Proform Fitness End Of January Sale

What on Planet Earth is going on? Proform Fitness have done away with full priced items, well on a few items at least. At Squillions we are wondering if the sales will ever end at this one of the most premier of fitness equipment manufacturer retailers. Proform Fitness have an extended January sales period that has an end date of 7th April 2020. Let’s look at how incredibly crazy the offers are. Which style of equipment the discounts are on and how they compare.

The ever evolving fitness technology at Proform means that while their partner retailers and distributors also sell their stock, they have to empty the warehouse to make room for new designs. At least that is what we believe, as even new fitness apparatus appears to make it into the sales section. The very catchy ‘New’ Power 1295i is discounted and it being ‘New’ would certainly seem to show this to be true.

You may be surprised to find that I am not a great fan of exercise equipment, nor the gym, which perhaps is not a good opener for an article that is looking to shift discounted Proform Fitness exercise equipment. That written, I have purchased a work bench and weights and a treadmill in the past and would you fathom, I used them too. The only gripe I have is I love the outdoors.

When you decide to lose weight, bulk out or generally keep fit, it is not always known if you are going to succeed or how you are going to go about it. It’s January, you’re fat and unhealthy after Christmas – most of us are, so discounting treadmills and making exercise bikes cheaper in the January sales is welcome but do you need one? What about a bike instead? Why not just eat in a healthier manner?

Well here’s the teaser. It being January, Winter has just begun, it’s cold, it’s wet, it could even be freezing and snow being dumped everywhere. That means jogging at 5am or cycling in the evening is probably not going to occur for some months. March perhaps. April if you’re lucky. In the meantime your new gym membership is going to stay under the magnet on the fridge and your diet will wane. Did someone state end of January sale?

Proform Fitness January Sale New Power 1295i Discount

New Power 1295i – Not £1,799 Not £1299 But £1,099 – Buy The New Power 12951

So how’s about this then, the Proform Fitness end of January sale is nearing its last few days. There will be other discounts of course but will they be better, equal or on another product entirely? It being the month of renewing your resolutions; stop drinking, stop smoking, stop eating, stop breathing, it’s time to take advantage of these fitness offers and get a good deal on a New Power 1295i – doesn’t it look great? What’s under the bonnet then Frank!?!

The greatest aspect about Proform Fitness is the ability to pay on a monthly basis with 0% finance, interest free credit options if you spend over £250 online initially. Although between you and I, you’d save the amount stated on the sale purchase if you buy outright on the first day. The New Power 1295i is one of many of the fitness equipment that has iFit embedded. The club membership that allows you to watch videos, use pre-prepared work outs and follow Google maps and be visually outside even when you’re in.

In fact, home treadmills with iFIT are some of the most popular running machines to buy, going by reviews on the internet. Because you kind of get a personal trainer with every workout. If you’ve ever been to a gym, no really, been not just got membership – the one currently sitting on your fridge. When you start running on a treadmill you get a trainer for a few sessions who helps you adjust and alter programmes. Well, this is a bit like that, the treadmill actually adjusts to your trainer’s pre-programmed run, it’s really quite clever.

The cheaper New Power 1295i has a 3.5 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial Motor, it’s continually running to keep your jog / run and the belt stable. The treadmill will go from incline to decline by up to 15% making those gradient hills a real life steeper run and your view ahead can be seen on the 7″ HD Display. These panels are fantastic, I’ve had a treadmill without the visual aid and it’s not nearly as much fun.

Proform Fitness January Discount Power 575i Treadmill

ProForm Power 575i Treadmills – Not £999 Not £699 But £599 – Buy The Power 575i Treadmill

I understand why some people might not invest in a treadmill. The main concern I have had previously is the awkwardness of running on the belt. Did you know that it is much safer to run on the grass and soil than it is the pavement? Pavements and concrete don’t give way when you tread your feet on them, soil and grass do. Sure that’s what trainers and running shoes are for but long distance runners will reveal the pain and aches from running on roads and man made paths.

Where does this leave the belt of a Proform Fitness treadmill? Well, as you would expect it has been designed to offer a form of suspension, and the running deck is kept taut thanks to the 2.5” Precision Machined and Balanced Non-Flex Rollers. Other cheaper treadmills like the Proform 705 CST below have tech called ProShox Cushioning which makes for a more comfortable running experience.

ProForm Smart Power 10 Exercise Bikes Sale

Buy The ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Pro Exercise Bikes – Not £1,399 Not £999 But £899

Running is not everybody’s thing to do, people even miss the bus on the way to work because a little jog can be exhausting for them. I call cycling the lazy man’s breakfast jog. However that’s a little unfair. This Proform Fitness January sale (ends in February) is the perfect time to treat yourself to a cheaper exercise bike if you’re a fan of bikes but don’t like the weather in the Winter months.

The discounted Smart Power 10 Pro exercise bike works out at about £22.57 per months when payment is spread over 48 months. You pay a little extra for the credit, if you purchase at the £900 sovs stats you will be investing in a tasty little bit of fitness equipment.

