Novelty Wine Bottle Holders And Magic Chain Wine Bottle Holder

Every kitchen in every home across the world at some point in their life will have a novelty item that will last years. It may be a novelty wine bottle holder or a novelty tea cosy or tea towel but it’s these quirky items which add personality to our homes.

Come on, it’s time to confess. If you haven’t got a funny man pulling a cart, a drunk chef on his back (I’m not talking about your husband or wife!) or piggies and drunk sailors carrying your weekly wine bottle, then you’re either very boring or have no sense of humour!

Arguably this is an individual sense of humour that not everyone will get. Some wine bottle holders can be aesthetically pleasing, others verge on the nuttier side with bare arsed chefs and topless women but that’s at the extreme end. As a tease some are even famously called magic chain wine bottle holders and we will tell you more about these in a moment.

Invariably these little gadgets are picked up on holiday or while shopping as basket fillers and found funny at the time but somehow end up in the kitchen for donkeys (years on end). Embarrassing home owners and providing a chuckle to guests.

Wooden, synthetic and metal wine bottle holders, wine racks and combined wine glass and novelty wine bottle holders are an essential part of any home that has been lived in for a while. After a certain duration that bottle simply needs a place to live inbetween pouring.

There are a great variety of shoe wine bottle holders and stiletto wine bottle holders but that’s just the tip of iceberg. No matter your kitchen design, you can go Egyptian, country style or turn to nature with animal figurines and mermaids.

Single Wine Bottle Holders And Novelty Wine Bottle Holders

The novelty wine holder has been a bastion of silliness for at least the last century. In the past the upper classes had a hold on wine consumption. While lower classes would visit the pub or by cheap wine, Lords and ladies would create whole cellars for their wine collections with oversized wine racks.

It’s an entirely different scenario today however. Novelty single wine bottle holders adorn every home and kitchen the world over. Not only do they keep your wine bottle safe from knocks but they provide a feature for your kitchen work top.

If you’re straight laced then you may well opt for a simple wooden or metal wine rack, though we’re very sure a great many people seek out funny and sillier items such as cheap novelty wine bottle holders and magic chain wine bottle holders.

Some wine bottle holders make for great cheap wine holder gifts all year round. They can be both small and large and are inherently based on characters we associate with food or drink.

Like the chef on a bicycle bottle bottle holder, complete with grapes and cart. Another features a pair of chefs on bicycles carting the bottle around your kitchen.

Two other funny designs of novelty wine bottle holders show two piggies in suits carrying wine after escaping the farmer’s market and then the farmer wine bottle holder pulling the wine bottle in the back of the cart – obviously he drank some as he lost the piggies. See, novelty bottle holders to compliment your sense of humour are everywhere.

Wine Bottle Holders Metal, Wood And Synthetic And Then Some

I’ll get to the magic chain wine bottle holder in a second. The variety of bottle holders we have found come in a range of colours and materials. Some wooden wine bottle holders are best suited to the associated characters, farmers and trees.

While synthetic bottle holders allow for more colourful and quirky imagination such as the pigs for example. Meanwhile metal wine bottle holders provide a much better setting for showing off mermaids or swans.

These metal mermaid wine bottle holders are of the finest quality and will last a long time and while not quite on the novelty side, are still a great accompaniment to showcase wine within current kitchen décor.

Some holders like the synthetic peacock novelty wine bottle holder comes equipped with a shelf for several glasses. There really is a great range of novelty items for your kitchen if you care to look long enough with inspirational designs to make you laugh for years to come.

Now For The Novelty Magic Chain Wine Bottle Holders

If you thought your missus cooking was the only magical thing in the kitchen, it’s time for a rethink. There exists in the ether a world of magic which occasionally breaks into our own dimension. I’m certain it’s so fairies and trolls can make a little money off of humans.

They have devised several ways to sell their magical merchandise, one by product of their talents may well be the magic chain wine bottle holder. Can you figure out how the wine bottle is held in place?

View the image above and tell me you are not merely amazed but stupefied by how the magic chain wine bottle works. Try it with your bike lock or dog’s collar and see if you can pull off the same feat. (Best not!)

The magic chain wine bottle holder uses a sprinkle of pixie dust, which casts a magic spell over the metal chain. The chain rises up from the floor to grip any bottle by its neck and suspends it in mid air. Incredible!

You don’t believe me!?! I’m staggered. Buy the magic chain wine bottle holder and see it in action for yourself. But be careful, from time to time, the pixies visit to take a sip of the wine inside or at least that’s what my Dad tells Mum when it begins to empty.

Whether your sense of humour needs a top up or your bottle needs a home, view a great variety of novelty wine bottle holders and wine racks plus a variety of novelty bottle stoppers, bottle openers, cork screws and wine shelves here.