Most Expensive Villas At VillaSelect

We’re excited, are you? For some reason a large percentage of humans are obsessed by the activities of the rich and famous and while the following list is a run down of the most expensive villas at VillaSelect they are not truly out of reach of your budget and I shall reveal why.

You are about to be astounded so I hope you’re sitting down. Remember all those Islands centuries ago that were difficult to get to and plagued by pirates? The inhabitants and perhaps foreign investors have built really glamorous properties which they rent out to you and I and the filthy rich. They are the most expensive beach side villas within outstanding areas of beauty and vistas that until you arrive are unimaginable but they are also open to you.

Take a £15,000 a week top of the range villa for instance, it can house 16 people. For under £1000 a person that’s seven days in a glorious location in Westmoreland in Barbados. This is the perfect get away for a planned Wedding or for a family event, a once in a lifetime moment but is it really? It’s £1000 per person, £2000 per couple plus flights and food.

£14k is the lower range however. How’s about £80,000 a week? There’s room for sixteen guests and this would work out to be £5000 per person. For some working people that may be a month’s salary, unfortunately for others it could amount to four or five months or even a year’s savings after normal expenditure. The question is, can you afford the most expensive villa at VillaSelect today? Of course you can but you have to make an effort or find a cheaper expensive villa that houses 144 people willing to sleep like sheep. I jest of course.

Most Expensive Villas Caribbean Beach

Let me just advise a little about the prices shown below and how this list was assembled. Villa Select do not list all the villas all at the same time, especially when booked for the period you are searching for. Therefore there may well be other luxury villas at more expensive prices but because they’re so good they are being lived in by other holiday makers at the time.

Also the Villa Select website doesn’t do long term advance bookings, they may now or in the future but not at the time of writing. They specialise in last minute bookings for the weeks and months ahead, whereas many book next year’s villa holidays this year so everyone knows where’s they’re going and it’s not a rush to find a holiday destination for 14 people or the money for such an escape.

It’s time to gawk at villas that are positioned next to private beaches, with private swimming pools and perhaps even private air space. They may be private roads with many bathrooms, rooms, kitchens and even space for the hired help. We’re going to visit visually via the internet and dream of being able to rent the most expensive villas at Villa Select. Not all have to dream though.

Most Expensive Villa In Aphrodite Hills Cyprus

10. £9,071 a week at Villa Maia
Aphrodite Hills, Cyprus

The third largest island in the Mediterranean is home to this rather large beauty of a property. There exists a wondrous location that over looks the sea and sits atop a ravine. It is within a holiday resort developed specifically for luxury villas which is called Aphrodite Hills.

The property is situated as just the right distance for privacy but also not too far to have access to shops, restaurants and the Village Square which houses restaurants. There’s also tennis courts and spas on site. This slightly expensive villa – compared to others in the top ten – offers five bedrooms and five bathrooms.

While the property does have sea views, the nearest beach is stated as being 12 miles away at Avdimou Bay. The owners provided a managed maid service and I’m sure they could get a chef in at extra request should they be needed.  Based on three levels with heated pool, easily a snip at £1000 a person for seven days as it sleeps ten. Not the most expensive villa by a long shot but still an hefty price tag.

View the most expensive Cyprus villa here.

Most Expensive Villa Select Florida

9. £10,888 a week at Villa Serpentine
Reunion Resort, Florida

The United States Southern most tip is awash with villas like these, one wonders if they were predominantly built for the tourist trade or people would actually live in them all year round. The location is not just good for the weather or the beach or yachting but as many all ready know, houses the most entertainment venues outside of Las Vegas – especially for children.

Florida Keys, Universal theme park, Disney and a whole lot more besides. The single image doesn’t do this 9th least expensive villa justice so let’s find out  a little more about its features. Remember this state is family friendly and this villa sleeps an incredible 28 persons. with 12 en-suite bedrooms for the adults, I suspect the children can be distributed amongst the others.

Four people are going to have to do the cooking at scheduled times on a rota basis as the surround sound home theatre only seats twenty-four bums. Never fear as while most are watching a Steven Spielberg film, they can take advantage of a 60ft private pool that not only has fountains but a water slide too.

