Moving To Dorobanti / Radu Beller In Bucharest

Have you ever wanted to start anew? Just pack up your troubles in your old kitbag and smile? Well smile in Bucharest at Radu Beller and Dorobanti.

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  • Eateries / Boozers: Some of the finest restaurants in town are situated in this area, several require booking in advance others are accessible as walk in covers and also cafes with street seating.
  • Relaxation / Parks: Several public parks are in walking distance, play grounds, open spaces for picnic, tons of greenery, dog pens all 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes at Floreasca, Kiseleff, Herastrau and more.
  • Buying Property: Looking at 4, 3 and 2 Bed Apartments for sale in Piata Dorobanti and Radu Beller, Floreasca as either an immigrant / expat or a Romanian? It’s affordable.
  • Schools: You may not have little ones yet but when buying property in Bucharest it’s best to do so next to a highly rated school and university. You’re in luck.
  • Football and sport: I know we only love one team but you’re kind of forgiven when you’re an expatriate. Football, swimming, tennis, I bet there’s even golf if we look for it. I already know – Herastrau, a five minute drive.

Your New Apartment In Radu Beller, Dorobanti – Paradise?

When seeking the best apartment for sale in Bucharest to make a home as a foreigner it’s really just like moving anywhere in your own country. If you have a family you consider a location with regards to schools and if they are any good. You wish your children to be well educated and to go to university and if there’s an emergency, to have hospitals nearby.

Then there’s safety and security. Like any city there are rough areas with more crime and break ins. There can be rowdy streets too. To cut a long story short if you’re moving to Bucharest then Piata Dorobanti or Zona Beller and Zona Dorobanti as it is termed then you can’t go far wrong. As with all the embassies there’s more security here per square mile than there is around Buckingham Palace.

I haven’t lived all over Bucharest but I have moved around a fair bit. Each area has its own offerings and amenities but there are four locations I have enjoyed the most, either as an evening out, for walking or actually living centrally. Isn’t that reason enough to move and buy an apartment in Dorobanti? That you love visiting and on top it has the safety, the schools, the entertainment, night life and its all within your apartment buying budget.

Many others I am sure will agree that Herastrau and Kiseleff, Cotroceni, Baneasa Town with Baneasa Mall are all great areas to both visit, dine, walk the dog and socialise within. While the world has the Bermuda triangle to get lost in, Bucharest has the affluent triangle of Herastrau, Piata Victoria to Piata Dorobanti leading to Strada Locotenent Aviator Radu Beller or Beller for short. There’s quite a few long road names here reduced to one word – thankfully.

If Moving To Bucharest – Why Are You Doing So?

When I first uprooted from the UK to Romania the question on the lips of whomever I met was “Did you have an appointment at Number Nine?” It’s a mental health hospital in the South of Bucharest in Berceni. I jest but no, they simply asked me why and why again. I termed myself a reverse economic migrant as I didn’t need to work the local jobs and instead benefit from the cheaper economy and the climate.

Perhaps you are doing similar. Moving from the Netherlands or Saudi Arabia seeking a different lifestyle anywhere but where you currently were or are. Or maybe you already live in Romania and are looking to move to Bucharest and buy an apartment in Dorobanti to be near a new job, like the offices at Aviatei or Pipera (Floreasca Business Park) and the Google offices at Iancu de Hunedoara or Hootsuite over at 1 Mai. A home that affords the ability to live within the confines of such a special daily retreat as a 2 bed apartment on Radu Beller would be.

  • Did You Know: ‘Apartamente de vânzare 3 camere’ means 2 Bed Apartment for sale

Let’s invigorate your imagination a little. Where are the best places to eat in Radu Beller and are there restaurants at Piazi Dorobanti? Is Dorobantilor as spectacular or is further up Beller better with Floreasca Park on your doorstep. You’ll find at one end it’s peace and serenity and the other end – a mile away, its Stefen Cel Mare which is kind of equal to London’s North Circular, only many tree rings younger.

Dorobanti Radu Beller Nuba Restaurant Bucharest

Nuba Restaurant at Radu Beller High Street

The Best Radu Beller Restaurants And Eateries

Some apartments in Bucharest don’t even have a kitchen or it’s limited in white goods. These are properties that have not been invested in or are treated as AirBnB lets. Places where you stay and are expected to eat out or return with take aways. I don’t for one minute think if you buy a 2 bed apartment in Radu Beller that you’re doing so to eat out all the time, every night.

