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Most people want a supercar to have as their own and BestOfTheBest discount codes aim to provide you with those additional bonus chances to win that Super car competition and drive away the Maserati or Ferrari of your dreams. The premier car sweepstake site in the UK is already loaded with freebies and a Supercharged Club membership but Squillions has a little bit more to offer.

Below you will find the current Best Of The Best discount codes to peruse. They range from free competitions to enter as well as up to 20% off Supercar competition tickets at any given time. Though that offer has been a higher percentage it is rare and the on site offers for mass purchasing of tickets is already very favourable.

Talking of favourable. Many of the tickets to enter the car competitions are priced low, so with a little thought out strategy you can pick a less valuable motor like a Mini Cooper and enter each time for a minuscule £3.50. But where’s the fun in that? Such a low priced ticket encourages you to enter to win a car a lot more often and odds on, as the deadline passes you will and so will others.

The Best Of The Best voucher codes are there to again encourage you to spend more and buy multiple tickets. You receive a 20% discount for buying five tickets or more and a whopping 40% off if you buy ten tickets. Utilising the Best of the Best promotional code below you can receive the 20% or current discount on an individual ticket.

Do you need to save on £3.50 when entering to win a Mini Cooper? Yes and no. Ask yourself whether you need the Best Of The Best voucher code when you wish to spend £25 on a single entry to win a Maserati then the answer is an overwhelming yes. When the cars are worth in the region of £170,000 tickets are usually £20 to £25 each.

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If you’re still wondering how £3.50 can get you a £23,000 Mini Cooper. Let’s look at the finer details a little bit. While the Best Of The Best discount code rewards you with a little saving, it doesn’t actually increase your chances any. What are your chances at winning the Supercar competition?

Well firstly you have to note that it’s not an entirely random sweepstake, there is skill involved. When you buy a ticket, you need to play a little game of Spot The Ball. At the end of the competition a judge, usually a referee, uses all his experience to decide where the centre of the ball will be. The entrant who is closest to the judge’s decision – not where the ball was in the actual photo – will win.

So be sure to have  a strategy and that you consider the skill involved before entering. A skill game is far more exciting, if you can figure out where a referree will say where the ball is, you’ve won! Especially if you cover the angles and bases with enough tickets surrounding the exact coordinates.

Don’t forget the freebies aside from the Best Of The Best code. You can get a free super car ticket through loyalty, additional game credits if you’re in a particlar zone of ‘closeness’ but not judged the winner and also a monthly free competition to win a super car experience day or a similarly associated thrilling car activity. Click here to use your Best Of The Best discount codes April 2020.

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