Naples Treasure Of San Gennaro In Rome

Who says you need to be an Emperor, Tsar or Queen to amass the world’s most prestigious jewellery collection. The infamous Naples ‘Treasure Of San Gennaro’ has departed its home of the last 600 years and the Chapel Of Naples and some of the collection is now on display in the Fondazione Roma Museum, in Rome’s Palazzo Sciarra.

Escorted under armed guard, a mere but substantial  array of 70 items out of the 21,620 masterpieces left behind, can now be viewed by international visitors at the museum for the coming months. Until their return in March 2014.

All the media have written extensively about the Naples Treasure Of San Gennaro. Highlighting that they rival the worth of British Monarchy’s Crown Jewels in the Tower Of London and that of the Russian Tsar’s collection which includes the Orlov Diamond, Monomakh’s cap and the fabulous Imperial Crown.


Without a doubt all of these antiquities and royal regalia are worth Squillions but how much of that value can be truly ascertained, no one will ever know until they ever get sold or put up for auction – which is very unlikely. But for insurance purposes they cover for £21 million but broad valuations go higher than £5 billion.

If you don’t need to be a King, Queen, Tsar or Emperor, how does your average man get to be rewarded with so many jewels, diamonds and gems? San Gennaro, otherwise known as Saint Januarius, is the patron saint of Naples and protects the city against war, disease and natural disasters.

Such is the belief by people and reigning Kings and governments worldwide, that the saint protects. That over several hundred years the Treasure of San Genarro has grown in size as well as wealth and worth.

All three of the collection swill never be sold, in all probability. Such is their security they will never be stolen either – at least not for long. the British crown jewels are insured in the low millions, approximately £21 million, however the collection as a whole could be worth a staggering amount of billions.

The Treasure of San Gennaro contains thousands of masterpieces which have been added to and worked on for centuries. Made from gifts from ordinary folk and Kings and Queens from around the world, all looking to spread the good fortune a Saint can bring.

The Golden Mitre San Gennaro itself holds 3,326 diamonds and many more rubies (164) and emeralds (198) and was finally finished in the 18th century. Work by Bishops as a head dress. Other marvels include a bust of San Gennaro, necklace of San Gennaro

Aside from marrying a royal or recruiting your own army of a million men and women, it seems an easier way to become rich beyond your wildest dreams and have Squillions is to join the Church. Once you’ve been martyred and been considered good luck after a really bad time with earthquakes, disease and volcanoes erupting, that is.

No, the Naples ‘Treasure Of San Gennaro’ while a beautiful and historic collection, much like the British Crown jewels are set to remain priceless, undervalued collections that no one could ever possibly own due to the billions it would cost to purchase. Which is where priceless really comes into play.

Should you feel lucky, like becoming a martyr, invading a nation or marrying a royal, then you couldn’t fare any worse than to start by assembling your very own Treasure Of San Gennaro with an investment in loose diamonds and gems or diamond rings.