Miramagia Free Mage Online Magical Games

Dive into the realm of fantasy and magic – not forgetting pet dragons, with the magical and colourful character based massive free online multiplayer game (MMORPG) Miramagia. Choose to be one of four characters, a Druid / Druidess, a Shaman, a Mage / Magess or a  Sorcerer / Sorceress in this browser game. But choose carefully as it costs 300 Rubies to change.

Learn Spells, play pranks on opposing villages, plant seeds in your magical garden and take care of your dragon in your very own Dragon’s Lair, grow your Magic Circle and Magic Laboratory and become the strongest and richest in the world at Miramagia, one of the best free multiplayer online games online. Read below how to get started at Miramagia with a few hints along the way.


Getting Started At Miramagia

Registration at Miramagia is free, playing the game is free also, simply enter email and choose to be one of a handful of characters. Don’t worry you can change character in the game so there’s no need to panic if you don’t quite know how you wish to play Miramagia yet and wield your magic wand but that does cost rubies.

I started as a Sorcerer, so let’s see how that pans out. As with most games you begin with a tutorial, which if you lose at any point in the game is situated on the flashing blue logo bottom right of the screen named Djinni where if you complete quests you’ll receive rewards of Mana, Gold and Rubies. Before I continue remember which server you’re on, best to choose the UK server in the United Kingdom and so on as chat will then be UK centric.

I’m in and as with all most browser games this is adobe flash, so a run of CC cleaner to keep your temporary files low is advised. In the magical kingdom your house and mine are located quickly by finding a house with flying creatures, you’ll get used to magical creatures at Miramagia.

In Miramagia we all begin with 500 gold and 150 Mana, the energy used to cast spells which every Mage, Sorcerer, Druid and Shaman needs a lot of. The game is colourful and loads quickly, we appear to begin in a village named Lower Copsegrove in the Valley Of Spring with a variety of winding paths and other characters, from the Village Leader, The Premium Questie and Mysterious Trader who we’ll find more about in a bit.

First we’re asked by Djinni to activate the Sow spell and plant at least one carrot not exactly dungeons and dragons but I’m guessing if we don’t plant a carrot we won’t be able to eat tonight. Initially we lost the tutorial and you may do the same which is where we went a little wrong, we located a Bulletin Board and Market on a central Island nearby, fantastic, they sell Carrots.

We bought two carrots from another game player and we’re off to our magical garden. It’s possible to zoom in and out of the screen with the scroll button on the mouse. The Garden of your name isn’t the place to plant carrots, find the arrows and follow the arrow, click an empty part of the field, then the carrots, then the field again and sell those carrots you might have bought to one of the three magical pixie looking Questies nearby. We planted all four carrots, make hay while the sun shines.

At this point we got very bored waiting for the carrots to grow so clicked on an area that looked like an abandoned construction site, never one to follow the rules of game play and with Miramagia that seems no different, we decided to build a Magic Circle over a Magic Laboratory or Dragons lair as Mana seemed more important but don’t fret, we can build the others straight away as soon as the Magic Circle is built, it’s like a mini Stonehenge.

In that time our carrots grew and we became Amateur Gardeners, Alan Titmarch eat your heart out! We still can’t sell carrots to those Questies and are still trying to figure out why. President Obama doesn’t know, Merlin can’t figure it out either. Miramagia is a time based online browser game where different items can be built and collected one after another, hang on we just unlocked another achievement, they’re coming think and fast.

I rang the bell for ‘Call the Questie, it seems these little pixies queue up to buy goods, they’ll be waiting a while as we still haven’t figured how to sell. HINT: Leave a Questie as you’ll need it for the Tutorial Djinni otherwise you’ll need to wait six hours for another. Next we build a Magic Laboratory, 50 gold, ouch, haven’t they heard there’s a recession? How do I make more gold?

We click Tutorial Djinni and he automatically realises we clicked a house profile, so we get rewarded, having foresight is rewarded that’s a good start for Miramagia, no repeating what you’re already mistakenly done, so get clicking and search for yourselves in this magically enchanting carrot plating place, surely there’s more to do!?! Ding dong, someone added us as a friend, we don’t know them so maybe it’s for a task with Djenni, we accept.

