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Lipivir discount codes enable you to get a bargain on the world’s first proven coldsore prevention cream. Up until now many people have had to endure coldsores and remedy the affliction during the onset or in the aftermath. But not now Lipivir has arrived on the scene.

While the coldsore prevention cream is new to the UK market (2014) it has been widely available in Germany in Switzerland. The stats for this awkward affliction, which causes dry spots around the mouth are staggering. Caused by the Herpes virus millions of people experience coldsores annually.

There are a smaller subset, though a significant portion in the hundreds of thousands in the UK that will have coldsores at least three times a year. For these people Lipivir voucher codes can save them money on a cream that may well benefit them greatly. Coldsores are eyesores, they cause people to cover up, stay inside and kissing is an absolutely no no until cleared up.

Up to 85% of any country’s population carry the herpes virus. Even if not active it remains dormant until a point where the individual’s body reacts and a coldsore occurs. Either from food, an irritant or simply interaction with another person. Is the threat of getting coldsores a reason to buy a cream and use it daily to prevent an occurrence?

The majority of people may not think so right now, but not unlike anti ageing creams and other hair products which are shown to aid in vitality over time, this may well change. For those people who do experience coldsores on a frequent basis, Lipivir promo codes may well be their saviour. No more staying in, that tingling sensation may never arise and ten days of hell will not need to be endured.

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A standard tube of the coldsore prevention cream can last up to ten weeks when applied daily. One dab around the mouth, alongside any chosen make up and as they say, prevention is better than a cure. At under £15 a tube, what cost beauty and a fresh face when up against a coldsore invasion?

Most people are fortunate in that those facial blisters don’t plague their life. As humans we carry many different strains that remain dormant for years. But 33% of the UK population suffer from coldsores regularly, that’s over 15 million adults. There are regularly updated offers of Lipivir voucher codes to save on multiple purchases.

While there are a great many creams to apply to help coldsores clear up quicker, this Lipivir coldsore cream actually works to prevent such a stain on your face from ever occurring. Save Squillions with your Lipivir discount codes April 2020 here. The world’s first coldsore prevention cream.

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