Maleras Cast Crystal Sculpture Ornaments

Hej! Don’t you love Globalism… one day we’re writing about crystalware from France and today Sweden. Crystal glass and cast crystal is an amazing material that has been used for thousands of years to create useful products in the home. In the main, aside of glassware and perhaps votives, crystal is fashioned into ornaments, sculptures and trinkets to admire.

Depictions of nature by mankind started between 30,000 and 64,000 years ago by Neanderthal people in caves around what is modern day Spain. Who knows, maybe even earlier than that – more than likely. Drawing representations to signify a day’s sights and challenges seems a good way to make early communication. Conquests, battles, Dish of the Day… so these Swedish crystal ornaments have been a long time in the pipeline.

Certainly mankind has journeyed far since discovering linear perspective in the 1400s, (Filippo Brunelleschi, Italy) which is the understanding of how to create a representative 3D picture on a 2D piece of paper. Yet while these cast crystal glass ornaments have been rather cleverly designed, we are minded that nature has been creating fossilised versions of these for millennia. Amber can be found today to contain numerous bugs and insects from millions of years ago. What is effectively tree resin solidified.

Discover Maleras Crystal Sculpture Ornaments

So if you think you’ve seen these type of crystal sculptures before, with the cuts and bevels strategically placed to offer linear perspective and a depth in contrast once the colour has been painted on, then yes you have. Quite, these would be the smallest elephants, wolves, birds and penguins to be trapped inside crystal but their resembling the amber fossils is very uncanny.

I recall as a child in the 1980’s Mum and Nan both having similar cast crystal glass ornaments though they were not painted in the slightest. They used the reflection of light and the movement to show a 3D version of animals even though the surface at the fore was flat. This is the exceptional leap forward mankind has taken in the past 700 years, both glass and linear perspective have been literally drawn together to provide yet another view on our reality.

Crystal Glass Maleras Red Yggdrasil Mats Jonasson Maleras Nordic Icons Green Yggdrasil Crystal Ornament

Cast Crystal Maleras Red And Green Yggdrasil By Mats Jonasson – Buy Here

Upon first glance, as you are unable to hold these Maleras crystal ornaments in your hand, it would appear as though the tree depicted above, a Yggdrasil (a mythical Norse tree of the Nine Worlds), is inside the crystal and that a coloured fluid has been poured inside. But this isn’t the case at all. Although we imagine a case is involved. A heated mould which has been designed to furnish the finished sculpture.

Handmade Maleras Crystal, Painted And Sandblasted

This crystal began life as a molten blob of silica (sand, lead oxide and soda) in other words glass, different amounts of lead oxide would change the material from cheap glass to expensive crystal (not glass or crystal glass). These ornaments are thought to be cast crystal sculptures not just glass hence the cost. You can read elsewhere on the immense procedures involved in how lead crystal and crystal glass is made.

Also you will read on the partner websites that the crystal is painted and sandblasted. The latter term is a fancy technical word for what it actually does, the result however and which is more mainstream, is frosting. Basically changing the surface of the crystal or the unprotected areas, from transparent to a defined opacity where light will still conjure an appearance but in matching the desired imagery. I feel you either like frosting or you don’t, but it’s an appealing feature for crystal glass. For cast crystal you may want the lead shine to feature more, a mix looks great however especially when using motifs.

Handmade Maleras Global Icons Oak Robert Ljubez Painted Crystal Cast Maleras Floral Fantasy Orchid Purple Maleras Global Icons Birch Tree Crystal Sculpture Ornament

Handmade Crystal Maleras Global Icons Oak & Birch Tree By Robert Ljubez – Buy Here

The history of glass making across the world and formation of crystal as an enterprise in each country is a long story, let’s focus on Målerås. Maleras is a village in Southern Sweden. In 2010 it had a recorded population of 210 people, which brings about the question of how many people does it take to run a glassworks? Maleras Glassworks (Målerås Glasbruk) of course.

Maleras Glassworks And Swedish Family Jonasson

There are plenty of surrounding towns and villages so perhaps a commute is involved. A journey that takes a considerably lesser time than the over 100 years this glassworks has been in operation. Since 1890. Consider that the entire population of Sweden is only 10 million, yet such talent continues to be unearthed and traditions retained it’s more than a note of history that the lead designer at Maleras today began his career there in 1959, a one Mats Jonasson, whose achievements are featured so predominantly within this article about Maleras crystal ornaments.

