Personalised I Love You Book Using Social Websites

How can anyone get fed up of Valentine’s Day? Chocolates, flowers and that’s it, job done surely! A quick tenner spent and love is guaranteed for another year…

Received the divorce papers yet? Herein lays 5 ways to say “I love you” in a book made by you in an extra special personalised I Love You Book using social websites.

I’m sure your partner loves the chocolates and the flowers look tasty but you know what a women really loves, an imagination. Showing that you have put thought into an idea to show your love on the day provides a real impression on Valentine’s Day proper!

Your loved one need not know how quick and easy it was to assemble the personalised I love you book. It really is simple though but you do need to order in advance as it takes several days for the printing order to go through.

You can create beautiful photo books with Blurb, a growing favourite amongst UK residents and an online photo book company used by many in Europe. It’s how Blurb works which is important, the ability to integrate your social website photos in one click, it’s amazing.

And after all, what says “love” more than a meticulously put together, and almost hand made book of all your time together – it’s going to go down a storm, a whirlwind of love all in a personalised love book.

Below, we have rustled up five different personalised love books that you can make with Blurb, one of the UK’s favourite online book company websites. Which sounds a bit tacky, but once you peruse their tools and offerings, we’re sure you’ll come close to agreeing.

Personalised Love Books With Instant Instagram Photo Books:

If you love Instagram, you’ll love this really simple way to make a personalised I love you book using social websites and of the photos you’ve taken with your loved one. By utilising Blurb, you can make a book with your Instagram photos in around the time it takes to boil an egg or three.

We all use instagram to showcase our best photos – and our worst, but why not use their simple online tool to pick and choose your favourite pictured moments with a loved one and publish them in a personalised love book for you and your girl or man to keep forever. Instagram photo books are so in! Insta-rt here.

Instant Facebook Photo Books With A Personalised I Love You Book

Ahh Facebook in a book, how clever is that? Flip “like” into “love.” Just as you did with your very own romance and pull all your Facebook photos into a book of your own making. The clever thing about Blurb’s Facebook book-making tool, is that it even pulls in the comments.

Thanks to the way Facebook Photo Books work in tandem with your account, you can easily manage an event and download all your loved one’s photos at the same time and comments. That way you can truly make a personalised I love you book from both perspectives, theirs and yours – how cute is that? Face it now.

Personalise Valentine’s Day With A Flickr Photo Book

It’s not just Facebook and Instagram that gets a look in, you can make a personalised I love you book from your Flickr photo collection online too. Simply dress up your photo with a few bits of commentary and ensure your book has a theme and hit publish.

Blurb has a wide range of fantastic templates in their Designer Collection that enables photos to be copied over from your computer, Flickr account, Instagram gallery or Facebook account and it’s fast and easy too. All the results can be sandwiched between 60 and 240 pages of your personalised love book. Get flicking.

Personalised Love Book In A Pocket Diary And Planners

What says more about the future, than remembering the past? Plan on love all over again and create a personalised I love you book in the form of a 2014 planner and pocket diary featuring both of your favourite photos from the previous years of love. These love book planners are also fantastic as anniversary gifts.

Laid out in a personalised love book with full calendar style. You can place photos throughout and even jot down important dates that mean so much to you both. The day you first kissed, the day you first argued, the day you first… well that’s for you and her. Plan your love here.

Your Very Own Personalised Love Note Book – In Your Face Lover!

For a spin on a notebook design and functionality why not make a personalised love notebook instead. Your partner can still make all the scribbles, doodles, notes and reminders that they need to, only dotted between the pages will be photos of you both, as well as a nice big graphic on the front of the notebook itself. Be noticed.

There are many more ways in which you can present a personalised I love you book using social websites. Simply let your imagination flow and combine them with the ideas on the Blurb website and you will get that Valentine’s Day photo book published in no time.

It’s worth noting however that personalised love photo books take a bit of care and attention before they can be presented, so be sure to order by the deadlines. Which for the UK is 4th February for Standard shipping and 6th February for Priority shipping.