Orbit Fabric And Leather Armchairs At Darlings Of Chelsea

Space, the final frontier. In a world where you can fill every nook and cranny with stuff and more stuff, there is something to be said for the minimalist approach. Orbit chairs are all about space. Personal space and offering a centrepiece in your living room or conservatory that is simply to be admired.

This is a chair made for relaxation, and just for you. Nobody else. It’s possible you could fit two and a loving embrace between couples but no. This is the ultimate in luxury tub chairs. For the person that wishes to share their room but not their seat. You could buy two and even up the greed a little. But even then, doesn’t that spoil the me, me, me factor?

The Orbit armchair rocks and I mean that literally. Coming in three variations, without rock, with rock and manual recline and in an electric recliner version, your comfort is catered for in every aspect. Who says that gentle rock motion should end when you’ve given up nappies? Rekindle that feeling with a little expense and at around £1500 it’s certainly not a cheap Orbit chair.

Once in position you are seated 45cm off the floor and surrounded by cushioning to your back, head, sides, arms and when in recline, your calves are subtly comforted by yet more cushioning. With a width of 102cm and a depth of at approximately 65cm you are provided enough room to sprawl to your heart’s content. Whether reading a book or watching the latest film. Or for that matter, just taking a quick snooze.

Built with a solid wood frame and manufactured in the UK, you can rock yourself to sleep or simply manoeuvre into electric recliner mode and escape from the world and take a journey to the ultimate comfort zone. The fun doesn’t stop there however. While there are three colours of fabric shown in these images, at Darlings of Chelsea you can tailor your Orbit Chair in any number of materials.

Select the Orbit fabric armchair and are offered the choice of monotone or detailed colourful fabrics. Buy the leather Orbit chair and your swatches double in choice, from vibrant reds and greens to pale shades of blues and browns. Of course it’s a personal choice but we feel this supremely luxurious tub chair is not for the corner of the room.

It’s a chance to clear out the living room, plonk it in front of bay window overlooking the garden or right in front of the television and make the living room all yours. After installation, simply buy a couple of beanbags or cushions and allow your visitors or the rest of the family to find their own space on the floor.

All the while they will admire and respect you, lounging away with your feet up, rocking slowly to the beat of the music being played in the room. Forget everyone else, forget the world outside, buy into a luxury Orbit armchair that offers self satisfaction, personal downtime, relaxation and show the world, it really is all about you! View the Orbit Chair or check for Darlings of Chelsea discount codes here.