Outdoor Led Floodlights Low Energy LED Light Bulbs

As winter starts to take its toll you’re probably finding it a little difficult to make full use of the garden after 6pm. Outdoor LED floodlights and spotlights are a great solution when it comes to solving garden lighting problems cheap and effectively.

For years government and energy companies have been highlighting the waste of the more traditional incandescent light bulbs and Squillions tends to agree. The only problem with low energy LED light bulbs is in the initial cost of buying into the product.

Depending on which end of the Squillions barometer you’re at. There are two ways of looking at this relatively new but growing SSL technology. An incandescent light bulb today can offer up to 750 hours of service.

Compare this with low energy LED light bulbs used in outdoor LED floodlights and spotlights and a 50,000 hour life and you start to realise that an investment in energy saving led lights is better acted upon sooner rather than later.

LightRabbit and LED Hut with LEDHut discount codes are specialists in the LEDlight bulb market and have a range of energy saving outdoor led floodlights and LED spotlights for the garden to ensure you’re not ending up in the bushes when night falls.

LED lighting for the garden is also extremely powerful and can offer greater wattage over a wider area than any other like for like product, albeit halogen. If saving money isn’t enough on replacement light bulbs every year and ensuring your C02 footprint is lowered, then consider the effect on your electricity bill.

Depending on your nocturnal habits, your outside LED floodlights and garden lighting spotlights could be on for a few hours a day. A traditional lightbulb for the garden could be 250w which can burn a hell of a lot of KWH of electricity a year, whereas using outdoor led spotlights and flood light you will only use a tenth of that power in most cases.

While the entry cost to LED lighting for the garden is higher, you’re likely to only replace any chips or led bulbs between eight years and twenty years. Compare that to the money you’re spending on incandescent light bulbs and the cost of electricity and you start to see the savings.

But are outdoor flood lights and garden LED spotlights any good? Whether indoors or outside the answer is a resounding yes. Take for instance the 40w LED flood light from Light Rabbit. Its wattage is 40w but in comparison to an incandescent light bulb the light emitted is equivalent to 500 watts. Quite amazing no!?!

It’s not just the low energy LED light bulbs but the technology and product that houses them. LED flood lights are very functional and will last a lifetime.

Until of course the next generation tech is released. Waterproof, durable in all weathers with a glass face ensuring a maximum clear beam. In-particular the LED Floodlight 40w product is housed in a steel casing and powered by a 50 Watt high LED Chip. Currently the highest standard.

1. LightRabbit Outdoor LED Flood Lights 40W 500W

If you’re looking to replace your outdoor lighting, then look no further then this most specialist of outdoor LED floodlights. This unit uses up to 90% less energy than older outdoor lighting.

The chip inside has a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours and uses 40w but has an equivalent traditional light bulb wattage of 500W. Incredible. Encased in steel and glass. Buy here.

2. Garden LED Spotlights RGB 60 Degree Beam Angle

If outdoor floodlights have too much beam, then consider these outdoor LED spotlights from Light Rabbit. Fully RGB – which means lovely rainbow colour effects for your garden, it has a 60 degree beam angle.

Waterproof and durable, the unit’s LED chip again has a 50,000 hour life, is encased in stainless steel and glass and comes complete with a wireless controller. Not forgetting it’s 9w which in incandescent terms is a 100w light bulb. Outdoor LED lights really are low energy LED light bulbs. Buy here.

3. Outdoor LED Solar Powered Low Energy Garden Light

This cheap and cheerful outdoor LED light is so cheap you’re going to wonder how they did it. Currently under a tenner this low energy solar powered garden light needs no electricity. Simply fix to any wall or external feature and let the sun do its work.

For those who don’t required outdoor LED floodlights then the garden LED light will light up any porch, back door or garden entry. Even the garden shed. Buy.

4. High Powered F50 Outdoor LED Flood Lights 50W

The second outdoor LED flood light featured is this F50 Flood Light from LightRabbit. Available in a cool white or warm white beam, it has a 500w light and a 5mm glass front. No plastic filter on this beauty of an outdoor LED floodlight. Buy here.

Input 240v Lumens 4500 Power 50w = 500w old.

5. Multi Colour- Digital LED Flexible Strip Lights

I remember electronics classes as a teen and playing with LEDs back then but they didn’t look anything like they do now. A chain of fluorescent chains enable this digital LED strip light to glow in all the colours of the rainbow. Perfect outdoors, in the garden or for night clubs and bars.

View the video below to witness similar amazing¬†Multi Colour Digital LED Flexible Strip Lights in action. I don’t proclaim to know how they work but whether for business or in the home, these strip lights are fantastic. Buy here.

The outdoor LED floodlights and spotlights featured here are just the tip of the iceberg. If you wish to save yourself Squillions on the cost of replacement light bulbs and save energy and cut your electricity bills, then you’re heading in the right direction. Energy saving is fun! Visit Light Rabbit for more info. And check for the latest Light Rabbit discount codes here.