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Buying art can be an expensive business and the traditional method of purchasing recognised art has changed completely with the internet constantly evolving. Now you don’t need to go through a gallery to view up and coming works. Nor do artists need a specialist and connections to get their art known. With Artfinder discount codes both sides are enabled to meet and even haggle on the final price if need be as you are buying direct.

For a long time now, buying art from a general public perspective has been about rich people attending auctions and outbidding on the latest Picasso to come to market. Or the middle classes opting for a Limited Edition print or reprint of a photograph that may have been signed. There is something for everyone and all budgets but did you consider buying an original painting instead?

From an unknown, no less? Do you need to be lectured to so as to appreciate art? After all, we’re forever being formed that art is all about the individual perspective. Do we need to be told what we should actually be seeing, that the picture of the boat sinking is actually a euphemism for the decay of society and political suicide of sleeping with a reporter? No I didn’t think so! Make best use of the Artfinder voucher codes and make your own mind up about the scenes pictured!

Now I’m all for reprints of famous photographs and paintings. No matter whether they are cheap prints or limited edition and high quality there is a certain element of work which goes into the finishing of printing. Whether that’s linocuts, etchings or screenprints. The quality of paper used is also important as is the final frame. It’s a bit hit and miss when it comes to pricing however as the artist levies the fee themselves.

Their work their price, the fortunate effect of the internet however is that they don’t wish to go all their lives living like a pauper like many historic masters before them. Making money after dying is not the aim I’m sure. With Artfinder promo codes and deals in hand, either for whole site, particular product or for an individual artist’s collection, you’re sure to get a better deal on the best art you can find. View the latest Artfinder offers below.

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One of my favourite departments at this online art retailer is the original paintings section. Now if you can blind side the paintings that cost £3 million or are above £100,000 and £10,000 – unless you can afford Squillions of course! Then you’ll find some very beautiful and unique paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolours encompassing such topics as nudes, floral, landscapes and nature. Imagine using a 10% Artfinder voucher code on a million pound art purchase. Crazy!

They are there if you look for them and have the money to invest. Many people forget to consider that art is indeed an investment. Like precious metals and jewels, property, art is also a very worthwhile place to keep your money for decades to come, even when passing down through the generations. There are over 5000 independent artists online here from over 100 countries, do you have the keen eye to pick out one that will hit the big time proper?

If you had bought a Banksy ‘Banksy’ before he was Banksy… Spain’s very own Jose Higuera, a figurative oil painter extraordinaire with original paintings such as Summer 2015, has one offs that sell in the region of 10k. But then there’s Emma Cownie who is Swansea based, with her very delicious and electable originals of Fish and Chips and Pie shop oil paintings that retail for £500. Several of which are discounted without the need for Artfinder coupon codes.

It would be impossible to list all 5000 artists on this one page, I would suggest you browse the artist category and the other drop down menus of printmaking, photography and painting for ideas and to unearth the art you prefer. Talking of photographic prints, the world around us is constantly moving yet there are exceptional people with a camera in hand that manage to capture the moment in amazing detail.

Search for black and white photos, colour photography, those which are manipulated, stills, real life, surreal and cityscapes with a wide variety of portrait photographs too you’ll be kept very busy. the latest Artfinder deals and offers are usually valid all year round but pay close to attention to the terms, end dates and validity of the offer. They could be artist centric or for free delivery on a certain amount spent.

It’s refreshing to come across this kind of online art retailer. Bringing buyers, both avid and amateur and allowing them to mingle directly with the artists themselves. Not only locally but bringing talent from a global presence to a global audience. Don’t make me paint by numbers, get yourself over to the website with code in hand and save Squillions with the Artfinder discount codes April 2020. Don’t forget a frame!

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