£11,000 for a week across perhaps three or four families is not a lot of money, especially when considering the children and the spending allowance for the period.  There’s an outdoor kitchen, BBQ and four separate living areas allowing parents downtime – again probably on a rota basis. I’m shaking my head, there’s a putting green too, just go look for yourself. While it’s an exceptional property it is a really cheap villa considering it welcomes 28 big and little people.

View the exceptional Florida villa here.

Most Expensive Villa Select Villa Dassia Corfu

8. £13,516 a week at Villa Orestes
Dassia, Corfu

I have slept in two star hotels on the fifth floor in Mamaia, Romania that at the correct angle you can view the sea lapping at the sand at 6am. This expensive villa at VillaSelect however is something entirely different. It doesn’t offer a private beach but the next best thing. There is a gated entry to the very local Dassia beach which is described as being absolutely zero metres from the edge of the property. My kind of villa darling!

It sleeps six so we’re moving away from four or five families carrying the costs of a rented luxurious villa and moving into financially astute territory. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a completely cut off from the nearest property, on a private road with 2000 square metres of garden and that empty beach if you arrive at the right time for  a paddle or swim.

There is a butler service should you require, and a maid service for turning down beds and providing other services. Failing that you could opt to dine at local restaurants where wine is good supply as is different country cuisines – not just Greek. the owners have a similar sized expensive villa also listed at Villa Select, Selini which could come in handy for grand parents or another friendly couple or a place to hold the in-laws.

View the most expensive villa in Corfu here.

Ibiza Most Expensive Villas With Beach

7. £17,892 a week at Dulce Vida
Cala-Llonga, Ibiza

This really expensive villa but only in at number seven, has a pool table. That I believe is reason enough to shell out almost twenty grand for a seven night stay in Ibiza. No? OK. Well what about a blu ray player? Espresso machine? Oh come on, talk about a difficult audience! Firstly it is positioned above the bay of Sol den Serra – which you can see in the image. They suggest the beach is almost half a mile away, so a five minute walk.

There are five bedroom, four bathrooms and a toaster. There’s a private swimming pool should not fancy salty water for your entire stay. Cala Llanga is half a mile away, Ibiza 8 miles and Amante Beach Club ad restaurants another five minute walk. There is a £4000 refundable deposit on the gaff so if you do steal the toaster and bed sheets you’re either filthy rich or incredibly funny.

I have never stayed anywhere or been anywhere that has both lemon and orange trees in the gardens. Dulce Vida does. As Ibiza villas go it’s an incredible offering, sure the cost of an holiday villa per person is beginning to stack up but just look at the expected view. Plus free lemons and oranges you’d hope. Sleeping ten people that’s approx £2 grand a piece, so again not the most expensive villa in this top ten of most expensive villas at VillaSelect.

View the quite costly Ibiza villa here.

Most Expensive Pool Villas Ouranopolis

6. £22,235 a week at Eagles Villa Residential 3 Bedroom Pool Villa
Ouranopolis, Halkidiki

Yo, let’s throw Momma from the yacht instead! It was a train remember, catch up. As the title has already suggested, this is a 3 bed villa. It sleeps six but I bet you could fit more in you really wanted too. Twenty two smackaroonies a week, wowsers!! Calculator required… £3500+ each please and make it a personal cheque.

We’re back in Greece at Halkidiki on the mainland with private swimming pool and one bathroom for every bedroom. This property is ideal because you get see both angles of the sea either side, so you get sunrise and sunset from the same vista now that has to be a memorable event for all who stay at the Eagles Villa.

The imagery on the website is lacking but I am sure if you contact the mangers you’ll get some more sent through.  There are marble bathrooms, an outdoor shower, the beach from is less than 100 metres away, as are the shops. Unfortunately we can’t reveal exactly why this most expensive villa is so expensive, you’ll have to just spend over £20,000 and let us know how it goes.

View the Halkidiki villa here.

