Modern Chaise Longue Beanbags Modular Furniture

There is an overwhelming desire by bean bags and modern chaise longue beanbags to set an indelible mark on the UK’s furniture market. They are doing so by morphing themselves into traditional modular living room furniture.

Today’s bean bags are a very different offering to those of the 1980’s. Loved by children but not entirely so by their parents. It could be said that today’s renaissance in bean bag furniture and bean bag chaise lounges directly stems from that eighties child hood love in.

Bean bags of the eighties received bad press for a while due to them not being made so well and the seams not being so strong and from the parent’s point of view – a pain to clean. However bean bag furniture today that encompasses Modern Chaise Longue Beanbags, chair bean bags and bean bag sofas are an entirely different bean game.

Contemporary Modern Chaise Longue Beanbags Break The Mould

For centuries furniture has been rigid seeing children with banged heads, uncomfortable pregnancies having to endure traditional wooden and metal furniture in turn offering very little in the way of complete back support. Springs popping and squeaking, seams coming apart, wood varnished, metal scratching. However did we cope?

Bean bag furniture challenges all traditional furniture concepts and models. While most rigidity and sturdiness in traditional furniture design comes from the outside in with wooden and metal structures. Modern chaise longue bean bags, chairs and sofas offer strength in design and comfort and rigidity from the inside out.

Traditionalists are banging their heads against the wall as the bean bag marches on and takes over more an more living rooms across the UK. But how do the chaise longue beanbags manage to capture such an audience? It’s the simplicity. the bags of the bean bags are made in fashionable materials and colours. From real leather, faux leather, faux suede, cotton and polyester and in sensible colouring, the creams, browns and navies, to the more extreme bright reds and blues for abject needing something out there look.

Speaking of out there, Chaise Longue Beanbags are not just for the inside. Take polyester Chaise Longue Beanbags outdoors. They’re durable, waterproof and will allow you much more comfort while residing on your patio outside. If you’re a lover of wooden arm rests and gaps between your bum and back while in a rigid chaise longue then you’ll take some convincing.

However, if you’re looking back to your childhood bean bag days with fondness and seeking bean bag furniture that will wrap around your body whilst wallowing in all encompassing expanded polystyrene virgin beads and EPS beans. Then chaise longue bean bags and lounger bean bags are most certainly the furniture for you. View a selection of chaise longue beanbags here.