Memory Stick’s Explosive Data Protection

Many a politician or secret agent could have been in a lot less trouble with this latest bit of technology which is akin to the Find My iPhone App, just with a little more action and intel within. The Security Guardian Memory Stick from ExactTrak Ltd offers the ability to blow up your own data in the event your memory stick falls into enemy hands or that of your older brother.

Many Squillions readers will run businesses or have secret data on new ideas or their business, websites or products and should these fall into competitor’s hands, it could mean the end of that next round of venture capital raising and a long court case. For £25 a month you can cover your data and ideas with the Security Guardian memory stick.

Most memory sticks have one function, easy to carry data from one port to another with only password protection but this little beauty comes with an encrypted memory chip, and a SIM card which enables the device to be tracked by GPS and located in an instant should the alert be raised.

It is unknown who would respond to such an alert, secret services, the entire American army but with GPS tracking you can follow the memory stick’s every move. There’s only once question we at Squillions have, so our data is secure and should the memory stick be irretrievable we can send a data busting electronic bomb into the stick to wipe the memory stick but what if…

What if the SIM card is removed? what if the electronics are detached by some super savvy secret agent, isn’t all this a little lost on ExactTrak Ltd. The Find My iPhone ap does the majority of the above, tracks your phone by GPS – only with net connection, and has the ability to wipe your data from your phone as well as locate so while the £25 a month security for The Security Guardian Memory Stick seems worthwhile, I think I’ll get my USB flash drives and memory sticks from PicStop still. Spends Squillions on this? Nope, nice gadget though.