Most Expensive Villas The Dream At VillaSelect

5. £24,115 a week at The Dream
St. James, Barbados

What can I say, look at it, if it looks like that at night let’s keep the moon in the sky for seven days and simply stay pool side and relax and be vampires. Wet vamps but happy ones. Mate this isn’t even set away from anything, the pool you can see is yards away from the sea, Barbados, the West coast could be your home for a week or eternity it is entirely up to you – and perhaps nine other people as it can sleep ten and help you spread the cost.

The owners have called it the Dream for a reason. I’d have called it the nightmare as getting the missus to leave after two weeks really is going  to be really difficult. There are five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms, I’m not sure what happened there – perhaps the builders got a little carried away.

If you fancy a Caribbean villa holiday this is perhaps the best of them, there’s spa and golf on tap, and get this, you have your very own chef and butler I kid you not! For little over £24 gees you get what amounts to servants, well I’ve not seen that on offer in Europe thus far. Let’s get Pink along and get this most expensive villa party started.

If it looks like this place is entirely open plan on all levels you may not be far wrong guv. I believe there are shutters however and the sleeping quarters are suitably shut off from the living room and outdoor areas. Chef, butler AND a piano – give me  a break! With private swimming pool ceiling fans and shops a good distance away this could be one villa holiday you return too once you’ve recouped the cash.

View The Dream Villa here.

Most Expensive Villa In Barbados Crystal Springs

4. £53,956 a week at Crystal Springs
Merlin Bay, Barbados

Why do I do this to myself? An holiday villa in the most beautiful parts of the world, with sunny climes and I ask myself, why write about stuff I’ll never be able to afford? Perhaps you’ll do me a favour and stay at one of them? Nevermind £53,000, it’s nearer £61k as there’s an £800o refundable deposit but that’s ok as you’re loaded.

I do take the rich aspect a little too far. I began this article being favourable to these expensive villas but actually I am getting quite green with envy. The Crystal Springs villa in Merlin Bay, Barbados is superior, it’s is truly the dog’s wotsits. It sleeps twenty so with a little bit of mathematics that’s about £3000 each if ten couples £6 grand, it isn’t bad for a white wedding.

Do you know what really gets me though, what really hits home? It’s the staircase that leads down to the beach. There’s about 23 steps leading down to where the sea comes right up where you can sit and paddle your feet. Ladies and Gentleman, I am in awe and this is only the fourth most expensive villa at VillaSelect, what are we going to write about when we reach the most expensive at number one and where will it be found?

There are ten air conditioned bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a home theatre, a private gym and if you though the butler and chef were go at the villa before, this one offer s a private boat as well as private beach. Give it twenty years and there will probably be a private space elevator too. If you like privacy this Merlin Bay villa has it in droves.

View the most expensive Barbados villa here.

VillaSelect Most Expensive Villa Lazy Lizard

3. £64,213 a week at Lazy Lizard
Jumby Bay, Antigua

The British are born on an island nation, despite the miles of coastline we as tourists head to smaller islands for our holidays, one of which is Antigua. Half of the current most expensive villas at Villa Select are housed in the Caribbean islands, the Lazy Lizard offering is in Antigua and Barbuda. People travel here for the climate, the exclusivity and the beaches of which there are 365 beautiful sandy seaside escapes to walk, lay and relax upon.

I laughed out loud earlier when writing about these not so cheap villas coming with staff (servants in olde speak) but it is actually a luxury that could be very enjoyable. Yes we enjoy these villa holidays in the Caribbean because they are secluded but having someone else to cook at the temporary home and do your bidding could be fun.

Set in amongst six acres, this villa complex has separated area for relaxation, and a main seated dining area in the centre of the pool, you don’t eat in the water off a lilo, it’s on top. Not for what should amount to over £5000 a week per person. I do’t know about you but to fly that far from the UK one would have to spend at least two weeks at Jumby Bay to make the most of it, at the very least ten days.

I forgot the housekeeper so there’s no cleaning for you to do, this villa has three staff to aid in your comfort and pleasure and answer every whim, I’m jealous of you already. Just be American and tip generously on departure. You’ll find on site a private tennis court and there are innumerable water sports on hand so you can discover coral reefs and ocean, from snorkel excursions to windsurfing.