With a 10” Smart HD Touchscreen Display, 22 Digital Levels of Resistance and while you may wish to play a recording of noisy trucks, sounds of London or Manchester and play that mp4 of abusive drivers, you could actually just plug in your own music and let the SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance ensure noise from the exercise bike is kept to a minimum.

Here’s the funny part. The bike comes with a water bottle holder, so if you’re doing that hectic ride through the Lake District or busy competiting in the Tour De France, you don’t have to pause, head to the kitchen and grab a glass of water, just reach down, grab the bottle, wipe the sweat from your forehead and carry on. If by chance you have two of these cheaper Proform Fitness exercise bikes side by side, you could ever offer the bottle to your mate, just don’t lose control of the handle bars on that next turn.

ProForm Fitness Sale Hybrid Trainer XT Ellipticals Discount

ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT Ellipticals – Not £699 Not £499 But £399 – Buy Hybrid Trainer XT

But what is that flying through the living room? It’s not a bike, it’s not a treadmill…. it’s a hybrid trainer from Proform Fitness. Better than that, it’s a cheaper elliptical. Ellipticals are a cross trainer fitness device that offers almost the same exercise pattern as using a treadmill only with less impact on the bones – apparently. The devices uses a four way mechanism where feet moves the arm motion and visa versa.

With a 7 kg Flywheel Weight and a huge 15” stride length you are already half way Park Lane from the Old Kent Road. This is a relatively cheap elliptical, in fact one of the cheapest and is entry level. While it does have an LCD console display and added cushioning a few features such as folding and fan are not included. But are in other models should you wish to take up a better Proform Fitness offer on the day.

Smart Strider 495 CSE Ellipticals Sale Discount

ProForm Smart Strider 495 CSE Ellipticals – RRP £1,099 Was £699 Now £599 – Buy Smart Strider 495

Talking of alternatives, the Smart Strider does fold away, is iFit enabled and has 18 Resistance Levels with an 18” stride. It folds away vertically, which does require some heavy lifting but at 69kg total weight it’s not a lot. These are however large machines and if you can save some space in comparison to other ellipticals, treadmills and cross trainers then this type of fold away design could be handy and still affordable. It also has that super special feature once again, the water bottle holder. Stay hydrated people!

ProForm Fitness Discounted Cardio HIIT Trainer Sale

ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer – RRP £1,399 Was £999 Now £799 – Buy Cardio HIIT Trainer

Do you remember when step machines were four foot high and cost about £50? Well they grew up. Not by themselves I might add. These beautiful steppers were brought into being due to the process of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE). It’s a procedure whereby you go all out 100% for a certain exercise period, before calming down for the next period. Short bursts of 100% are said to be more fruitful than working out fully for longer.

The Cardio HIIT trainer is described as being a cross trainer and a cross between walking upstairs and boxing at the same time. Frank Bruno would be proud of you! Burning calories more quickly and with a discount of around £600 this is an offer of a cheap Cardio trainer than you should not miss out on. This end of January sale only last until the first week of February.

For this amount of money saved, you bet it folds away, to half it’s working space when in storage. The panel has a 7″ Backlit LCD Display, 24 Resistance Levels and 32 Preset Workout Apps. Of course with it being Cardio related it also comes with EKG™ Heart Rate Pulse Grips so that if you’re super duper cleaver with your training you can read your heart beat on the fly. The variance to note with this discounted Proform Fitness Stepper is the 10” Vertical / 5” Horizontal Stride.

Cheaper ProForm Fitness 705 CST Treadmills

ProForm 705 CST Treadmills – RRP £1,499 Now £799 – Buy 705 CST

It’s not every day you can get cheaper fitness equipment from one of the main manufacturers in the United Kingdom. Just as with any machine, the motor behind it is important. If you are a part time jogger in the living room or a long distance runner on the balcony, the 2.75 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial Plus Motor will be with you every step of the way.

It has a lesser incline than other models in the end of January Proform Fitness sale at 12% but does come with a workout fan, 22 built-in workout programmes and is iFit bluetooth compatible with a EKG Heart Rate Monitor. Treadmills are really good for when the weather outside is not too great or impossible or you wish to put one in your office.

Endurance 320E Ellipticals January Sale Discount

ProForm Endurance 320 E Ellipticals – Not £599 Not £399 But £379 – Buy Endurance 320 E

What is different about the Endurance 320 E Proform Fitness Elliptical I hear you ask, aside from the fact it was dirt cheap before it got even more cheaper. Well if you have just gone off grid and don’t want the hassle of an electric lifestyle you’ll be pleased to know that this fitness equipment is battery powered. An elliptical that has a 17” Stride Length, is iFit enabled and 16 Preset Workout Apps with a 7kg flywheel to keep those exercises powered.

Do you wish to take up these end of January sale deals and check for vouchers too for an additional saving? Visit the dedicated Proform Fitness offers page for the latest site-wide and model specific discounts for money off fitness equipment all year round. Please do enjoy your new year resolutions and what a wonderful way to keep them going by buying into cheaper fitness equipment in this Proform Fitness end of January sale.

*Prices were correct at the time of writing.