garden downstairs. Is that made easier by putting on a pair of shoes or trainers? No, you get fed up. But with Mahabis slippers and Mahabis voucher codes, you can do these tasks far simpler.

Slippers are of course not just about function. Though this is essentially what Mahabis offers. Indoor outdoor slippers that have a removable sole that are easily attached with a click down stud. Meaning you can walk to the newsagents in your slippers. You can take the dog for a quick walk and you can put the rubbish out.

The retailer has taken not only a modern approach to design but used a material that has provided comfort and quality for thousands of years. 100% sheeps wool forms the upper of the Mahabis slipper – manufactured in Eastern Europe. The sole is created from 3D printed TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) in Milan Italy. Design was incepted in London.

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So no Made In China or far flung Asian province on the sole of these shoes. With function achieved, material sourced, style was to be built in. I would ask anyone to argue that they didn’t get the style aspect correct also. While the current offerings are more geared to colder months, there are summer Mahabis slippers on their way.

In the meantime you can use Mahabis promo codes to get not only free delivery but also a discount on these quality made indoor outdoor slippers. You don’t need to worry about gift giving either. With 14 days returns and an extended returns policy before Christmas, you are covered. OK, so suggesting you move up from socks to slippers at Christmas may be a little ironic.

However, these are no ordinary slippers. The type someone can actually pop down from their apartment, grab a Starbucks coffee or Nandos and not look like they’ve walked out in Grandma’s slip ons. They are stylish and the soles are easily attached. Not only that, but have you seen the different colours?

For a limited time you can currently get free soles when buying the indoor outdoor slippers, whether you use a Mahabis voucher code or not. You can of course by additional soles as changeable or replaceable for an additional fee. Innovative, stylish and long lasting. Although the way they are interchangeable you may end up with the OFAH Trigger’s broom after thirty years.

These are not your average indoor outdoor slippers. Imagine how many times over the years your shoes have dragged germs from outside and into your home. Stay healthy, keep your floor clean, keep your tootsies warm and comfortable. And enjoy the vivid colours of the soles. Save Squillions with your Mahabis discount codes April 2020 here.

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