Allowing for twelve guests across the individual buildings you can travel as a party of six couples, enjoy six separate air conditioned bedrooms with all mod cons and enjoy private areas with sun loungers, massage or join as a group from time to time. The nearest beach is a staggering ten metres away, such a long walk. Shops are 15x further but with a butler service and a chef I doubt you’ll need to visit.

If I was in Antigua for two weeks one of my special requests would most be to visit neighbouring islands, it is after all the Caribbean and you have travelled very far. Next door there’s St. Kitts, Montserrat and of course Barbuda, all accessible by private luxury yacht charter. There are several regions in Antigua proper so if a first time there’s probably plenty to sightsee and get on with.

View the third most expensive villa at VillaSelect here.

Kairos Antiguas Most Expensive Villa

2. £67,520 a week at Villa Kairos
Jumby Bay, Antigua

At a little under £10,000 a couple you can spend seven days in what most humans will term paradise. `With seven luxury fitted double bedrooms, an infinity swimming pool, ceiling fans and the beach just five metres away this has serendipity written all over it. If there’s any graffiti from the locals it’s probably on the wall of the house in large colourful letters.

The second most expensive villa is again in Antigua and is as remarkable as the price. We have a thing about cost as it takes forever to gather holiday money but for a really fantastic memorable holiday with friends and family, in luxury family villas like these what can go wrong? Even if one dishwasher breaks down mid afternoon, there’s a second to use.

The villa’s name is Idle Time if I can be lazy and distant from the world then this is the place to be. I can’t imagine doing anything other than walking to and from the beach with my pina colada. With this holiday villa rental in the Caribbean there’s once again a butler and chef on hand to meet or your culinary and personal needs.

There is a fridge but you don’t need to stock it as built into the pricing are breakfast, lunch and dinner with afternoon tea and wine and a variety of alcoholic drinks. It’s positioned on the north side of the island whereas other expensive luxury villas are southern based. The beds are huge – fit for giants, the rooms large and the living room space open and accommodating.

The villa sleeps 14 but I believe you could wander around for days and not meet anybody else until bed time, especially as all will be out partaking in watersports activities and visiting the local tourist sights or catching the Jumba Bay ferry. To visit the golf course and tennis courts you simply jump into your personal golf carts and away you go. As large parties of people, while you’re pushing the luxury yacht out for a planned once in a lifetime family holiday the budget is attainable.

View the second most expensive villa in Antigua here.

Most Expensive Villas Jumby Bay Morning Glory

1. £79,922 a week at Morning Glory
Jumby Bay, Antigua

You can’t buy this place, it won’t fly you anywhere, it’s not a lucrative investment like a race horse, it’s a week’s holiday of a lifetime and boy are you going to pay some serious sterling to remember it. I envy you but God bless every one of you that stay at the most expensive villa at Villa Select and quite possibly the dearest and most costliest Jumby Bay villa in Antigua.

£80,000, that’s two very up market cars, it could be three year’s salary for some, it’s equivalent to the average inheritance and yet we’d spend it on seven days in the Caribbean proper. Madness don’t you think. Just look at the place though, an ocean front villa with the beach just one and a half minutes of gleeful skips away.

it has its own tennis courts, an expansive dining area and terrace, rooms have private lounges attached. The beach is more interesting than any other we have reviewed as it has its own bar, your own chef with outdoors kitchen and BBQ grill area. You can involve yourself or simply have food on the go as required. Swimming really makes you hungry.

It’s called Morning Glory for a reason. When we talk of Chefs, we’re talking gourmet deliverance for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As well as the magnificent private swimming pool replete with sun loungers there’s a private jacuzzi, there’s bubbles everywhere from wine to water. Eight air conditioned bedrooms with 8 bathrooms, sleeping 16 people at a cost of £5k each. Where do I book a expensive luxury villa? I’m in!

View the most expensive villa on Villa Select and in Jumby Bay here.

You can also check for villa discount codes for the website too. If there isn’t an actual promotion there is often at least a live discount for durations that are only weeks away, so called last minute deals.