Marshall Town Skywalker Stilts For All Occasions MSW218, MSW24, MSW18

Have you ever been envious of those builders, painters and decorators who walk around on MarshallTown Skywalker stilts half the day doing their dry lining jobs and installing false ceilings? Well it’s ‘high time’ you stood up for yourself and spent some of the Squillions you have and join in the fun.

Skywalker stilts are no longer just for people in the trade. Workers be warned, home owners and the general public now have access to your secret tradesman secrets. We have come up with several ways you can make the most of the heavy duty MSW218 Skywalker stilts and MarshalTown MSW24 stilts.

Tradesmans Stilts For Fancy Dress

Oh no, a fancy dress party at the weekend but who to go as? Batman or Robin? Frankenstein? or what about Cinderella and a telly tubby. There are so many costumes for fancy dress parties these days but how’s about being innovative?

Surprise fellow guests and attend as a half breed of Sonny from the film iRobot. Strap the Marshalltown MSW218 Heavy-Duty Skywalker Stilts 18-30in to your legs as you arrive. Forget about painting their ceiling and paint the town instead. You’ll be head and shoulders above the rest wearing the MarshallTown stilts.

Even if you’re a little on the heavy side, don’t be too concerned, these stilts can carry 102kg and a three way ratcheting system just in case you’re extra tall. And as far as we know, there are no laws against drunk stilt walking! Party time!!

Stilts For Nan In The Kitchen

How many times has your nan called you up of a weekend and said she can’t reach something in the cupboards in the kitchen? Problem solved, buy granny a pair of Marshalltown MSW18 Skywalker Tradesmans Stilts. They’re the lighter and cheaper stilts version of the MSW218.

On your next visit to grandma, strap the MarshallTown Skywalker stilits to your granny’s legs and never get an untimely call form her again. They’d even suit Grandad but trust me, I bought my nan these and she never takes them off. We just installed an extra high toilet seat due to the love in with the MarshallTown tools.

So with granny firmly strapped into her brand new 30 inch MSW218 Marshalltown Skywalker Stilts she can give the house a thoroughly good clean from top to bottom, reach those plates and saucers from the top shelves and even match her husband in height. Get nanny some Skywalker Stilts for her Birthday, great fun for all the family!

Homeowners Getting In On The Act – Stilt Walking

There are a range of tools for decorating around the home, extended paint brushes so the non drop paint won’t run down your brush when doing the ceiling. There are also a range of long garden tools to assist in loping branches from trees.

Or then again, you can make decorating and gardening more fun. Get you and your missus a pair of MSw18 MarshallTown Skywalker stilts and do away with all the other extended, lengthened tools and decorating products that cost an arm and leg and take up so much room in the home.

Instead get the Skywalker stilts and and have multi purpose stilts at your disposal. Tidy the trees and wash the second floor windows in the MSW218 Heavy-Duty Skywalker Stilts. If you need to paint the ceiling like a professional, or change a light bulb on the landing, you’re sorted.

The world will be a different place when you own a pair of MSW24 Marshall Town stilts. There’s also the added bonus that when you get old like granny, you can reach the top of the shelf and there’s the fancy dress bonus also! Yes stilts do last that long and if parts begin to creak much like your own, you can always buy the Faithfull Tools Decorators Stilts Spares Pack just in case!

Criminals And Burglars Use Your Skywalker Imagination

The Police have tasers, some have guns. They have asps, fast cars that can run red lights and helicopters to track you. What do you have? A balaclava and a set of locksmith tools, you’re most definitely going to get caught.

Evade the long arm of the law and get yourself some long legs instead! The old bill don’t have these tools of the trade, you’ll win hands down. Police on foot patrol will never catch you as you run down the street wearing a pair of MSW24 MarshallTown Stilts.

You’ll be running three metres to their half a metre before they even realise you have a tactical advantage and call in air support. Car chases while you’re on foot? No problem, jump cars and obstacles and leaves those cars behind you. The MSW218 Marshall Town Skywalker Stilts can even evade helicopters. Jump fences in an instance, jump high into trees and open windows in the second floor.

Never get caught again and use Skywalker stilts to gain an advantage! Due to popular demand in the underworld, we now have some extra police styled stilts to enable you to deploy straight away. They even come with flashing blue lights and a siren.

Marshall Town Stilts – MSw18 Or MSW218?

Still not sold on the Marshall Town stilts? Here’s some technical details. The MSW18 Skywalker Stilts have a maximum load of 102kg, adjustable legs with adjustable padded calf brace, internal movement to increase stability and inbuilt shock absorbers. The MSW18 also comes in an 18inch or 24inch version, the MSW24.

On the other hand, erm leg, there’s the Marshalltown MSW218 Heavy-Duty Skywalker Stilts. Heavy-duty Stilts which offer three way ratcheting system for anybody taller than your average man or woman, a durable quick release and adjusting straps.

So what’s it going to be Mr Criminal and Mr Police man, are you going to up your game? Granny, are you ready to get some mobility back into your life? As for fancy dress, you’re odds on for getting a free beer going as Sonny from iRobot.

As for all you home owners out there with gardening and decorating DIY jobs to undertake. Do away with you your extended this and thats, get yourselves in a pair of Marshall Town Skywalker stilts and paint the town any colour you choose! Compare MarshallTown stilts which can be bought and admired here and be sure to browse the latest UKToolCentre voucher codes.