Let’s find out! We found our Store House (HINT: Wait for this in the quest or you can upgrade to level two when Djinni asks) and started building a Dragon’s Lair, planted two carrots at the same thanks to Djinni’s guidance and upgraded our Magic Circle. At this point we click on our own house and consider taking an holiday but we persevere and go and try and burgle some other houses in Miramagia – is that even possible I wonder?

The holiday option is great, not many online games have this option but production stops which I guess stops other people nicking your carrots or them going rotten, in fact if you harvest quickly you double your yield which in turn means more gold – if we could figure out how to sell these vegetables…

Djinni (as in Da Genie in the Miramagia house) tells us to teleport to the City so we can sell our carrots and may other wares and visit the Sorcerer’s Corner Shop, this we do with great haste so they stay fresh and crisp. I teleport to the City to sell my carrots and the graphics are superb, full of flag flying minarets that area flash back to London Town before it burned down. I want to buy an house as they look very nice, a bit like York high street and the winding narrow streets, there’s no estate agent but I live in hope.

I locate a Market, the Town Hall, a Ruby Merchant, Mage Academy, Emma’s Magical boutique and a character named Kalihas which is another player just like me, clicking on their name enables several options; show profile, send message, whisper, invite and ignore player, I choose not to ignore, she’s done me no harm and then go on to the Sorcerers’s Corner Shop, we’re here, click. I sell one carrot as prices are really bad and then look around the rest of the city.

The market sells veg and other wares at seemingly higher prices than the village but might be worth comparing, the Town Hall gives the highest scoring players tally, at 50% of my way through level one at Miramagia I seem to have  a long way to go to reach those heights but I’ll try.

I check into the Mage Academy and it shows I need 500 gold and 40 carrots to buy another level of the vaporise casting spell, so off to plant more carrots and check on my dragon, he’s only young so can’t leave him alone for long. Before I leave I take a look at Emma’s Magical Boutique and she sells hats for silly amounts of gold, of which I don’t have  a lot – maybe the hats have magical powers?

When I get back home I have a magical cup of tea, plant some more carrots as I need 40 to stay ahead of Djinni and I name my dragon ‘Trouble’ maybe he’ll do some fire breathing at some point…  Next we learn about Fairies at the bottom of our garden – yes it’s true, apparently they’re free until level ten but then we have to bribe them with rubies – everyone has their price I suppose. But what do they do? The spell book tells us they make our crops go faster, more crops mean more gold so I’m going to have an army of fairies – that doesn’t sound right!

Wait a minute, my carrots have grown and are sparling, if I’ve got this correct if I click them when they sparkle, I get twice the amount, now to plant some more. Thankfully we’re not planting broccoli, I don’t like broccoli – though it’s good for you and the dragon! Good for fire if you know what I mean!! Djinn has asked me to procure 55 carrots, I’m already ahead of him on that, not long to go.

Miramagia is easily understood after travelling around but there appears to be much more game play that I haven’t found yet. I think the magic is about to start in my village. I did notice that when you click on Profile, you can move village so if your neighbours are a bit noisy or unfriendly you can take your house and garden with you – now that is magic, clever little Sorcerer that I am.

I’ve just been to see the Village Leader, he tells me about in game competitions, I can wind massive amounts of Gold if I win but I fear I need to get past level one to participate. I head back the Sorcerer’s Corner Shop and buy some Dragon Food, I guess I’ll need it soon, I’m actually looking for a way to get level to on the vaporise spell, where do I go? That’s right Mage Academy, forgetting Djenni task, I buy my level two so I can get carrots quicker although those Fairies are doing a grand job of making them grow much faster.

I learn the Vaporise spell and head back to the field to clear some of the trunks, I hope all.  I can’t move the tree trunks, only the flowers but that’ll do. Now the game is picking up a pace, level 325 here I come but watch out, each clearing costs Mana, time to grow more carrots to get more gold and upgrade the Magic Circle. Ah ha, there’s my carrots again. Perhaps I’ll follow Djenni and see if he has a better plan.

There’s so much to do and climbing that hill to the field is hard work, I feed my Dragon ‘Trouble’ and it tells me the bigger it gets the more he can help and at different levels I’ll get more fairies, oh what joy and they will be free as well!  Another ten minutes of carrot growing and I’ll be able to sell to the Questies queuing up, more gold, more gold, I like gold, more gold please.

