Modalu Pippa Grab Bag In Peacock Crocodile Leather

The latest and most new Modalu pippa grab has arrived for the Autumn Winter Pippa collection. Coming in a variety of colours, this version which is set to sweep the world of fashionable designer accessories by storm, is the Pippa grab bag peacock in a crocodile leather design. The collection has been one of the most popular for Modalu since Pippa Middleton started accessorising with the bag back in 2012.

The phenomenal sales story turned the designer brand from relative unknown into the newest must have pippa grab handbag in the world. Just because she’s the sister of the future Queen? That’s correct, madness or what!?! Look at the peacock grab bag though. There’s a reason it sells so well. Intricate design with statement zips and double grab handles that make carrying the bag, no matter how heavy it gets, a seamless effort.


The Pippa Collection – Peacock And New Fashion

Now it’s obvious to most that if you’re in the Pippa collection club already and own some of the other colours that were released in 2012 and in the Spring of 2013, like the Pippa Grab nude croc or Pippa grab tan. That you will most definitely wish to own the Pippa grab Peacock croc.

The colour is stunning. Until now there hasn’t been such a vivid blue released. For a woman looking to match her outfits to an out there hand bag, then Modalu has certainly managed to deliver a pippa grab bag that will send you right through to Christmas in style. It will also go well with the Modalu Pippa Peacock large purse.

There will be a rush for the new colour. You know what women are like, they must be the first to own the new colour and why not? Being in step with fashion is an important factor in social occasions. Walk in with the new Modalu Pippa grab bag in peacock and you’ll be the focus of attention straight away!


Peacock Pippa Handbag – Has Anything Changed?

So has anything changed with the design of the new Pippa peacock grab bag? Nope, to be quite honest it is exactly the same, only the colour has changed. But offering new colours for a fashionable icon is no mean feat. It has to be desirable, able to function well with new styles and colours for oncoming Autumn and Winter fashion set. The two new Pippa grab black croc and Pippa grab peacock certainly do that.

With double grab handles, it’s a sturdy hand bag for all occasions. Sturdy enough to carry a woman’s make up and essentials. It’s a stunning branded Modalu logo frontage so there’s no mistake that you do actually have the most new peacock crocodile leather grab bag.

The pippa peacock has the same two front zip pockets and three main zip sections to offer an ensemble of containment areas to keep pieces of paper, coins, tissues and whatever else a woman carries, separate and well placed in organised fashion.


The Peacock Pippa Grab Bag For Autumn 2013

The Modalu Pippa grab bag in peacock crocodile leather offers the same well designed smooth modalu lining and the trademark base feet, which allows you to place the grab bag on any surface without worrying about scuff marks to the leather outer. It also comes with a dust bag.

The Pippa collection is growing, has grown and no doubt you will have enough Modalu Pippa bags for each day of the week soon. The peacock pippa is a fantastic vibrant colour in soft leather which will definitely take the UK by storm this season. Measuring 26.5 cms in height, 34 cms wide and a depth of 14.5 cms, you can have all your daily travelling requirements secure in one crocodile grab bag.

So what are you waiting for! Get the Modalu Pippa peacock grab bag and be the first to flaunt it at your next social event. You can always wear the shark grey bag when you go round to the mother in-laws or to the garden centre. The pippa peacock grab bag will be the talk of the town, if it isn’t already. Get it here.