NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Quest For Life

In little under a fortnight half the planet will be tuning into the American Geophysical Union press conference in the week of the 3rd December in San Francisco to find out what all the fuss is about. Fuss? Yes, NASA’s Mars Curiosity mission chief John Grotzinger said in an interview that “This data is gonna be one for the history books. It’s looking really good.” Not much really.

Nasa’s Mar’s Rover Curiosity is on Mars not to find life but to analyse all around it. Air, light, temperatures and soil samples and record data. But as any human being knows, if you walk one metre on Earth and do the same, you can also detect life or the possibility of life by taking air samples and soil samples. Dig and you will find life, dig a little more and you may find historic artefacts, history’s coins and pottery pieces are all over Europe.

So is Curiosity there on Mars to find life, either current, future possibilities or past? Of course it is. Now Scientists aren’t famed for being on the same planet as the rest of the human race. While I am of a generation yet to see anything truly magnificent, our parents and grandparents witnessed amazing discoveries, like that of manned space flight and television. Everything since has been simply normal or less astounding, yes the internet but again, to most my age, another form of communication, not ground breaking but an advance.

Will half of planet Earth tune in for the press conference? Probably not by the time the press has dampened a story which they first got people excited about. Even NASA are downplaying the original comments. To many humans they will have found a spec of dust or perhaps a mineral, to a scientist it will be another part of the amazing history of Mars.

Am I interested? Of course, very. I am a futurist but at the same time very disappointed in world governments who choose to wage war instead of spend money on getting the human race off this lonely planet and out in to outer space. So we can discover and at the same time, ensure the survival of the human race just in case this lump of molten rock we live on decides to implode or something else hits us, a drunk driver driven Meteorite for example. It’s not as if we have put speed cameras next to the moon yet and no left turn.

As humans we all want knowto that someone else exists that isn’t from this planet, is but isn’t or maybe they started the seeds of life here in the first place. Many people know about the Black Knight, see various things in the sky, in images from NASA when in space and floating ET objects, we’re all not daft enough to think we’re alone.

Will NASA reveal something truly amazing? Unlikely. The days of free information about discoveries in space will only come from private enterprise. Which has begin – finally after fifty years! We all have our own thoughts on life and experiences.

Some completely debunk people who have seen or believe in UFOs as mad. Others who see pyramids or faces on Mars, hear about Black Knight and digest other information are caught between fact and fiction through no fault of their own. The only problem with being humans is we are programmed to recognise faces in everything we see and meet. That’s proven.

We know there was and is water on Mars, we know even life on Earth can survive in arsenic alone. We know meteorites that have hit earth have hit other planets and could have been carrying samples of life just as they have to our very own planet. Are humans only 200,000 years old? Were dinosaurs the only species before us on this rock that has been here billions of years?

Let’s face it, Earth has been here 4.5 billion years. Are you telling me that there is no possibility that a form of similarly intelligent knowledgeable life wasn’t here two billion years ago when we have only been around for 200,000 to 400,000 years? Is it more than plausible that this is the similar case on Mars?

As Mars is also showing signs that it has or could support life, it’s more than possible civilisations existed on both planets two billion years ago. Life as an organism came from the sea and morphed into a million different creations, half of which are dying out due to natural selection and possibly thanks to us.

While it would be great to hear about the discovery of an alien civilisation, for a private entrepreneur to fly to the pyramids on Mars and get some close up pics and imagery, it seems these journeys are all too costly just to put an end to imaginative rumour. So in all likelihood, we’re not going to find out that there is, has been or will be life in Mars next week, which I’m sure the Martians are all too pleased about…

As a human who is very conscious of his warmongering fellow humans who take what they want and wage war, I too am a little pleased we won’t be upsetting another form of life in the galaxy just yet. However, it’s the very same principles in human nature that set explorers off to find new lands centuries ago. The need for more resources and more land and indeed survival that will see us on Mars or living in space in the future. I only hope I get to witness such get steps for mankind in my time on Earth.

*Human intelligence, mine anyway, allows for any realm of possibilities to be imagined. While a human and ape form was found to exist 3.3 million years ago , that still leaves quite a few billion other years to contemplate. It’s that space of time, the 3 million years of tool use and 3 million years previously that keeps us all wondering – and pyramids on Mars don’t help…