Outdoor LED Flood Lights PIR Flood Lighting

Technologically advanced Outdoor LED Flood lights serve several purposes once installed. They protect and offer security lighting either continually or with PIR floodlights and passive infra red sensors. PIR can enable LED lights to switch on automatically when triggered by your return or by a trespasser.

Outdoor LED flood lights can be used for both home owners and businesses. Whether your staff are working late at night or you’re throwing a party in the garden, LED flood lights enable you to save hundreds to thousands of pounds a year. All thanks to the energy efficient floodlight’s use of low energy LED chips and LED light bulbs.

LEDs have come a long way since the electronics classes we enjoyed in the 1980s and 90s. Today LEDs lights are minuscule and high powered, not the little bulbs we lit up for projects in Science. Today’s LEDs are chip led and embedded in casings such as flood lights and bulbs replacing the normal methods of screw tip bulbs and filaments that have been in use for a century. Buy LED floodlights.

Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs And Outdoor LED Floodlights

The reason for buying into outdoor LED floodlights is twofold, the energy savings you will make will see your electricity bills fall by up to 90%. Secondly you can upgrade and replace your current flood lights with Floodlights designed for direct LED use maximising the power of the LEDs lights which are sold as one piece with casing and a new power unit.

While we recommend buying new outdoor LED floodlights for your home or business. You can still buy replacement LED light bulbs for your existing flood light units. The comparison is easy when purchasing, you simply buy the same type bulb as you’re currently using, i.e. E27 simply buy an E27 LED bulb instead to fit your floodlight or a more energy efficient GU10 LED light bulb.

Exterior LED flood lights come in a range of sizes, in differing colours, with different power sources, solar and electricity and with or without PIR. The selection of outdoor LED floodlights and flood lighting for security as well as normal night use is much wider and LED energy saving floodlights encompass more of the floodlight market than ever before.

Whether you’re looking to invest in energy saving LED flood lights for the garden or for a car park or loading bay for your business, when it comes to energy efficient flood lights, outdoor LED flood lights have all the benefits. LEDs shine ten times brighter than their equivalent filament bulb which means you can use less energy to power the flood lights you need for business or your home. You can even save by using LED Hut voucher codes here.

Understanding Outdoor LED Flood Lights Watts Versus Traditional

A 50w flood light with LED will deliver 500 watts of traditional light bulb power and last for up to 50,000 hours using up to 90% less energy. So with outdoor LED flood lights you’re saving money from the second they’re installed. There are 10w LED floodlights, 30w LED floodlights, 40w and 50w floodlights that all shine ten times brighter and re the equivalent of 100w, 300w, 400w and 500w floodlights.

The best LED flood lights are energy efficient, energy saving and easy on your pocket with whole flood light units costing from £25, the initial outlay is covered by the savings on electricity bills thanks to energy saving LED flood lights. Outdoor LED floodlights have a wide beam, use the same voltage albeit some take advantage of a solar power unit which provides even more energy savings and are both dimmable and PIR activated. Buy LED floodlights here.