Portable 360 Garden Igloo With PVC Cover

At Squillions we get to see a great many products come to market and the ones we like the best are items like the 360 degree portable garden igloo. Why? Because it is multi-purpose and being an Englishman, anything for the garden grabs my attention. As a nation we adore using the garden space for anything and everything.

If you are going to spend money on garden furniture or a cover for all year round, there are many options. Gazebos to garden houses, marquees for parties and the previous craze was the quite expensive garden pod. you’ll soon see why this PVC garden igloo gets a look in as one of this decades must have purchases.

Skip Article And Buy the PVC Garden Igloo

While it is priced around the £600 market, it’s ease of erection, portability and that it is made from recyclable materials makes it the ecologists choice. As a home owner you might consider that a greenhouse is food growing veg, a shed for tools, a garden pod for seating or a second home or office, but imagine that this garden igloo can be for all these functions and more.

You can say what you want about the Germans. But one thing you cannot take away from them or the designer of this garden housing, Cagla Alemdar (Turkish) is that their manufacturing base and ideas are always producing. Functional, inexpensive multi purpose items that are not only desirable but effective in their achievements.

I like the idea that I can have a covered outdoor space that isn’t permanent. Or at least while this see through garden dome can be a temporary installation and is a portable garden igloo. I can move it from the patio, to the grass, disassemble easily until the next season or simply buy a garden igloo cover for all year round use.


It can be used as a greenhouse, a gazebo or as a play room for your children in the sun or rain. Use as a conservatory addition or a tent to sleep in. Use any type of furniture inside or have yourself an outdoor indoor garden with an entirely different climate with pond, in fact any imaginative ideas you can conjure up.

Outdoor entertainment is popular in the spring and summer months, whether BBQ or picnic. No British person really wishes to stay indoors, even if the climate to Europeans is a little off putting, we make the best of it no matter what the day’s weather decides to be. Would you choose a PVC igloo for the garden rather than glass?

I mentioned previously the craze surrounding garden pods. Permanent fixture requiring a base, maybe some electrical fittings, furnished and in place for all time. In the main these use glass or a strengthened plastic. With this 360 degree garden dome while the structure of the dome is made from an all weather stable White Polyvinyl frame. It is covered in a soft transparent PVC.

It’s easily maintained and there are no foundations required like there would be with a garden pod. In fact, the frame is positioned and held in place with sand bags. Erection time is said to be up two hours with two people, but over time I should think you’ll master the PVC garden igloo frame and should you require it as a portable utility for events, make better time of each installation and within one hour.


Naturally you may ponder whether plastic and in this case Polyvinyl Chloride is the correct material for the summer months. Anyone who has been camping or walked into a green house would ask the question. However there are air vents and a standard sized doorway which is with zip, that allows air to circulates. Not only is the Multi-purpose Geodesic Dome great for manoeuvring air around the outside but allowing cool air in and hot air out.

It really is perfect as a greenhouse for growing plants or as an outside seated environment. Perfect as an outdoor office or as a place to get away, view the entire garden and contemplate life or get away from it. It’s inexpensive and a relatively cheap garden igloo that can serve many different purposes throughout its lifetime. Child safe, pet friendly and recyclable and a portable garden pod that can be placed back in its box for transportation after use.

The dimensions of the see through garden dome are 3.6 metres in diameter, and has a max height of 220cm. The ten square metres is room enough for guests should a short storm hit in the middle of a BBQ and can easily fit a few children for a sleepover. There is no lock and it is not suited for securing valuables. The stored size of the disassembled PVC garden igloo is 40cm x 79cm x 30cm.

Windproof to 62km/h, snow proof and water resistant I cannot think of another must have to buy for the garden this year. Garden pods have their place but for those wishing to have a portable and temporary garden dome, this 260 degree garden igloo is certainly going to be one of this summer’s best sellers. Read the garden igloo reviews and tell me I’m wrong. Read more about the igloo dome for gardens here.