I decided to walk around my village a little bit more, not to burgle other player’s homes that’s not possible, I tried but I did find a Baliff which is kind of similar to what I was trying but in Miramagia the Baliff offers work at 75 gold an hour, so if you’re not tending to your crops – which cancels out this ability – why not hire yourself out while away. Sounds like easy money to me.

Oh wow, there’s more, I forgot about the Wheel of Fortune but here it is behind the Baliff, as well as the Ten of Advance Magic -oh no, carrots again – back in a minute. Djenni noticed I have enough carrots in my store house and said to go to the City – catch up Djenni already got me next level of Vaporise, back to the Wheel of Fortune.

There’s one free spin a day at the Wheel of Fortune on Miramagia and I won 150 Mana, result, just what I needed as I used up a lot on clearing the field. By the looks of it you can win crops, fairies, rubies, dragon food and other magical goodies, so well worth getting your free spin each day, now to the Tent of Advance Magic – oh no, carrots again, back in a sec. One of my fields had been cleared so got to plant another carrot, now I can really see in the dark.

Back to the magical Miramagia fun fair and I spotted two other things there too but first the tent but I wish I could buy a car – all this walking. The Ten of Advanced Magic requires me to have level 25, so much for equal opportunities, Mystic Meg will have to wait then. Hmmm, it seems I have found the revenge character, players can apparently jinx you, what that means I don’t know, possibly affecting crops? If you pay the Magical Spy Gold or Rubies you can exact your revenge. There’s also a competition pole, of which I have won none.

Hang on, carrot again, I think I’ll head to the market and buy something different, I’m turning orange – did you know that’s possible from over eating carrots? Now that is magic! I harvested the carrots and reached level three – I missed level two so that’s good.  I’m off to buy a rose, roses are red, violets are blue, I’m a magician, who are you? Miramagia is a lot of fun. Admittedly it was boring at first but it’s catching on.

Carrots again, might plant some roses, at this point Djenni asks if I was to have a plus account, now as with most MMORGPH games, there is a money element, but don’t panic, I seem to have twenty rubies although not sure how I got them, there are different plus accounts, have  a read and see which suits or do as I am, and keep the rubies for a little while. I think Djenni gave the rubies but how do I get more?

I have to buy a plus account with those rubies to get the next task, cheeky Miramagia, they got me. I bought the Plus Account but Premium Questie looked better value, ensure you sign up to work for the Bailiff when go offline, you get 25% more gold for seven days with this package. I planted a rose and more carrots, I need more gold to get more construction under way, what else is there to do I wonder? Ah ha, sell my carrots to the Questies, cool, more gold.

Miramagia’s Tutorial Djenni asked me to build a Store House and upgrade the Magic Circle to level two, oh boy, done that already! I used more Mana to clear more of the field in my Village. I’m not quite ready to dabble with market to sell my wares (there grow my carrots again) but having clicked on the bulletin board it appears we have to look after the village tree, I water the tree and get bonus points.

Miramagia looks to have a group game aspect, if all in the village work together then the bonuses for the village and the villages within are better too, so perhaps that move function we found might be beneficial if you take this game seriously enough to reach the top faster and more efficiently, and besides playing with others in the same game and chatting is so much more fun!!

There go the carrots again, hey, I thought this dragon was supposed to help me in the field? I planted my first rose and got three back, now that’s profit. Djenni has failed to realise I completed my tasks before time so will upgrade store to level two and see if he notices. I’m off to see if I can buy more spells in the Miramagia City, I noticed on the Dragon spell that I can make him, a girl – I think, but as I’m married to one, I think I’ll leave that to try at a later date – it costs 50 mana.

Upgrade the Store House to level two worked, now for 50 carrots and 50 roses, yes Sir mr Djenni sir, have you heard of slave labour?  At the Mage Academy I can buy more spells, for pranks named Hop-A-Long Bunny – oh goody but I need 900 gold and a lot of roses for that, other spells can be bought but at level five.

I now have lots of gold and have chosen to upgrade my magic laboratory, mainly because the dragon’s lair and magic circle take longer. I went back to the Sorcerer’s corner Shop and bought a basic potted plant, it gives me one percent extra Mana – anything for an easier life. Maybe I should have bought two as it’s disappeared now from the shop?

