Most Expensive Rings At Forzieri

Welcome to the top ten most expensive rings at Forzieri and in their own words, true fashion, true style, true luxury.  Forzieri offers the most expensive rings online and is one of the most luxurious designer led jewellery and accessory shops in the world.

Offering high end luxury to the discerning buyer and let’s be honest, people with loads of money.  Elegance and shame, joy and frivolity all show in the majority of their designer handbags, home decor and of course in the most expensive rings at Forzieri.


10. Torrini Wallstreet 18K White Gold Diamond Ring

£5,181.00 / Product Code: to41153-002-00

With 46 natural diamonds encrusted in this 18k white gold diamond ring you can be forgiven for thinking that luxury and style comes at a price, well it does and this 1.23 carats handmade ring by Torrino excels at make that point.

9. Torrini Wallstreet 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

£5,416.00 / Product Code: to41153-001-00

Designed as a pirate’s treasure chest, these forty-six natural round cut diamonds in a Bezel setting, are wrapped and encased in an 18k yellow gold diamond ring basket. With 1.23 carats you’ll besailing the high seas at high end events with this Flamed Oro Nativo finish.

8. Orlando Orlandini Capriccio Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Crossover

£5,666.00 / Product Code: or41159-003-00

Another work of art from Orlando Orlandini hits number eight in our most expensive rings at Forzieri top ten. Several bans are entwined with rings of yellow gold discs tightly packed to enshrine a roung cut 0.20 ctw diamond in once corner. This Orlando Orlandini Capriccio Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Crossover ring will leave you tangled for all of time.

7. Orlando Orlandini Fashion Diamond 18K Gold Charm Ring

£6,064.00 / Product Code: or41159-002-00

Orlando Orlandini goes all out with this yellow and white gold 18k diamond ring, with diamond encrusted charms hanging from it’s petit flowery frame, how can this charm ring fail to charm any of its wearers or admirers!?! At £6,000 it’s cheaper even at second glance as you study the enormous precision that has gone into making this piece.

6. Colucci Diamonds 0.40 ctw Gold Margherita Ring

£6,532.00 / Product Code: uc411511-003-00

This simple yet elegant daisy styled 18k gold Margherita ring has a Colucci 0.4 ct diamond solitaire at its heart. Lightweight and fun, it’s a girly addition that will speak volumes at any dinner party. Colucci Diamonds reign once again.

5. Incanto Royale Product Code: fz411511-015-001.44 ctw Diamond 18K Gold Ring

£8,307.00 / Product Code: fz411511-015-00

The Incanto Royale round cut diamond floral arrangement situated atop an 18k white gold ring showers its audience with an array of sparkling petals that will make any woman’s hand a beautiful and precise product of mother nature.

4. Mita Marina Milano Geo 18K White Gold Diamond Ring

£9,443.00 / Product Code: it411611-013-00

Made in Italy this Mita Marina Milano Geo 18K White Gold Diamond Ring squares off at a little under ten thousand pounds. With sixteen round cut diamonds sitting on a cube face, the polished white gold 18k ring holds the cube top like as if the diamonds were about to send a call for Batman.

3. Amin Luxury 1.14 Carat Web Cut Diamond

£11,502.00 / Product Code: an41409-006-00

Not to be lost amongst the Snowballs and Campagne buckets, this Amin Luxury 1.14 carat web cut diamond sits alone, with a width of 0.24″ / 0.6 cm you’ll be wondering what to do with this expensive mantle piece diamond. Please do reveal all when you buy.

2. Colucci Diamonds 3.88 ctw White Gold Snake Ring

£17,040.00 / Product Code: uc411511-002-00

Colucci Diamonds certainly love their Egyptian styles, this round cut pave set diamond studded cobra snake gently caresses your inner finger with an 18k white gold ring embrace, charming your admirer not only once but three times.

1. Colucci Diamonds 3.93 ctw White Gold Galaxy Ring

£19,525.00 / Product Code: uc411511-001-00

Colucci are a brand new designer for 2012 and boy do their ring designs pack a punch, Colucci have hit the market with a range of high end Colucci diamond jewellery that will set tongues wagging from New York to Chelsea and beyond. Read the Colucci diamonds review.