Outdoor LED Flood Lighting And LED Flood Lights

If you’re in the market for outdoor LED flood lighting, then it’s worth considering a few facts to help you settle in and make the correct decision about outdoor LED flood lights and other garden LED lighting. For example, high power LED flood lights means exactly the opposite. And 100w equivalent LEDs lights are actually 10w in consumption. Energy efficiency all begins with the LED chip.

It’s a worrying statistic than many small businesses currently over spend by hundreds of pounds, perhaps thousands more on their yearly electricity bill than they really need to. Consider that a big business such as a supermarket may overspend by tens of thousands annually and you start to understand the bigger changes that LED lighting and indeed outdoor LED flood lighting can have on society.

We term it as over spending because the technically advanced lighting equipment like outdoor LED flood lighting, high bay LED lighting and normal household LED light bulbs are there to save you a tidy packet already. Pretty much every single incandescent bulb, halogen bulb or fluorescent tube can be switched to an LED chip enabled bulb or LED based unit.

Changing Old Lighting To Indoor And Outdoor LED Flood Lighting

With home owners, on average, 25% of their electricity bill is for lighting alone. For businesses that percentage increases vastly. There are many ways we are told we can save money but calculating the energy savings and energy efficiency of each of the options can be a tedious task but one that is well worth the hassle. I’m sure once you begin switching over your existing flood lights to outdoor LED flood lighting it will be one of the best decisions you’ll make all year.

Alongside changing incandescent light bulbs for LED bulbs and utilising outdoor LED flood lighting instead of simply replacing another traditional bulb you will be driving down the carbon emissions of your company too. Incandescent bulbs which only last 2000 hours and cost you 90% more in energy consumption in comparison to a 90% saving on energy use with an LED flood light or LED based garden light, also saves money when offsetting your business carbon footprint for tax issues.

Outdoor LED Flood Lighting Is Energy Efficient And A Bright Idea

If you’re a home owner then switching to outdoor LED flood lighting to replace existing security flood lights or garden LED lighting is an easy decision. While the LED technology can only get better as the years go by, you’re investing in a technology that will pay for itself within the year thanks to the LED flood lighting being so energy efficient.

As a business your needs are similar but may wonder about a variety of other issues, the brightness of light, knowing full well that fluorescent lighting offered energy savings but not the greatest natural illumination. There’s also the work environment, safety and maintenance of the outdoor LED flood lighting units.

Use an energy savings calculator online to help you figure out how much you could save by using outdoor LED flood lights over your existing units. Factor in that the outdoor LED flood lights are built to last the duration of the chip and you’ll soon find that even with an initial outlay,you’ll probably recoup your money within the first year. For a home owner that exceptionally good,for a business that’s pure profit 19 years in advance.

Outdoor LED Flood Lighting is technologically advanced. There’s no room for screw in bulbs, it’s the LED chips that do all of the work and these are embedded in the flood lights themselves. Flood lights often come with a second power supply in the form of solar panels, doubling your energy saving and lowering your reliance on electricity.

The lighting supplied by LED flood lights is also on a par and in some cases brighter than that of an equivalent flood light unit. A 30w flood light will offer 300w of equivalent incandescent light and the chip doesn’t heat up like old filament bulbs either so if you’re green and eco friendly too, you’ll understand that less heat means less carbon too.

The only problem with buying into and switching over from old flood lights to new outdoor LED flood lighting and external LED flood lights is the energy it will take to switch them over. And if you’re not too keen on buying entirely new flood light equipment, consider trying out LED flood light bulbs to see the initial savings that are to be made. Buy outdoor LED flood lighting here and compare against Pagazzi discount codes.