Most Expensive Gadgets At Firebox

At Squillions we love gadgets but you’ll need Squillions of pounds for these outrageously priced vehicles in the most expensive gadgets at firebox top eleven… Islands and diamond studded wares, all worth every penny.

If you thought James bond’s evil enemies had everything but world domination then you’d be correct, as we count down to the top eleven – yes we couldn’t resist – most expensive gadgets at Firebox number one.

11. Airstream International 684 Travel Trailer


In at number eleven, because we couldn’t leave out this impressive millionaires trailer park addition by Airstream International. This is no camper nor caravan, this is the deluxe issue trailer for the seriously mod con’d traveller.

Luxury interiors, state of the art kitchen and living space, with satellite television and rear panoramic windows you’ll be driving from France to Russia before trying to traverse the Great Wall of China. The Airstream International 684 trailer is built for European use.

10. Seabreacher X Watercraft Submersible


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a Dolphin, diving in and out of water and leaping high above the waves, then wonder no more, the Seabreacher X Watercraft submersible takes you to sea mammal land in seconds.

With the ability to travel 50 mph on seas and half that under the sea, you’ll soon be wondering why you ever roda that silly banana boat for kicks hen you’re inside this beast. The seabreachers mimics dolphin movement and using the control you can dive and lift out of the water with ease.

9. Electric DeLorean DMCEV Back To The Future Car


In at number nine of the most expensive gadgets at Firebox… If you’re a Back To The Future fanatic then your life cannot be complete without owning this spectacular DeLorean DMCEV. With a top speed of 126 miles per hour and gull wing doors, it runs on an electric battery that will offer 100 miles to a charge.

8. ONEDOF Turntable


One degree of freedom is a precision built turntable that offers the opportunity to listen to your vinyls with all acoustic distortion removed. That’s like listening to music in the most quiet room in the world with no feedback and no other sounds – a bit like being in space – probably why this ONEDOF turntable is the creation of an ex NASA scientist.

7. JetLev Flyer Water Powered Jetpack


At over one hundred grand this is the ultimate extreme sports buy toy. The JetLev Flyer water powered jetpack is the equivalent of running two fire engine hoses which keeps you ten metres in the air.

This fully controllable action packed jetpack reels from the sea or lake underneath via a pump method and attached mini boat which controls all the propulsion, all you need do is glide and weave using the easy to use digital controls.

6. Replica Batmobile


Welcome to the Replica Batmobile, with a fibreglass body this Batmobile will surprise any and all of your enemies, penguin nosed or smiling freaks. Watch out as this Batmobile comes complete with a real rocket exhaust flame thrower, a GM350 crate engine, not forgetting a bat phone, bat ray projector button and radar screen.

5. Blue Forest Tree Houses

£POA but £20,000 to £200,000+

We might night have a war engine for sale yet but these tree houses from Blue Forest are light years ahead from many we built as a child in the 20th century.

Commission a Blue Forest tree house of your very own, ranging from £20,000 to £200,000 these hard wood timber tree houses are eco friendly and can be designed to suit anybody’s tastes from fantasy Cinderella towers to Shrek type dragon castles. Complete with rope bridges, hard wood floors, luxury interiors and thatched roofs the Peter Pan in you can make plans straight away with these fantastic Blue Forest Tree Houses.

4. Moller Skycar M400


The Moller Skycar M400 can seat four people and takes off vertically and with a top speed of 380 miles per hour you’ll be hurtling between London and Edinburgh in a few hours. Requiring a landing space of 35 feet you can land this Skycar on your own private floating island – yes we’re coming to that.

3. Caran D’Ache 1010 Diamonds Pen


You may think you just found Dr Who’s Sonic screwdriver but no this is a diamond encrusted 18 carat gold fountain pen. Dubbed the Caran D’Ache 1010 Diamonds Pen, it has no less than 850 individually man mounted pure diamonds totally a staggering 24.61 carats. There are 872 diamonds in and surrounding this fountain pen from cap to clip.

2. Marchi Mobile eleMMent Recreational Vehicle


This incredible recreation vehicle (RV) from Austrian outfit Marchi Mobile will have your fellow road users salivating as you stream by at a cool 93 miles per hour.

As motor homes go this is the most expensive on the market and it fits neatly in at number two of the most expensive gadgets at Firebox top eleven. The eleMMent recreational vehicle from Marchi Mobile comes in at just under two million pounds – yes squillions – but boy does it have the demeanour of a space flying alien on acid.

A luxury driving cabin, yes cabin, complete with sky wide windows, mini kitchen, underfloor heating, HD TVs, touch screen command centre, a 430 square foot living space and roof top garden with a luxury en suite master bedroom also has a rooftop garden with retractable stairs and a fully operable built in bar, mini bar no, a BAR! Did I mention the wi fi? Incredible!!

1. Project Utopia Floating Island

£POA expect £750,000,000 (yes Squillions)

There are probably a handful of billionaires in the world who could afford a Project Utopia floating island from BMT Nigel Gee and Yacht Island Design. Other interested parties would require a very comprehensive business plan to set up this extraordinary thirteen floor floating Island named Project Utopia.

Complete with helicopter pads and mini port, this moving floating island travels at fifteen knots, caters for sixteen guests and up to seventy crew. Designed with luxury interiors, this floating Island has it’s own dive dock and submarine, tennis court, swimming pool and all mod cons.

There are many more gadgets that will be written about on Squillions but take a sneak peak at the more expensive gadgets, vehicles and lifestyle changing gizmos at Firebox now.