That said, if you wanted to swap a Sunday roast for Sushi or Friday night Fish and Chips for a meal at La Pescaria the choice is on your doorstep. Throw your clothes on, spray the smellies and walk five minutes. This is far easier than planning and arranging. You’ll have your fully stocked cupboards, your fridge filled to the brim and cook Romanian dishes in your own national way but with Dorobanti and Radu Beller the chefs really do come to visit you. Just take a look at the top ten places to eat in Dorobanti. I know I cannot count, there’s too many!

  • La Belle Epoque
  • Gargantua D’oro
  • Tuk Tuk
  • Steak Up
  • Chefs Experience
  • Ai Sushi Bar
  • Noblesse
  • Zen Sushi
  • La Pescaria
  • Le Vivier
  • Kanpai
  • Rawdia
  • Skybar

Ok, I fooled you, there is actually more and more after this. For such a small area it is actually opulent in both variety, taste and richness of cuisine. You can coffee crawl, food crawl and do pub crawls and perhaps patisserie crawl. You’re ambitious if you think you can do Radu Beller in one night. I never used to be able to do the length of the Old Kent Road.

  • White Horse Pub And Restaurant
  • Ambiance Cafe
  • Coffee Map Roastery
  • DonCafe Brasserie
  • Paul – Bakery
  • Nuba Cafe
  • High Heels Cafe

Which Shops Can Be Found Around Piata Dorobanti?

I was born in the country side, a developed town. I know what it is like to be near shops that shut at 5pm and the pub shuts at 11pm but everything else is two or ten miles away. Even in a city you can be stuck away in a metropolitan area that offers little. This is not how either Zona Dorobanti or Zona Beller is.

Having lived in two countries for a long time with one, the UK having moderate everything and secondly Romania having extreme Summers and Winters every few years there are certain things to understand. In January you do not want to go out in minus whichever silly number to get a pint of milk or potatoes, nor do you wish to walk far in July at 4pm when the tarmac is beginning to boil.

Here are just a few indications of the type of shops that are mostly within a two minute to five or ten minute walk from your three room apartment in Radu Beller, Floreasca or Dorobanti. Remember too that areas in Bucharest are not always central with their shops, which is why you will find Ciocolaterie Leonidas Beller on a side street and down Strada Putul lui Zamfir or BioCorner on Strada George Calinescu. Both off Strada Locotenent Aviator Radu Beller.

The following shops can be found around Radu Beller, along Calea Dorobanti and on the tip of Floreasca. Towards Piata Romana, Stefan Cel Mare and towards Aviatorilor. The main market place is usually Mega Image, it used to be a NIC, a favourite before it sold its soul to the Belgians. It is directly opposite a 2 bed apartment on Radu Beller and across from the Sensiblu pharmacy.

Radu Beller Shops Sensiblu Mega Image

Shops at Radu Beller, Mega Image Market & Sensiblu Pharmacy

There are clothing and jewellery shops; Ada Shoes, PNK, Divanissimi, Galt, Scavolini, Malvensky, Lizar, Canali with Madison Perfumery for smellies. Art galleries at Kon Art. Florists: Floraria Floria Dorobanţi, Floraria Iris Dorobanti with Floria Events. These are not cheap places to shop. Forget whatever image you have of Romania, this is the beginnings of the Kings Road, London. Not to be too misogynistic in today’s era of equality… but the women have certainly arrived early.

There’s a Luxury Gifts shop at Piata Dorobanti and off licence around the corner at Ethic wine and a very up market stockist of beers, wines and spirits up Radu Beller on the corner of – and if you need clothes mending there’s Retoucherie – Atelier de croitorie, visit Grace Couture Cakes while it’s being done or celebrate the occasion at the Bucharest Tattoo Studio.

The Parks Near Radu Beller

I fully believe central to a happy life is access to open spaces and this is something most of Bucharest has in droves, though further North the more beautified the areas. Like Dorobanti for instance. For within a twenty minute walk in many different directions you can find a dozen parks and areas with swings and playgrounds or simply the works of Mother Nature in progress.

