6ct SI Round Diamond Drop Necklace 18ct White Gold

Diamond drop necklaces come in a variety of depths and feature a variety of gemstones such as emeralds and rubies alongside diamond settings and tend to be bought for a certain event or occasion. Especially when they are high valued items such as this very elegant round diamond drop necklace which costs in the region of £7,200. Unless you have Squillions, this diamond jewellery piece may well be bought for a significant Anniversary or to celebrate a birthday.

Designs of 6ct round diamond drop necklaces can be matched to attire such as evening dresses and ballroom gowns and can certainly assist in accentuating a low cut Wedding Dress and match a tiara on the day. This particular diamond drop necklace is emblazoned with prong set diamonds from top to bottom and is a design which is often preferred by the Queen, as opposed to Princess Diana who preferred a choker or a  closer fitting drop necklace.

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In fact, throughout history broaches and necklaces enabled people in high society to differentiate themselves from the lower classes. The more elaborate and detailed a piece, the more expensive the gemstones, the higher the social status afforded. Today people buy into jewellery more on a personal scale, however that element of flamboyance and showcasing their financial mobility still rings true.

Featuring an entanglement of diamond encrusted S and O shaped jump ring joins the chain itself would be alluring enough. Yet this magnificent round diamond drop necklace SI mesmerises further with no less than six oval drops, one of extending centrally. This splendid arrangement is made even more compelling thanks to the drops and central piece being filled in with further diamonds. Drawing a viewers eye inwards down from all the sparkling diamond facets at the top.

While many cheap round diamond drop necklaces can be less elaborate with diamonds only featuring on the inner fill of the oval drops.  It’s as if the diamond jeweller got completely carried away, themselves transfixed by the luscious notes while creating the piece. It is a classic style drop necklace however the eye designs within the oval speak of a contemporary movement that sees all and is all and the wearer is the one being glanced upon the entire time.

The total worth of the diamonds is six carats, such an amount of diamonds should be worth far more and almost double. The retailer buys in diamonds at bulk cost and therefore can offer excellent savings on this and other desirable round diamond drop necklaces. The clarity of the diamond is SI (slightly included) which denotes small blemishes on the diamonds used. The colour is also ranging from F to G.

What does this all mean? Well all diamond manufacturers go by a chart called the Four C’s, determining the cut, clarity, carat and colour of the diamond which when used together offers a value for each individual diamond. You can of course buy a more expensive round diamond drop necklace that is of a flawless nature and offers absolute brilliance in light reflection, if your budget is £72,000 or ten times that amount.

Will anyone be able to tell the difference? The great thing about diamonds is unless someone brings a microscope to the party or your Wedding, the answer is not really. Yes there are noticeable effects but another person is more inclined to notice the graceful and shapely artisan approach of this 6ct round diamond drop necklace rather than focus on the individual brilliance and shine of each assembled diamond.

This is a truly magnificent piece of diamond jewellery. It is elaborate enough to be noticed but also affordable in that the amount of individual diamonds and their combined worth of 6 carats still puts you up there as an individual who takes greats care when it comes to their appearance in public. But at the same time, doesn’t mind flaunting their financial influence. Money aside, it’s a delightful drop necklace that is heirloom-quality.

This necklace is available in 18ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold or a mix of both. If you have a high level function such as a foreign embassy visit where dignitaries are being entertained. Or you are getting married and require a spectacular jewellery piece for the day that will astound and enthral the thronging crowds, then this 6ct round diamond drop necklace with SI and FG colouring will certainly do the trick.

Click to view the round diamond drop necklace and read more details about the piece, compare other diamond necklaces and find out about finance options or bespoke alterations. If you wish to see if you can save any money on this particular drop necklace, why not check for the latest Diamond Heaven discount codes which may offer free delivery or a percentage off the basket total.