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What do you mean, who is Bill Nicholls? Bill is a legend in distance learning education online. He set up and offers UK Open College voucher codes so you can get courses cheaper online. Based in Birmingham and in operation since 2006, this specialist course provider delivers tuition to students around the world.

That’s the magic of learning subjects online. You can be anywhere in the world and still log in and gain qualifications that are recognised on the world stage of employment. Stuck in the Philippines or Bangkok? Or even stuck on the Isle of White, simply sign up and you could be graduating with full honours and a proper internet prom at the end of it.

Let’s face it. In the modern age it is inconceivable to hang up your work shoes and don a Harry potter cloak and enrol at your local college. Bills need paying, lifestyles are busy and even taking a part time course requires leaving work early and travelling time. This is the main reason the UK is currently seeing a boom in home learning. That coupled with UK Open College discounts lowering the cost of entry.

There’s no two ways about it. Adding further qualifications to your CV helps and doesn’t hinder your career prospects. Of course there is such a thing as being over qualified but if a human resources manager can’t see beyond the end of their nose. You should apply your knowledge with a company that deserves you!

Being such fans of discount codes and as you’re seeking them out too. Allow me to inform you of something really special that is on offer alongside your UK Open College promo code. that’s right, yet more promotions, deals and offers. UKOC are head and shoulders above their competitors and offer every student who pays in full, access to an NUS Extra card.

Who’d have though a distance learning course could have so many benefits. Consider the amount of money you are about to spend on clothes, days out and insurance. Then compare this with the cost of the course you are about to take. Odds on you will probably save with an NUS Extra card as much as you are paying for an online course. That’s the biggest enticement to study you will ever receive!

home Study Courses however are not a cinch or foregone conclusion. While the environment is completely in your control, for a lot of people that can mean a loss of motivation. You will have expert tutors at hand and receive feedback on all assignments and coursework. But ultimately it is you yourself who has to knuckle down and study and stay the course. Your UK Open College deal, together with NUS Extra card is only the beginning of the roller-coaster.

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So far we have sold you on expert tuition, an introductory discount and ongoing discounts with the NUS Extra card. We have touched on the fact that qualifications lead to better rewards. Employers tend to offer pay rises to those who home study to help them perform better or win promotion through the ranks. They may even pay for the course if you ask nicely and point out how much more useful you will be.

Then there are the opportunities. Especially if you are stuck on the shop or picking in a warehouse. Contemplate the future. Within one year you could have learned knowledge about an entirely new field. With just one UK Open College voucher code you’ve gone from Asda to leading a team to success in another company. Distance learning is about self motivation and realising the dream.

Am I too old? Yes I left school at sixteen as well. I didn’t like school and sitting in a classroom again terrifies me. So home study and online distance learning might be your thing. You’re never too old to learn a new subject or area of interest. Whether it is for personal contentment or for a better living wage. Learn in your own time, create your own schedule, manage the children, grand children and gain a certificate or award that is recognisable on an international scale.

Many tradesmen and office workers in certain industries are required to take a form of continual professional development. It’s a way of topping up on knowledge in an arena that is constantly changing or updating with new techniques. The UK Open College offers CPD course to help you meet those renewal deadlines, as well as boost your knowledge curve.

There are hundreds of course to choose from, across many sectors. Business, Accounting, Teaching and Dog Grooming. With A Levels, BTEC HNDs and specific industry accolades. As the website states ‘Open the door of opportunity’ and save Squillions with your UK Open College discount codes September 2018 here. Don’t forget to pay in full and receive your NUS Extra card.

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