Most Expensive Leather Sofas At Darlings Of Chelsea

You’re about to view the most expensive leather sofas at Darlings of Chelsea. Leather sofas are hard wearing and durable, of a quality that most materials cannot match due to the excellent leather hides that are procured for manufacturing one of the finest leather furniture that can adorn your living rooms.

Leather sofas last well into the century they’re bought and may well go on to the next if looked after and treated correctly, considering their high price that’s just as well as we delve into the most expensive leather sofas at Darlings of Chelsea. At around the £2500 to £4000 mark, you don’t need Squillions, simply a taste to suit. Treat your buttocks to divine luxury.

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10. Lola Leather Corner Sofa


In at number ten in the most expensive leather sofas at Darlings of Chelsea comes Lola. Simple yet stylish, she’s full of sophistication and handcrafted in Italy. Finished in protected leathers this easily arranged leather corner sofa has full aniline and semi aniline leathers back cushions to sink into, and sink you will!

9. Balmoral Leather Sofa


Straight out of a Gentleman’s club this Balmoral leather sofa with perfected antiqued leather is an awesome piece of furniture that screams robust King like stature to anyone that sits their Royal Bottom upon this styled rolled back cushion Balmoral leather sofa.

8. Milano Leather Sofa


Covered in soft luxurious protected leathers, the Milano leather sofa is a cool £3000, at 300 cm by 163 cm with other sizes available inbetween this extra large Milano leather sofa with Chaise end will bring Evening tea to a fine finish.

7. Belgravia Leather Corner Sofa


This little beauty is curvy like the princess you married and as comfy as a frog on a water lilly, the Belgravia leather corner sofa shouts style and elegance and would suit any luxurious abode, even those outside Belgravia itself

6. Cosmo Corner Sofa


In at number six in the most expensive leather sofas at Darlings of Chelsea comes this full grain soft italian hides make the Cosmo corner sofa ideal comfort for the high city roller looking to offer deluxe and superior bottom and back hospitality. With double side arm cushioning and a variety of protected leathers to choose from.

5. Serafina Leather Corner Sofa


The Serafina leather corner sofa is of a unique persuasion, unlike most leather corner sofas, it’s an open arrangement with a concoction of relaxing, luxurious modular leather compartments that enable you to stretch out enjoy a variety of seating arrangements.

4. Knightsbridge Leather Corner Sofa


Coming in a variety of naturally distressed leathers from Old English Bruciato to Carson Chestnut, this Knightsbridge leather corner sofa has cornered the leather sofa market in comfort, design and intrigue.

3 Sloane Leather Corner Sofa


At 101cms deep you’ll be wondering how tall you need to be to sit with your feet on the floor in this magnificent Sloane leather corner sofa from Darlings of Chelsea.

This leather sofa’s hard wood frame holds the finest leather hides and luxury cushions in place to provide a bottom soothing experience you’ll never wish to leave.

2. U Shaped Leather Corner Sofa


This bespoke U shaped leather corner sofa is a dream for any luxury home or apartment that wants to enjoy intimacy as well as a cuddle huddle family gathering, a leather corner sofa that your bum can sink into and sit for hours playing monopoly or chatting the night away.

With detachable arms, serpentine springs and luxury foam cushions the butler will be serving you for hours each day as you sit lavishly in this UK hand crafted U shaped leather corner sofa.

1. Fabio Leather Cinema Sofa


If you’ve got squillions then you probably have the biggest LED television on the market but what do you sit on? This amazing and luxurious Fabio leather cinema sofa is built with you and the big screen in mind.

Complete with electric recliners, it’s in-built fridge and ipod speakers brings the sounds of the action closer to your ears than ever before. This contemporary leather sofa has drinks holders and built in storage to relax your body in style, and it’s comfy too. At a little over £5000, you have the right to watch any film. View more Darlings of Chelsea discount codes here.

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