Glass Maleras Wildlife Swan River Ornament Mats Jonasson Maleras Wildlife White Swan Cast Crystal Ornament

Crystal Maleras Ornament Wildlife Woodpecker Painted Crystal Maleras Wildlife Woodpecker Tree

Top: Maleras Wildlife White Swan Cast Crystal Ornament

Bottom: Painted Crystal Maleras Wildlife Woodpecker Tree – Buy Here

Maleras, the company, is a combined effort. A pooling of different talents and objectives, designers with varying backgrounds and skills, each working with multiple materials. Seriously if you’re into crystal plus any other forged material as a combination art, this company must be heaven to work at. It certainly shows through their work. In quiet contemplation, I would take 300 of these individual cast crystal Maleras painted ornament designs and embed them in a wall of glass, akin to the cube glass feature you find inside homes. Only a snip at £36,000…

Alongside Mats Jonasson is Robert Ljubez, the only other artist creator to be found highlighted here. With the handmade Crystal Maleras Global Icons Oak Tree and Birch Tree crystal sculpture. An immigrant from Bosnia, his drawing ability and engraving prowess lead to bigger and better things and is now considered to be Mats’ right hand crystal man. The result imagery that besets the finished crystal sculptures from each designer are vastly different but you have to keep in mind that each cast crystal ornament is hand produced from design to mould to paint to sandblast.

Maleras Cast Crystal Sculpture Marsh Birds Maleras Cast Crystal Sculpture Eider Duck Wildlife Painted Crystal Glass Sculpture Maleras Kingfisher Wildlife

Maleras Cast Crystal Sculptures: Marsh Birds, Eider Duck Wildlife, Painted Kingfisher – Buy Here

I find these works of art extraordinary. Did you know, that in sculpturing there are Limited Editions. I’m unsure but it may have been where the expression “they smashed the mould on that one” came from. In the Maleras crystal sculpture range there are Ltd Eds where only 50 to 200 might be produced, then the mould is smashed. These and the rest are also signed by the designer ensuring authenticity.

Maleras Crystal Designs Are In Fashion – Climate Change, Ecology

As with any business and product, being in the right place at the right time is essential. Like Baccarat crystal glassware was, now Maleras can contribute to society’s reflection upon climate change, natural habitats and the protection of environments. The paints used in the sandblast process are even eco friendly to further that aim. Everybody appreciate nature and wildlife and these amber fossil type crystals look so real.

Barring the mythical Yggdrasil tree, the flora; Maleras Global Icons Oak & Birch Tree By Robert Ljubez and the Painted Crystal Cast Maleras Floral Fantasy Orchid Purple from Mats Jonasson, it’s like having a mini tree on your window sil. The fauna representations are exceptional. The use of the mould to indent bevels in the cast crystal to portray a lifelike image, then the added colours painted on to enrich the vibrancy of that impression is quite astounding. Which is probably why Maleras crystal and its creativity is gaining so much fervor.

Maleras Wildlife Wolf Cast Crystal Sculpture Maleras Wildlife Elephant Painted Crystal Glass Sculpture Mats Jonasson

Maleras Wolf Cast Crystal Sculpture & Maleras Elephant Painted Crystal Glass Sculpture – Buy Here

By Mats Jonasson

The Maleras marketing team played a blinder when they took imagery of the painted crystal ornaments placed in the natural habitat of the featured bird or animal. Above, we placed side by the photos of two crystal sculptures to show how realistic the pieces are. The Maleras White Swan Cast Crystal Ornament features on a rock in a river, but the Swan may actually be on the other side of the crystal… the same for the painted crystal Maleras Woodpecker in the Tree. I wonder if people buy these crystal ornaments and place them in their garden? That’s a unique conception.

Imagine having several trees in your garden, or perhaps a tree house and you purchased the Maleras Cast Crystal Sculptures, the Woodpecker, Marsh Birds, Eider Duck, Painted Kingfisher and dotted the ornaments so when someone approaches they witness a reality and greatness of nature encapsulated in the handmade crystal sculptures. But alas, your mantle piece will do I suppose but using your imagination to further the conquest of Maleras’ own designs could be quite something.

Handmade Crystal Maleras Penguin Wildlife Glass Sculpture

Handmade Crystal Maleras Glass Sculpture – Penguin Wildlife – PPPPick Up Here

Mats Jonasson, we the world thanks you for these fantastic miniature crystal sculptures. Thanks also to Robert Ljubez, Ludvig Löfgren, Erika Höglund, Markus Emilsson, Lina Lundberg, Morgan Persson, Anna Kraitz, Mollie Albertsson and Sara Söderberg and the 210 inhabitants of Maleras the town that keep the glassworks up and running. These are stunning pieces and those reading this article should absolutely see the other works of art heralding from this small town in Sweden. The amalgamation of iron and crystal in the King II Ltd Ed sculpture is stupendous.

On one last note though, you have got to be kidding me, come on, p p p p pick up a King Penguin! This marvelous handmade crystal ornaments is certainly one of the favourites. You can put Swarovski in front of me all day long and I would still select the Maleras crystal Penguin ahead of anything else. Cute, adorable and so colourful. It is hard to rests buying a family of these painted crystal Maleras sculptures and placing them inside the freezer so they can be seen every time I open the door for fish fingers and ice cream.

These are not the cheapest Maleras glass sculptures and ornaments. In fact, as cast crystal machinations go they are moderately priced but if you wish to save some money, have a look at the David Shuttle deals section. Squillions hopes to feature more art pieces from the Maleras glassworks in the near future, exceptional work by Mats Jonasson and his team. Congratulations Sweden! These should make for great gifts.