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Here for the Modalu grab bag? Thought so! Maybe you’re here for the Modalu Pippa handbag. Yes read your mind! When does an handbag become the bag of bags, the queen of bags to have in your wardrobe? Well it doesn’t happen when the Princess kisses the frog, it happens when the Duchesses’ sister gets sent a free Modalu grab bag.

I get it all the time, yachts, cars, clothes, watches… freebies sent in by retailers and manufacturers because they wish to feature on Squillions. But as of yet no Modalu handbag or purse in the post but Pippa Middleton got one last year, several in fact. Pippa has been flaunting the free Modalu bags so much that Modalu named the grab bag and purses after her.

Below you will find why freebie grab bags are so enticing. Worn by celebrities who paid nothing for them. For you to follow their freebie fashion led decisions, you’ll have to fork out a few hundred quid to have the Modalu Pippa grab bag on your own arm.

Modalu Pippa Grab Handbag UK

Available in black, sand, violet lizard, emerald, Fuchsia and Croc Navy. The Modalu Pippa grab bag measures 35cms wide, 27cms in height and 16cms in depth. The newest range of the Modalu grab bag sees the bag come in a variety of colours and materials. The fuchsia comes in a nubuck and suede,

All Modalu Pippa grab handbags come with three internal sections, three zipped compartments, three internal pockets and full zip fastening. Two front zip pockets finish the external design off nicely and black croc and other Modalu Pippa grab bags have build it feet on the base of the bag.

Modalu Pippa bags and purses are available at three shops online. Simply right click and open their full range at each store in a new tab. Full range below soon.

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The Emerald Modalu Pippa handbag comes in leather, as do the Modalu bags in sand and black. The grab handles are 14cms, so can be carried or thrown on your shoulder for that quick walk in the street. Buy Modalu Pippa grab bags.

Modalu Pippa Large Leather Purse

Available in Grey Shark, Toffee and Black these Modalu purses measure 10cms by 19cms across and have a width of 3cms. If you’re Pippa Middleton that’s just about enough room for all the good reviews on her latest book – meow. Within the large leather Modalu Pippa purse is a coin and note compartment and slots for credit cards and ID. In Pippa’s case that will be ‘Sister of the future Queen.’

Buy these fantastic Modalu purses and Modalu Pippa Purses here.

Modalu Pippa Small Grab Bag Toffee

These smaller versions of the Modalu Pippa bags usually sell out quickly so once in stock you’ll have to buy to secure the much vaunted tiny Pippa bag. Made from a black or toffee soft leather material these Modalu slip in pocket.

Buy these minature Modalu Pippa grab bags  here

Modalu Pippa Large Sand Wallet And Wristlet

The Modalu wristlet Pippa purse is unique in that it comes in one colour, tan. So mix and match this one carefully. But it really is a cute little bag which takes on similar designs as the rest of the Pippa collection. Contains internal pocket and card slots, a wrist strap and measures 10cms by 19cms.

The two wallets and purses from Modalu Pippa range are of equal size to the wristlet and are available in two colours, sand and black. The Modalu Pippa Large Leather Mock Croc Purse has room for twelve credit cards, ID window for ‘The Queen’s Sister’ and inner coin section.

The Modalu Pippa Large Sand Wallet is similar in that it has note and coin pockets and also many card slots. View the entire Modalu Pippa collection.

Modalu Pippa Grab Bag Large Handbag Navy

These large Modalu handbags come in a variety of colours and are all made out of soft leather. They measure the same as our first Modalo bags offering at the top, 16cms deep, 35cms in width and 27cms in length. If you’re female you’ll no doubt be choosing one or two to match your outfits.

The good thing to know about Modalu Pippa grab bags is they’re not just fashionable items worn by Pippa Middleton. These are useful grab bags that you can stuff almost anything into for that quick weekend away. Useable and tough is what a woman requires from her bags and these Modalu bags offer exactly that.

Again these Modalu Pippa grab handbags come in a variety of colours. Maroon, Toffee, raspberry, Grey Shark, Black and Navy. Buy Modalu Pippa bags here.

Modalu Pippa Leather Shoulder Handbag

Featuring two front zip pockets and a snazzy adjustable double strapped shoulder length strap, the Modalu Pippa shoulder handbag, in soft leather, comes three colours. Grey Shark, black and maroon.

The Modalu Pippa handbag with shoulder length strap measures 20cms in height, a width of 28cms and a depth of 10cms and features three compartments. Two of which are magnetics studs and the central compartment on the Modalu Pippa handbag is zipped. Buy Modalu Pippa shoulder bag here.

As always, last but not least the Modalu Pippa satchel,which we feel is probably the best Modalu bag out of the whole collection. This fantastically designed classic handbag has a Burgundy leather envelope style flapover front which offers more privacy for the ladies.

The Modalu satchel has two front zip pockets much like the other Modalu Pippa grab bags, they simply feature lower down. A single black leather strap handle and burgandy suede leather on the side of the handbag. the bag measure 24cms by 36cms and has a depth of 14cms across. Just remember it’s Modalu not Modula bags…

You can buy all these Modalu bags, Modalu Pippa grab bags, purses here.

Modalu Pippa bags and purses are available at three shops online. Simply right click and open their full range at each store in a new tab. Full range below soon.

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