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I can’t vouch for these products as I haven’t tried them. I will however promote their offerings to you. Why? Because I believe we are all individuals requiring different intakes and exercise regimes to maintain a balanced and fit body and the results from any recommended diet will vary. I will also throw a few Exante Diet discount codes your way to allow you to trial their range at a lesser cost.

Firstly about me. Some people require motivational aids, videos, classes or the gym to lose weight, let’s face it food is dressed up and looks appetising once prepared and on the shelf at a supermarket or on the menu in a restaurant. We fall for good looking food that perhaps has a ton of sugar and salt in which takes a year of running to burn off. We are only human. I on the other hand did the following for six months.

Stopped drinking beer, stopped smoking, jogged for 45 minutes three times a week, ate fruit and yoghurt in the morning, five veg and tuna for lunch and ice cream and fruit for dinner. Every day for 180 days! I lost five stone in six months. But I was in love, that’s motivation. If you’re stuck in a 9 to 5 job, miserable and like your pizzas and ice cream to make you happy, then you definitely need something like the Exante Diet.

This online meal replacement diet company makes changing from your sugar and fat laden food much easier to do. It took me some time to reduce that lunchtime plate of pork pie, scotch egg, chicken, salad dressing to five raw veg and tuna. It didn’t happen on the first day. With Exante Diet voucher codes the entry cost is lower and you will be astounded by the lesser calorie intake and lack of motivation or will power required to stay on it.

Just look at the website. Forget all the information about dieting at first look, as it will be mind blowing and simply navigate straight to the shop. Then click on the individual products such as Banana Shake, Pasta Carbonara, Thai chicken soup, Exante Diet Gooey Chocolate Pudding and the diet pizza mix and tell me you don’t ooze and moan for the pleasure of these arriving on your doorstep!

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While I lost five stone, I did put some back on – it happens, life happens. But imagine if I had taken a longer term view of simple weight loss with a meal replacement diet instead. Perhaps I’d have lost the other three stone I wish to lose a lot earlier.

After looking through more of the meal options, weigh up the costs against your weekly shop. I’m pretty sure it should work out cheaper and in the rare instance that it doesn’t, look at it as an investment to a fitter and brighter future. Your current fat addled body is less likely to succumb to an heart attack if you shed the several stone hanging from your bony frame.

The website states that “Exante is a total meal replacement based on very low calorie or a low calorie diet consisting of varied meals, shakes, bars and soups that provide 100% of your recommended daily intake of minerals and vitamins while allowing for a calorie shortfall.” I can’t argue with that, they have done all the measuring for you.

One last thing before we get to the wealth of information on offer to their customers, view above for the latest Exante Diet voucher codes and you’ll see that even as a fully signed up customer, you can benefit from regular promotional offers and deals. That’s key to keeping you on board, but honestly if the meal replacement diet is working for you, the weight machine and reflection in the mirror will tell its own story.

Dieting isn’t rocket science, so don’t let all the mumbo jumbo fool you. If you’re eating 2500 calories a day while sitting down 9 to 5 at a desk, you are going to put on weight. Naturally if you only consume 1500 calories a day, you’re going to halt that and begin to lose some. This is what they offer, the chance to measure your intake with attractive desirable food delivered to your door.

I’m not going to sit here and write about all their free delivery options (well I might later) or repeat the advice and info on their website, because there is tonnes of it. From support groups, forum, interaction with others, you’ll be constantly motivated to achieve your weight loss aims. And the Exante Diet voucher codes will certainly assist in that process.

They also realise that no two of their customers have the same DNA. Which is why they offer several diets which you can choose from. Personally, I’d go to the doctor first and get a few suggestions, you can even take tests on your metabolism and the exercise you should take to aid in losing weight while partaking in this meal replacement diet.

So read their blog, read the reviews and success stories and have a look at the variety of meal replacement diets that they recommend. Browse the Exante Diet shop for all the wonderful calorie counted goodies and read all the gumph in the how to section. Then save Squillions with your Exantediet discount codes April 2020.

Remember I lost five stone in six months as had my own motivation. I ate boring uncooked fresh veg daily with a helping of tuna, and morning and evening treats of low fat ice cream and yoghurt and as much low calorie fruit as I wanted when hungry. All while jogging 45 minutes three times a week for six months. I am pretty sure that if you exercise and follow their meal replacement diet plans that you can lose weight too but remember, we are all made different and motivation is key to success.

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