The nearest is a 90 second walk to Floreasca Park with Lacul Floreasca across a main road at the top. Piata Dorobantilor is a small square that is an offset centre piece of the main drag. Even with the traffic a quiet respite. Other parks in the Zona Beller area are:

  • George Calinescu Park
  • Marasoiu Gheorghe
  • Bordei Park
  • Herastrau

Behind or to the East of Radu Beller is Circului Park which leads to Lacul Tei. There are also smaller places to visit such as Verdi Park, Floreasca Cinema Park, Automatica Park and this is not counting the many squares and verges you’ll find, much like South Kensington and Sloane Square.

Floreasca Park Cafe Radu Beller Ambiance

Ambiance Cafe at Floreasca Park on Radu Beller, Bucharest

Fast Food And Cafes

Society is different here but not that much, as a dweller of Bucharest for some time you will know but if moving into Radu Beller from afar, especially Britain or America the culture is different. Bar service comes to you, it is more relaxed like the area. Cafes are plenty like pubs elsewhere it’s more about cafea and ceia (tea), yes beer and wine bars also.

Shoarma is big business here, it’s a kind of Donar but much more healthy in my view. Not piles of burger (cocktail sauce). You’ll find international cuisine is often the cause celeb around Radu Bella, Dorobantilor and the area in general as it houses the Embassies, their diplomatic staff who also reside in the houses and apartments.

A 2 Bed Apartment In Piata Dorobanti Radu Beller

Let’s talk about cheap property in Bucharest. As Einstein stated, everything is relative. Wages are and have been for quite a while lower than other nations in Europe therefore property in these areas are more than ten times or at lest treble that of accommodation for sale in Romania and the capital city. Though not prohibitive so for foreigners moving in.

If for instance you were selling a house in England you could possibly buy two or three amazing apartments on Radu Beller. A 2 Bed Apartment in Radu Beller may set you back €160,000, here they would term it a three room apartment. Even if you sell your house in Britain and move to Bucharest you’ll be gaining an equal property in an affluent area.

A Small Village Of Embassies

Every city has its area for Foreign Embassies, the area where these buildings and points of access for their citizens can be found is mainly around Piata Romana, Kiseleff, Piata Victorii and towards Piata Dorobanti. Even the streets in-between are named after capital cities of countries.

While China is the other side of Herastrau Park I can claim to have visited China, Russia, America, Britain, Turkey, Syria, Oman and Canada all in a single half an hour walk. This is the kind of place you’d be moving to at an apartment in Radu Beller and Piazi Dorobanti or enjoying for an evening out. You may even be having dinner with the visiting King of Saudi Arabia or at the very least one of his sons.

Dog Walking Floreasca Park Do The Business

Floreasca ‘Business’ Park – Where Dogs Do Their Stuff

What Is Radu Beller Like For Dogs and Cats?

I can think of no better place to live with regards having a dog because not only do you have quick and easy access to parks, dog pens and to have long walks amongst trees an bushes but there’s a 24 hour Veterinary Surgery just off Piata Dorobanti. We’ve been there at 1am with Charlie, very welcoming, helpful and situation resolved.

Local Services, Hospitals and 24 Hour Pharmacy

In Bucharest it’s not easy to find a petrol station. It is but often they can only be reached by a drive through heavy traffic further out towards the perimeter or up one way streets. Petrom Gas Station is at Piata Dorobanti.

A Guide To Dorobanti No, A Short Journey

Last and yes the least, could I write a similar article about moving to Bucharest and ending up at Dristor? Where I stayed my first three years – remarkably. I could yes but it won’t have the top four locations I enjoyed the most. It won’t have the parks I walked ‘our’ dog Charlie in. It won’t have the restaurants or cafes I had romantic evenings with my girlfriend at.

Although traditionally Dristor Shoarma and the one at Kogalniceanu are the best for fast food – IF YOU’RE SINGLE, there is simply no comparison when deciding to purchase a 2 bed apartment in Bucharest. Every time I’d say Kiseleff, Piata Dorobanti and Radu Beller. If I was to get married, have children then it would be a property in this area without a doubt and also because if the Russians or Turks come it isn’t far to run to the British Embassy either.

Oh, one last last thing, Christmas is just around the corner but perhaps I’ll let you discover that for yourself.

A Brief Encounter With Radu Beller… Starring You?

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