New Sony Bravia X9 4K 3D LED Ultra HD TV: KD55X9005 & KD65X9005 55” 65” Reviews

The new Sony Bravia X9 has been released from their development department and is available to purchase online at an incredible price. I know what you’re thinking though, as soon as you buy a television in a few months another more technologically advanced high pixel resolution television will appear on the market but the Sony X9 is equipped with amazing features which will keep you entertained for years to come.

We’ll take you through a brief overview and a Sony Bravia review explaining the new features in the X9 range from the 4K Ultra HD resolution, the magnificent NFC one touch smartphone with superb TV connectivity and the 3D abilities on the extra crisp Triluminos display.

It’s not only the enhanced visibility that will create a wow effect when viewing but the powerful audio generated by the inbuilt slim magnetic fluid speakers that ensure a real to life, in the room sound generation whether it’s an all out action film with incredible explosions or getting across the tones in voice change from whispering to constructive elocution. It really does sound that much better.

Herein we feature the Sony KD55X9005A and Sony KD65X9005A both in the Bravia range and 55” and 65” respectively. These are moderately sized televisions for the living room and bedroom which deliver an entertainment system with overwhelming connectivity and if you’re one of those in the latest statistics who browse while watching a film or programme and wish to find out more then the Sony Entertainment Network and Sony TV sideview are  the perfect aids to enhance your TV viewing experience.

With the tagline of Feel The Beauty BE MOVED, it’s a phrase which ensures you know the HD LED TV will hit the senses. Both through audio and visually. It’s not just a telly but a 3D television also which encompasses all the features you would normally crave for and the new Sony Bravia 55” and 65” 4k HD TV will certainly deliver on all your home entertainment expectations and requirements.


Let’s take a brief look at all the features and specifications of the LED Sony Bravia Ultra HD TV. Firstly there is no difference between the Sony KD65X9005 and the Sony KD55X9005 other than size so when comparing prices between the two, you’re simply paying for the ten inch additional screen size. Of course with that comes an increase in weight of around 12 kg and on the 65” an additional 1% in peak luminance ratio.

If you break down what you require for a television that you will probably have around for the next five years or more, then the Bravia X9 pretty much has it all for the time being. 3D films are catered for, increased resolutions which will be used in film making are also in step with the  viewing abilities of the Sony Bravia X9 thanks to the release of a technological first and the F65 CineAlta 4K video camera now in use by the film industry to take advantage of the newest 4K resolution and experience.

This latest tech is already installed in cinemas worldwide and they’re still installing them, so with this Sony X9 you’re already ahead of the game and have the latest and greatest 4K ultra HD television tech in your living room. They aren’t the cheapest Sony X9 televisions as the models contain their latest technological advances but the price quoted which ranges from £3299 for the Sony KD55X9005A and £4999 for the Sony KD65X9005A are reasonable and competitively priced when compared to others on the market.


The Triluminos Display On The New Sony Bravia X9 LED TV

One of the many main features of the Bravia X9 LED HDTV is its patented Triluminos display. The next generation technology offers the ability to reproduce natural shades of colours bringing a more life like movie experience as if seen with your own eyes and the landscape was really in front of you in your living room.

In the past images have tended to be more glossy but with true colour display, the variety of textures and colours are vivid and rich and match watch the actors and director filmed on the day in its nearest possible purest form.

The script is in the backlight technology. There are a variety of backlit televisions on the market but it’s the whole product that you’re after and with the 4K enhancement and all round content offering, the Sony X9 Bravia really takes TV viewing and interaction to a whole different level. The basis of this tech however is that there is more visible pixels which creates the emulation of more tones and textures and the Triluminous display is truly the leader of the current market.

You have to see it to believe it however. Compare a television next to the X9 4k HDTV and you will soon witness the comparison. Skintones are lifelike, faces are more clear cut as if they were simply poking their head through the display. For outstanding viewing of films, pictures whether streamed, via a connected device through wifi or NFC screen mirroring, the experience and visualisation is incredible.

For further information the the X9 Bravia has an LCD screen, LED backlight with local dimming and a 4K (3840×2160) resolution and a viewing angle of 178 (89/89). Don’t forget the 3D features which you can use your passive 3D glasses with on 3D films. There’s auto 3D depth resolution, simulated 3D and TDG-SV5P enabled SimulView technology embedded.  Four TDG-500P 3D glasses are supplied when purchased.

Newest And Best Sony X9 4K X-Reality PRO HD TV Enhancements

The X9 4k ultra HDTV is a remarkable chip, essential an embedded 4K x-reality pro chip which as the picture is streaming takes every pixel inbound and transforms it in to a more refined and sharpened image. This aided by the Sony Bravia X9’s own resolutions of eight million pixels on a 4K resolution screen (3840 x 2160 resolution)  which is four times the power of a Full HD optimised television.

The 4K ultra HD picture quality is an insurmountable and unconquerable endeavour into providing the most realistic translation of the originally acted out scene that’s ever been made possible. The only thing required now is for smellovision to truly work to provide the ultimate in ‘I was there’ telly.

The cleverest picture technology ever established is available through the Sony Bravia X9 KD55X9005A and Bravia X9 KD65X9005A and the technologically advanced 4K X-reality pro which in association with the Triluminos display makes this HD TV a worth investment for now and the future. The Sony 4k Ultra HD revolution has arrived.