On the way back from the city we visited the World Tree which seems to be a special place for the level 100 players, which is nice. Another area is ‘Other Destination’ where I presume once you have the Hop-A-Long Bunny you can play pranks on players in other villages, which is much better than dirtying your own doorstep – so to speak.

We placed the basic potted plant in the Magic Laboratory above the door, under which we noticed a sign about Alchemy Tests but we need to reach level twelve first, I wonder what could be in there? I couldn’t find what to do with the Mana I found so swapped some in the City at the Mana trader and got 3000 gold. Yet to find out if this was a mistake, one has to be worth  more than the other, I’m sure. or at least I would have but I require rubies.

Next… we spent more Mana clearing the field, the price of which goes up each time you use the Vaporise spell. Time to upgrade the Magic Circle I think but need these 50 roses and 50 carrots to complete the Miramagia Djenni task and receive my rewards. Off to the market to buy some more veg to grow, if I buy higher priced good, I can get more gold quicker – I think. Bought Key Beet, Winking Root, Tubular Mushrooms and Towerkraut, one each.

So much for ingenuity, a higher level is require to plant what we just bought, but noticed as part of the Plus Account you can plant the Optic Plant which reap Mana each time. The Optic Plant is earned from the Premium Questie, when used for one time only, you’ll receive 200 Mana.

At this point Djinni stalled as we clicked on our Questies too early and now have to wait six hours or less as we’ve been playing Miramagia for a couple of hours. Just went back to the Sorcerer’s Corner Shop to sell some roses and carrots, not good value but probably quicker than the market if in an hurry. Like most games and market places, players have to want what you sell and isn’t instant. Miramagia is probably no different. Don’t forget the Village Tree, you can water it once an hour and with the UK’s hose pipe ban in place, this seems a better place to live.

It’s noticeable that there’s more fun to be had if you have Rubies, of course this costs real life money but to use additional features may be worth it but as a free game goes it’s good quality. Miramagia has lots of levels to get through and more spells to learn than Merlin could have managed.

It’s worth noting as we’re half way through level 3 that reaping roses gains you two gold and one experience percentage for every two roses. Get growing those roses but carrots grow quicker if you can hang around to collect. Bought Cone Bush and Pumpkin (level 4) at the Market, waiting for a Questie to show up so can claim reward off of Djenni.

If you read this far, it would be great to hear your comments on the free Miramagia browser game below. Don’t forget to  pin the wheel of fortune every day. Finally reached level four by continually planting and reaping carrots for the experience points and unlocked pumpkin for my efforts. Bought a red tulip which gives a +3 experience bonus from the Sorcerer’s Shop which goes into the Garden and unlocks the Garden Gnome Achievement.

Level Four At Miramagia

Time for a break, we bought soem dragon food at the Sorcerer’s Corner Shop and got the Dragon’s level, planted some veg, pumpkins and hit the Baliff for six hours and got some much needed free gold, we like free. On our return we had several hundred new gold, several pumpkins and the Questies had returned, the Village tree also got watered for more bonuses. Finally completed Djenni Questie task, hooray!

Now we get to place some carrots for sale at the Market, a low amount just in case we need a quick sale to proceed with Djenni. For this we get 48 hours of the Club Account. Next we need a friend, but have one already, more rewards, 50 gold this time. Djennie gives us two rubies to call a Questie, I try to argue and say “No, Djenni, we would rather keep the rubies to ourselves” that didn’t work. The offer isn’t good at the Questie so we decline, six pumpkins for 94 gold is outrageous, oh go on then, should be 70 gold each but we want the next task. Thankfully we started planting pumpkin straight away so have them in stock.

Djenni needs us to get a garden item, got that, those red tulips are adding bonuses as we play. Now we receive more gold to complete a building upgrade instantly, I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice by now that Rubies are the paid for with real money, in game currency – is Miramagia hinting at something? The mystery continues. Next we get a turn on the Premium Questie for two days, oh what fun. Two completed and we received gold and four plus seeds, the roses just grew so we’ll try them out. Have to walk up that bleeding hill again, where’s my car, magical flying car anyone?

The plus seeds which end up as Optic Plants take ten hours to grow and we have 2 days 5 hours left to reap them, I think we’ll plant one at a time. Countdown to ten hours begins. We visit the Town Hall to transport to the number one player and visit his village, on the way we notice we’re in 180th position in my valley only, not bad and 1800th and something Miramagia wide – oh that’s bad.

