Oyster Cytrac DXA 85 Vision Auto Satellite TV Caravan System

For the ultimate in Satellite Caravan systems you can’t go far wrong when installing one of the many Oyster satellite systems for motorhomes. We take a butchers at the Oyster Cytrac DX Premium Auto Satellite, Oyster 85 Premium Auto Satellite TV Antenna, Oyster 85 Vision Automatic 85cm Satellite TV Antenna and Oyster Cytrac DXA Vision Automatic Flat Satellite TV Antennas. Which can be viewed in full here.

They don’t come cheap but what price the cost of missing Eastenders or the latest episode of Corrie while travelling around Europe? We all enjoy our creature comforts and after all the caravan is a home from home. When you first make the decision to buy a camper van or caravan there are a variety of reasons for pursuing such a past time. The freedom on the road, the ability to pitch up almost anywhere overnight. As well as travelling across Europe, Africa, Arabia and the UK under your own steam. But we simply can’t leave behind what we love the most.

There’s a reason motorhome owners aren’t buying a tent instead or investing in cagoules and traversing mountains. Mud, rain, leaking canvass, while caravanners enjoy the outdoors, there’s a limit to how involved with nature we wish to remain come the end of the day. Fitting out motorhomes with a Satellite TV Caravan system seems obvious. The Oyster Cytrac satellites and Oyster 85 vision make travelling with a television viable.

Choosing Between Oyster Cytrac DXA And Oyster 85 Vision

Especially considering the technology already installed. Such as a three piece suite, power shower, luxury bed, state of the art cooker hobs and microwave. Not forgetting the very expensive awnings that enables you to get closer to nature but expand the roofing to ensure you’re not open to the elements. What better way to relax after being on the road all day or taking part in that adventurous activity, than taking in a re-run of Only Fools And Horses on UK Gold or the latest news broadcast.

With both the Oyster Cytrac satellite and Oyster 85 Vision you are able to operate the satellite in automatic mode. You don’t need to climb atop your caravan and manoeuvre the dish to the correct angle for reception or unfold the dish before viewing. Everything is automated and all designs go flat after use at the press of a button. Though these are fantastic features, the picture quality is what matters.

There are of course different sizes of dishes and alternative qualities, for instance Twin LNB which stands for low-noise block down converter, ensures that the lower frequency is maximised offering a much better picture quality. Without this, weaker signals and the further you travel from a merry go round earth orbiting satellite, results in a lesser quality picture. So when buying the Oyster Cytrac DXÂ Vision Automatic Flat Satellite TV Antenna Twin LNB, it’s the quality of reception and distance of ability that you are shelling out for.

Being twin allows you to watch from two television sets at the same time, so even when away from home, your children can watch their own television, while the adults tune into their own downtime. Obviously you still need to have relative satellite subscriptions if you wish to watch Freeview or Sky. Twin LNB will allow you to use recording functions while watching a programme on the same television set or without twin, you can make use of a splitter.

Being a satellite and television company. Oyster sell their own range of televisions and equipment which enable the whole process to be automatic. In fact, as soon as you turn the ignition off automatic Satellite caravan systems will go from flat to upright. Though this function can be disabled. If you buy an Oyster Cytrac package or Oyster 85 vision satellite bundle containing an Avtex television, then all you need do is utilise the search function and the television will set up the channels itself.

You may have read that you need a huge dish to receive when travelling across Europe. This isn’t especially true of all requirements, two metre dishes are not only huge but expensive too. To receive both UK Spot Beam and Pan European beam you need only the Oyster Cytrac DX Premium, DXA or Oyster 85 vision caravan satellite. These come in 56cm and 85cms and are more than adequate for viewing across Southern Europe and into the Middle East should you venture that far.

While Southern France and Italy may have the kind of holiday weather you are seeking out, you have to get there first. That means driving through wet and windy London and Paris before you reach your destination. That’s why when installing an Oyster Satellite you can rely on quality craftsmanship and a well made product that protects the unit against all weathers. For instance, a reliable design with PC-ASA plastic that resists hail and a strengthened support arm offering protection against strong winds.

The Ultimate In Automatic Satellite TV Caravan Systems

If you like to travel all year round, then be reassured that the Oyster Cytrac satellite for caravans and Oyster 85 satellite for motorhomes are designed to be aerodynamic when on the move, water-repellent, have low air-resistance and ensures no parts freeze in the winter months. An important feature when you consider freezing rain and the minus Celsius mornings across Europe, especially the UK.

Depending on your budget you can spend as little as £1000 or upwards of £2500 for an automatic Satellite TV Caravan System. With LEM technology for faster search, intuitive operations which mean even Dad at sixty can set it up and fully automated aiming within 60 seconds. Pulling over at the service station to watch Eastenders while on the way to Rome is a breeze. You should of course ensure caravan insurance covers the satellite, as the warranty is only good for service and repair.

While being an English speaker you may want reception ability from the UK only, you can also take in satellite subscriptions and free to air channels from the country you are from. As well as from others across Europe. Though perhaps if you just want to watch telly all the time, you should stay at home… We are joking of course. Spending Squillions on a Satellite TV Caravan System is unnecessary. But do remember if you want the fastest set up, getting a tv bundle including the Avtex TV will offer exactly that option.

If you’re interested in advanced antenna technology, automatic motorhome satellite systems and wish to compare caravan satellite systems, view the satellite buying guide at Capital Outdoors. Make comparisons on the Oyster Cytrac DX Premium Auto Satellite, Oyster 85 Premium Auto Satellite TV Antenna, Oyster 85 Vision Automatic 85cm Satellite TV Antenna and Oyster Cytrac DXA Vision Automatic Flat Satellite TV Antennas here. If you’re looking to save a few pennies, you could also glance over the latest Capital Outdoors discount codes to see if there are any vouchers available.