Office Supplies At Tottenham Court Road Siege

The news channels across the world tuned in, from CNN to the BBC, Europe, Asia and the Americas to hold their viewer’s gaze with an unravelling potentially disastrous drama unfolding on the streets of London, but not for long.

While reporters queried and pondered if a suicide bomber was hurling office equipment out of a storied building in central London, viewers quickly educated themselves that this was not the behaviour of a well thought out Al Queada plot to litter the streets with pens, rulers and sharp edged A4 paper.

This was more Staples than nail bombs, more Office Stationery than stationed officers, although the police were there in the hundreds for a few hours alongside firearms teams, chemical experts and hoards of local bobbies. The surrounding area and two tube stations were shut in case a printer cartridge escaped and caused havoc in London town.

It’s so very sad to see a man driven to extreme actions due to a lack of faith and belief in life and in themselves, we’ve all come to a point where we’ve almost given up. However businesses nationwide who may fear similar actions on their premises need not fear as we have the perfect solution if your office supplies get chucked out of the window on to the streets below.

With the Kensington Desktop PC Lock Kit from Office Stationery you need never worry about your computer equipment, laptops, servers or filing cabinets ending up on Tottenham Court Road ever again, for the price of a KFC value bucket you’ll be licking your fingers at how cool you kept your office with this beauty of a preventative measure.

Already been hit by a random office equipment and office stationery raider? Never fear, refill your office supplies at Office Stationery today!

*Note: I’ve been a little crazy and the best way to deal with that is to be a little humorous, we at Squillions hope the man in question gets all the help he needs to lead a normal life, we all need a little help from time to time.