Most Expensive Red Wines At Harrods

Welcome to the most expensive red wines at Harrods top ten, and what a collection. From a 2003 Château Lafite-Rothschild to a 1982 Château Petrus Merlot you’ll be spoilt for choice when nosing this little lot. They’re definitely wines for the collector but wine should be drunk and so can you be on these bottles ranging from £2500 to £9000.

1. Château Petrus 1982 Merlot Wine 75cl

£8,995.00 / Product Code: 393715

Many people invest in stocks, shares and gold but after reading this little snippet I think most of you with Squillions will be investing heavily in a bottle or two of the red stuff.

Can you believe that the average price for this bottle of Château Petrus 1982 Merlot Wine 75cl in 2007 was a mere £2400 but now some five years later this fruity red meat treat is tipping the top of the table at a nose sniffing £9k a bottle. Pomerol is the home of Merlot though so you’re paying for history.

If you like your wine fine and at a premium and don’t mind getting giddy before even having a sniff at the “violets, leather and meaty whiffs this little Pomerol gives off, then get on down to Harrods and bag a bottle of Château Petrus 1982.

2. Château Petrus 1995 Merlot Wine 150cl

£5,500.00 / Product Code: 2230172

In the same vein as our number one in the Most Expensive Red Wines At Harrods top ten, we have another Château Petrus 1995 merlot wine, only twice the size.

This dry red Pomerol Grand Vin will wet your taste buds and is exceedingly good at bringing back childhood memories, this Château Petrus 1995 tastes of chocolate, cigars and blackcurrents (cassis) – yes a funny childhood. The experts recommend you drink this red princess between 2020 and 2030 by which time I can imagine the price tag will have doubled. Drink it? I’d sell it especially when you consider an average bottle cost £750 in 2007.

3. Château Petrus 1989 Merlot Wine 75cl

£4,995.00 / Product Code: 2140066

It looks like the house of Petrus has taken all top three places in our Squillions countdown and rightly so. This appellation is highly regarded amongst wine connoisseurs and the taste, nose and all the rest clearly understates the price and rising value.

This Château Petrus Merlot Wine bottled in 1989 is coming into its own, and if not going in the cellar rack until 2020 is a perfect match with almost any red meat but specifically venison or lamb. Wine is a definite mid term investment and if the value drops, it’s one hell of  a meal after. View more iconic Château Petrus icons.

4. Domaine de la Romanée-Conti La Tâche 2005 pinet noir 75cl

£4,995.00 / Product Code: 160565

Joint third comes this Pinet Noir from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti La Tâche, indeed the the task here is to get this bottle home safely and into the cellar until you find the sweetest, most soft venison steak you can find where this bottle of wine will more than broil your taste buds.

Love affair, for an hour maybe as you sink your teeth into your Deer this fine Pinet Noir with sweet spice and cedar aromas will be the perfect accompaniment at any soiree or formal evening party – the same thing. Check out more from the Romanée-Conti estate.

5. Château Petrus 1993 Merlot Wine 150cl

£3,895.00 / Product Code: 2295926

We’re half way through the most expensive red wines at Harrods top ten and we’re back to the King of the Merlots and Château Petrus with this 1993 vintage with floral hints and leather aromas. Ahhh, reminds me of my horse riding days, lovely girl.

6. Château Latour 1982 Cabernet Sauvignon 75cl

£3,250.00 / Product Code: 393458

Cabernet Sauvignon took top spot from Merlot a few moons ago so it is no surprise to see this Château Latour 1982 Cabernet Sauvignon heading into the top ten proper. This tidy red is perfect for Sunday roasts, beef especially or as a tipple with a seasoned cheese.

This Latour has a sniff of Cedar, a whiff of cassis (black currents) and a barrel full of plums to boot. This most excellent of Red Bordeux blends really hits home the strong tastes and nose you can come to expect from the Pauillac appellation. Can’t get down to the Haut-Medoc district of Bordeaux? then sniff out a bottle of Château Latour 1982 Cabernet Sauvignon at Harrods.

7. Château Petrus 2003 Merlot Wine 75cl

£2,750.00 / Product Code: 800725

This Pomerol Appellation blend is one to put on the wine cellar stacks for a trendy homecoming in the next decade, it can only rise in price along with the nose when the cork is popped.

Liquorice and blackberry abound this powerful red will be teasing taste buds for the next twenty years, however with such a small production, will you be at the table when it is poured to savour or will you reach to your own stock!?!  Stock up on the Château Petrus 2003 Merlot Wine today.

8. Château Lafite 1996 Petite Verdot 75cl

£2,695.00 / Product Code: 839795

As much as I enjoy a red wine with my roasts, and a good red wine certainly makes a difference to any beef or venison dishes, the terms wine connoisseurs use still take some getting used to.

This Château Lafite 1996 Petite Verdot is allegedly one of their better years, a vintage year, with scents of pencil shavings and cassis, as is so often the case with this appellation, what makes me crave for this wine is the mention that it is perfect with Beef Wellington. Experts declare a 2020 tasting for this Pauillac so there’s plenty of time to find a nice side of beef to go with this seductive heady red.

9. Château Lafite-Rothschild 1993 Magnum 150cl Cabernet Sauvignon

£2,650.00 / Product Code: 2321696

Lafite-Rothschild are one of the most renowned families in the world-wide wine market and this Cabernet Sauvignon is a splendid addition to any table or cellar rack. With this Magnum there will be plenty to go around and at this price, a worthy nose for all guests to enjoy.

10. Château Lafite-Rothschild 2003 Merlot Wine 75cl

£2,225.00 / Product Code: 638274

Lastly but by no means the least in the Squillions most expensive red wines at Harrods top ten is this lovely, buoyant nose whirler, presenting the Château Lafite-Rothschild, a 2003 Merlot wine

This dark little number has smokey undertones, and tastes of liquorice and black currents, a rich flavoured red harlot that will steal your heart away and at a price to savour. The price hit a peak in 2011 but experts suggest 2015 could be a good serving year for this Château Lafite-Rothschild 2003 Merlot Wine.

If you’re not thirsty after this most expensive red wines at Harrods top ten, you’re probably after a white wine spritzer, Harrods has some marvellous wines at a price to match any pocket but at £9000 this high end wine market will certainly suit some of you on Squillions. Looking for cheaper wine? Or perhaps a handy saving of Harrods discount codes?