Multi Gym Machine Matrix G3 Series Stack Multi Station

If you’re looking for a really great performing gym and the most expensive Multi Gym machine that smacks of style and ability. Then look no further than the Matrix G3 Series Stack Multi Station which is one of the best home multi gyms on the market. Just one really early question, how big is your home?

Because to park this home fitness equipment you’ll need at least a separate wing in the White House, an Extension to Downing Street or a three car garage with only a bicycle parked inside.

At a little under £15,600 the Matrix G3 Series Stack Multi Station gym certainly packs some weight in price but you get great value in sturdy fitness equipment thanks to the strength and durability provided by the distinctive round tubing.

Matrix G3 Series 4-Stack Multi Station – Buy or read more.

The Matrix G3 series has a Over-sized Frame Tubing and a proprietary two-coat powder process frame finish
in Polarized Titanium.

The weight stack is self lubricating and the bushings are solid cold-rolled steel plate with Teflon inners.

And don’t worry about the suspension, the Matric G3 series multi station multi gym machines has a 3-Point Design, guards and pulleys covers and magnetic and tethered weight pins.

So who would buy a monster like this? A gym perhaps, that goes without saying but they usually prefer to cram 100 human rats side by side into revolving wheels to get all sweaty and lose weight… So perhaps a footballer, a business woman or man or perhaps a Belgian porn site owner looking at five to ten years and seeking out a quick way to spend £60 million pounds.

This Multi Gym Machine Matrix G3 Series Stack Multi Station is a phenomenal piece of fitness equipment and despite the price is very popular as the brand manufacturers, Matrix Fitness, are world renowned.

Putting it all together isn’t  a problem as this will be done upon delivery – have no fear muscle man and fitness freak save your energy for the important stuff like calculating your daily carb intake!

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The multi gym machine is really easy to use with colour-coded pivots & Adjusts, Instructional Placards and if you’re really lazy a Bottle & Towel Holder: and if you’re sleepy, really comfortable Ergo Form Cushions if you wish to take a nap half way through an exercise routine.

The tech Specs are more interesting than my lacking fitness knowledge and cheeky diatribe. The overall dimensions and weight stack of the multi gym are:

Adjustable Cable Crossover – G2-MS20: 36″ L x 157″ W x 95″ H
4-Stack Multi-Station – G2-MS40: 66″ L x 146″ W x 100″ H
5-Stack Multi-Station – G2-MS50: 190″ L x 146″ W x 100″ H
8-Stack Multi-Station – G2-MS80: 220″ L x 146″ W x 100″ H
Low Row With Dual Pulleys (LR-DP): 295 lbs.
Lat Pull down with Dual Pulleys (LP-DP): 295 lbs.
Triceps Press down (TP): 200 lbs.
Adjustable Pulleys (AP): 2 x 200 lbs.

That is some seriously heavy duty weight lifting. So if you are more like Mr Bean and not Bruce Springsteen, you may well be better off with doing the ironing before purchasing this gigantic beast of a powerhouse. Yet at the same time – peddling fast to rescue the sale – the Multi Gym Machine Matrix G3 Series Stack Multi Station has something for everyone from all walks of life.

Total Weight:
Adjustable Cable Crossover – G2-MS20: 880 lbs.
4-Stack Multi-Station – G2-MS40: 2200 lbs.
5-Stack Multi-Station – G2-MS50: 2640 lbs.
8-Stack Multi-Station – G2-MS80: 4400 lbs.
Shipping Weight:
Adjustable Cable Crossover – G2-MS20: 995 lbs.
4-Stack Multi-Station – G2-MS40: 2385 lbs.
5-Stack Multi-Station – G2-MS50: 2850 lbs.
8-Stack Multi-Station – G2-MS80: 5700 lbs.

The multi gym machine from Matrix Fitness Equipment comes complete with low row and dual pulleys, lat pull down with dual pulleys, adjustable cable column and triceps press down and on the bigger versions of the Matrix G3 Series 8-Stack Multi Station, a massively long crossover connecting cable tube with integrated pull-up bar. If you’re not superman or woman, you will be!

Matrix G3 Series 8-Stack Multi Station – Buy or read more

Strength Warranty: Years
Frame (coating n/a): 10
Structural Parts: 10
Weight Stacks: 5
Pulleys: 5
Pivotal Bearings: 5
Other Not Specified: 3
Labour: 3
Upholstery/Spring/Grip: 1
Accessories: 6 Months

The Matrix G3 Series 8-Stack Multi Station is a fantastic piece of of home gym equipment which will tone your fitness down to a tee. Remember that fitness is fun but you should always consult a doctor before putting a gym together, as you know how dangerous Ikea furniture can be and this is ten times heavier. Yes and consult a doc before you use it too and maybe seek a little help from a cute fitness instructor beforehand!

The multi gym machines comes in three different configurations, each with a little less than the last. The Matrix G3 Series 8-Stack Multi Station, Matrix G3 Series 5-Stack Multi Station and the Matrix G3 Series 4-Stack Multi Station which is a stand alone multi gym machine. The lower end fitness gym equipment retailing around the £8000 mark. So one of the most expensive multi gym machines on the market still.

Read enough? Buy or read more about the multi gym machine and Matrix G3 Series here. Or if you just want a set of dumb bells to get you started, the Best Gym Equipment discount codes offer those too! Fitness is fun and at Squillions we love fun!