We took in several villages before realising we needed to select village in the drop down box, when we arrived we had tea and biscuits with all the top players within this massively luscious green rich land, we want to move in to, it’s the Belgravia of Miramagia, the top player there is level 108. We collect our reward from Djenni. Next up Djenni clearly loses the plot and request we upgrade Magic Circle and the Store House to level 4, grow 80 roses and have 1000 gold, uh oh.

So now to manage the finances, we upgrade the store house to level 4 for 325 gold and look to find funding for the Magic Circle upgrades. We have one Questie and a few Premium Questies to complete which will give us most of the gold we require to do just that, but there’s a lot of rose growing required. What else can we do? Sell the dragon? nope tried, not an option. We decide to go the Mage Academy and check up on that Hop-A-Long Bunny prank spell and head to the Sorcerer’s Corner Shop to make gold from flowers. No change of plan, not enough for roses, we’ll sell them on the Market instead, the other carrots we placed went quick enough – we could be lucky.

The lowest price at Market for roses is 18, we try to sell 100 at 16, ok it’s not instant cash but at Miramagia we have time to get the best price and we’ll advance quicker through this net quest with more readies (gold). Still need to do more, we need more pumpkins and quicker, if we clear more of the field for planting, which costs Mena then that’s one more slot and if we upgrade the Dragon to level five we got one more fairy… Meanwhile Store House hits level 4 and we use Downpour spell on one veg to test it out, best to do at the outset on the highest veg but it doesn’t cost a lot of Mana.

Those roses were sold in quick time, ten to fifteen minutes, with 2,200 gold we’re now ready to upgrade the Miramagia Magic Circle. We water the tree and spend 1,372 in upgraded the Magic circle which will then gives us 27 free Mana and hour. In 47 minutes it will be level 4. Tried the downpour on a building but didn’t work, it sank and we have to start again, subsidence… joking. PS. Dont forget to turn your downpour off or you’ll water your flowers again instead of picking them, of course I didn’t just do that!!

That Questie with the silly order is still there, we use the Mena to fool her into thinking she has all the pumpkins and giver her the required amount of Carrots and Roses. In the City you may recall there is a Mena exchange, Mena for gold, gold for Mena, using this jinx seems to be a similar but free form of doing so – think about it.

Talking of jinx, we took another look at Hope A Long Bunny spell, apparently it enables you tp wave your wand and out bunny ears on opposing players for eight hours, I bet they go to sleep and turn the Bailiff on when that happens! We place stock of 50 roses at the Miramagia stock market for immediate sale at 17 shares each to raise 300 gold to fund our magical ways as we’re five minutes off completing the next task. Water the tree – oh we have… You need a lot of pumkins for the premium Questie, so get growing, shorty. We sold the roses and got gold from elsewhere…. we miscalculated and received 824 gold, nice when that happens. (Less of the Royal WE, I am told.)

At this point we reap our veg and plant again, Miramagia isn’t so much as a gardening game, it is kind of magical, no it is magical and different characters will no doubt have different strengths but every game has their version of shooting boring fish or planting or growing a horse as part of a business strategy, we like Miramagia and will stick with it. Now to enter a few competitions with the Village Leader, we entered one with a single carrot and could win 624 gold – that would be fortunate. Selling another 50 roses at 18 gold, the lowest in the market.

We’re almost at level 5, in a lot of browser games that are free to play you can usually get to level ten by now or higher, which gives an indication at how long level 100 will take so it’s a good game from point of view and the Djenni tutorial is still going strong. Off to the Sorcerer’s Corner Shop to see what we can buy with our new found vegetable wealth. We buy a small bed for 500 gold and Fly Agaric from the Market. Quite what we do with the bed I don’t know perhaps the Magic Laboratory needs an upgrade… but the Magic Circle has upgraded and the latest Djenni quest complete for which we receive 900 Mena and 100 gold, whoopee!

Level Five At Miramagia

Now we’re off to the Mage Academy in the central city of Miramagia, to finally get a hold of those bunny ears and we buy the Generous Present spell at the same time. Now for the fun, we get to give someone bunny ears with the Hop-A-Long Bunny spell and receive 3000 Mena at the same time, wonderful! But first, some more magical gardening and we vaporise another patch of flowers.