The picture quality specifications detail 2k video and face area detection and super resolution for game modes. The picture mode settings encompass all the usual aspects of vivid, sports, cinema1 and all the variations in-between with customisable wide mode settings as well as for the PC. A Motionflow XR 800 Hz is used as the motion enhancer with advanced contraster and live colour technology, deep colour and 24p true cinema and so much more.

TV Connectivity: Sony HDTV NFC One Touch Smartphone Abilities

It is important in the current digital age that everything you buy whether mobile or for home entertainment has a high connectivity ratio. The Sony Bravia X9 reviews certainly puts connectivity high on the agenda. No matter your mobile accessories, whether a smartphone, digital camera, disc player or table and laptop, there are USB, wifi and HDMI abilities with NFC one touch enabling you to view all the photos and videos you create on the excellent 55” Bravia X9 and 65” Sony LED televisions.

Firstly so you can understand which connections, whether wifi or direct via HDMI or USB you can make, let’s go through the network features on X9 very briefly. The immensely absorbing and interactive NFC one touch mirroring enables you to operate any NFC mobile phone in tandem with the X9, photos, videos instantly appearing on screen enabling you to view with family and friends with outstanding picture quality with the screen mirroring function.

TV Sideview is an App which you can install on your tablet or phone for android or IOS capable mobile. It works continuously, effortlessly and in tandem with the programmes that are currently in-running and with the channel you’re watching. With the Sony X9 Bravia and Sony TV Sideview app you can go social and talk about the programme on twitter and Facebook, simply find out more information on the cast and episode and also delve into other websites featuring the film or documentary.

Then there’s the Sony Entertainment Network, a platform created especially for those with a Sony Bravia TV. It works with a variety of suppliers online. Stream films directly from Lovefilm and Netflix and watch them on your super hi-definition 4k Ultra HD TV. With the additional benefit of being able to also choose 3D films to view and putting on your 3D glasses to watch on the passive 3D enabled X9.

The Sony X9 features WI-Fi direct, an opera internet browser, wireless LAN and the majority of DLNA content formats from MPEG2 to JPEG and WMV. With all these great abilities that means you can use your favourite websites, use Skype in an instant with voice calling and video as well as access a wide array of music either through apps and download or explore free to air radio channels via a wide range of mediums.

Audio With Bravia X9 Inbuilt Slim Magnetic Fluid Speakers

A huge problem with past television sets has been the distortion on sound and hearing the most minuscule of background noise. Now with the Sony Bravia X9’s inbuilt slim speakers, the audio has an exemplary sound delivery, every boom and bang is in almost perfect clarity thanks to the magnetic fluid speakers which provide clear and powerful audio.

When audio is extremely high you will no longer experience levels of distortion and crackling that you have experienced previously. The magnetic fluid speakers on the X9 deliver the purest sound available on the market. Couple that ingenious advancement with the Triluminos display and  4K x-reality pro chip and the Sony X9 really is one of the best ultra HDTVs available to buy.

The slim speakers are positioned to directly interface with listeners ears, delivering the sound directly to where it needs to be. Dialogue and elocution has never been so clear, car chases and the associated sounds of crashes and revs will sound real to live as if occuring on the street outside your window. The compact bass reflex box on the 4K Sony X9 Bravia offers rumbling without the vibration, the crowd cheer without the distortion. This really is high tech kick bottom technology.

Special Features On The KD55X9005A And KD65X9005A

The latest technological breakthroughs with the X9 really kicks bottoms and puts competitor television manufacturers in the dark. With every Sony Bravia X9 comes a fantastic array of special features that enable you to interact and control your X9 in its entirety as well as operate other Sony products simultaneously.

The majority are as standard with all televisions these days but you’ll find parental control, USB play and USB HDD recording with the usual on screen clock, sleep timer on off options and inbuilt electronic programming guide. This allows you to immediately access a TV listings guide if the ability is present in your country and location, which it is in the majority of developed countries.

The X9 Bravia Sync is also incorporated, a feature which works with a variety of Sony and other manufacturer products such as Handycam camcorder, Blu Ray disc players in operation with your Bravia TV remote control. Connect a cyber shot digital camera and instantly view videos and pictures stored on the screen. Bravia Sync is a fantastic ability allowing you to create connectivity between the latest devices on the market.

Picture and picture PAP is variable, a 2K skin naturaliser, 2K panorama complete with Sony Bravia X9 iManual and a multi language display. There is also an on screen display for external input which come sin handy when making attachments. The built in tuners are all modern with digital terrestrial, satellite, cable, C+ and analogue if still in existence in your country.

In Europe energy saving is an obviously great selling point. The Sony X9 has a B energy rating label and a power consumption measuring 155 W and annual energy consumption of 215 kWh. For additional information there is also a power saving mode, dynamic backlight control and scene optimised energy saving with light sensor.

For a phenomenal television and the latest 4K Ultra HD TV and one of the best yet Sony Bravia X9 ranges to be released. Invest in the future of cinematic film and home connectivity with the Sony KD55X9005 and Sony KD65X9005 Bravia televisions. Once this is installed in pride and place of your living room the audio and visual experience of the Sony X9 Bravia will have you tingling from head to tow. View the Sony Bravia X9 here.

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