What a shame, no bunny ears yet, it was simply a means to an end, we however can give people really huge glasses to wear, turn them into a ghost or give them a pumpkin head. I just gave Angetenar glasses. Djenni’s next task is to clear five areas on the field, I have cleared four so far and the fifth finishes in ten hours, not long to wait then. Our character fancies a bit more magic so we’re splashing out on another level of the Magic Laboratory to two, one more level of the Dragon’s Lair to two and using all that Mena to clear two more patches of flowers on the field.

Just fed the dragon 42 cans of food, aiming for level 3 for ‘Trouble.’ Hoping this makes the veg grow faster, it doesn’t but it makes clearing the field quicker, slightly. Another Premium Questie ticked off but not great value for money, have to remember that you have a maximum amount of Premium Optic Plant seeds before can receive more. Scarp that, completed another Premium Questie and got 2 seeds. Don’t forget to water the Village Tree.

We move Valley and Village, it was an instant decision and painless, there’s a few higher levels and more active players. We saw a request in the Valley chatroom. The village LittlePulpay in Miramagia is our new home. You can only move once for free however, the next move costs 25 rubies. Looks like we might be here a while. No more walking up that hill again, phew.

Moving in the early stages, as we’ve found out, probably isn’t the best idea, as Valleys with higher players in have more competition but if you want the game to be harder and you think you’ll move up quicker then, oh well, wrong decision but we done it now, best make the most of it.

I’ve started talking to the players in the new village and I am already receiving gifts from other players and benefiting from the higher level Village Tree, as well as other players being able to provide gift they can assist in helping your veg grow quicker, a level 51 player Sila is being very helpful with that.

Should reach level six shortly, growing veg. Finding it difficult to shift lower produce for gold which is hampering the gold growth so need to level and sell more expensive items which are needed. No new Questies yet. dragon lair and Magic Laboratory upgraded, waiting on more Miramagia gold.

It’s a quandry with what to do next but have an inkling that getting the dragon fed is a good idea and get it to level four, nearly at level six in Miramagia which may well provide further options on which to upgrade and buy with the surplus gold. In around three hours the Djenni five fields clearing task will be complete and hopefully further tasks will already have been fulfilled.

With some time on my hands, it’s worth looking around at the higher level players to see what can be achieved with your plot of land, Miramagia is a colourful interactive game for all ages and mindsets, frequent players, passionate players or those who wish to take things slowly – all are options.

I have a need for more magic and trickery though. With more goods sold at the Market, the dragon will soon be fed and be level four which will increase the speed of field clearance. The Magic laboratory is now at level three and more items are available at the Sorcerer’s Corner shop, though will hold off on buying any new items for a while, probably best to buy the highest items available as some appear to be duplicates.

Level Six At Miramagia

Wow, level six at Miramagia, that only took 24 hours. We gained access to the Golden Goose of Luck and at 90,000 gold that better be some amazing luck, very very mysterious indeed. We can also now plant wild grapes and at 4 and a half hours of growing time, best start that early on. After buying the wild grapes we reaped the Consumer Achievement for buying ten items from other players at the market, which got me thinking, maybe there are other awards for easy tasks, click on the house and have a look.

A Questie showed up with 2000 gold on offer for four items, we used Mana to jinx three of the deals leaving an easy way to find food for our pet dragon and take him to level 4 with 76 cans of food, which will help clear the fields a little faster. Don’t forget to spin the Wheel of Fortune every twenty four hours, we won the plus account for another twenty four hours. Logged in and played the Wheel of Fortune again and won 1000 gold, nice but had already played…

Finally completed the fifth field task from Djenni at Miramagia, once the fifth field had been cleared Djenni didn’t acknowledge, relogged and the blue icone flashed – relief all round. The next task was the Wheel of Fortune but completed that, ten gold. Next was to earn 300 gold, done that, moving on >> Magic Laboratory built, passed, next… buy lab item – done that, place item in lab, done that… buy dragon food… feed dragon… work for Village Bailiff – done that, this is going well.

Reach level six, ummm yep, ah ha a new one, earn 3000 gold in the market. This took a little playing around, we bought all the lower priced roses, upped the price a bit and got the 3000 in one lump sum, accumulative doesn’t work.

Play the free Miramagia online magical game now.