Round Lace Double Bed Canopy & Square Bed Canopies For Girls

Cheap Bed Canopy Definition: Either a framed structure suspended above a bed acting as a roof. Or a wire or polled structure suspended above the bed which allows the draping of material and curtains to be hung over all four sides of a bed.

Why Use A Double Bed Canopy? The beginnings and usage of a bed canopy were for wholly different reasons than their use today. A four posted bed canopy would have been used by Lords and Kings for two primary reasons.

Often servants would sleep in the same room as a Lord (weird) and so heavy curtains on a square bed canopy would provide for more privacy, though snoring and other bed sounds would still escape no doubt.

The secondary application was for warmth, those huge country homes and castles of the elite in society would get very cold in the 15th Century. So as to contain more warmth from body heat, the heavy set curtains would be drawn at night to enclose the heat and make for a more sound and comfortable sleep.

In the modern age the drapes are usually more see through and serve as a contemporary touch. However in the summer months they can also act as a barrier against flies and as a makeshift mosquito net. Providing for a hassle free night’s sleep all thanks to a cheap double bed canopy.

Square Bed Canopies And Round Lace Double Bed Canopy Frame

Most square bed canopies are made from light materials, usually lace. This allows for the see through qualities so one doesn’t feel so enclosed. It’s also a breathable material allowing the air in and out, but keeping those nasty bugs out day and night.

A square bed canopy would usually sit atop a frame which is fixed to the bed itself at all four corners. There maybe quilting or frills along the top frame as an additional part of the aesthetic design. Depending on the cost this could be a removable structure or one that should be kept in place all year round.

The double bed canopy frame which comes with most kits available online is set up and you simply add the square lace drapes after. They are easily removed for washing when necessary, though lace is better hand washed.

When not in use, and you may only purchase a square bed canopy for its residual homely effect, the curtains or drapes can be tied at the four corners offering a home accessory which makes any Princess or Queen feel at home.

As well as square, there is also a range of cheap round bed canopy. Usually termed a round top bed canopy, they are structured slightly different with the bed canopy suspended from the ceiling instead of fixed to the bed. Allowing for more free access all around the mattress.

These are perfect as a cheap Children’s bed canopy. Although also suitable for adults. The functional difference between the two cost effective bed canopies, square and round is that you won’t really notice the lace square fixed curtains. However with the circular canopy, the fabric may lean inwards when drawn.

Not all of the cheap round bed canopy have this problem though. The one pictured above acts like a tent and has a wider structural sphere and acts like an Arabian tent with two open doors and the fixed wall at the front.

Four Poster Bed Canopy And Square Bed Canopies For Double Beds

There exists many different designs of four poster bed canopy. Four poster beds are typically made with the beams required to fix the drapes. However should you have a normal double bed, a cheap bed canopy kit will have four poles to attach to the bed either temporarily or permanently.

The more traditional double bed canopy will have loose fitting lace drapes which can be tied to the posts. If you require a more secure drape – as in you really hate those flies and mosquitoes in the summer.

Then as with the above example, you can get zip up bed canopies to ward off the flying evils in the hot summer months. Some will have one zipped side and again act like a tent with a similar structure, others will have zips along two or three sides.

The square bed canopies for double beds are a great way to add a simple and effective design to compliment your bedroom’s existing style. The pale colours can break up the open space around the bed itself and make it more welcoming.

Children’s Bed Canopy For Girls With Pink, Blue And White Bed Canopy

Children have their desires and often girls wish to play at being royalty. What better way than to finish off a themed bedroom than to offer a princess bed canopy for your daughter.

A delightful pink bed canopy for girls with a round top would make the perfect accessory to make your little girl feel like a princess before she goes to bed and as she wakes up. Also available as a blue bed canopy, you could make your son an heir to the throne and a prince in his own right.

A cheap children’s bed canopy can be bought for double beds or single beds with the round top being preferable as less damage is likely to occur with the suspended bed canopy hung from the ceiling. Rather than four poles to knock into and tear down.

A round lace double bed canopy is great for easy access. Cheap square bed canopies with zips will ensure those pesky mosquitoes are kept out at all times but can still be rolled up. And a four poster bed canopy with ties will offer a fantastic designer look to your bedroom’s décor.

Choose a children’s bed canopy for girls and boys which will come in a variety of pink, blue and white bed canopy colours to match their existing colour scheme in their room.

Adults and children alike find the addition of bed canopies for double beds great for the summer, meaning windows can stay open without the need to keep a fly swat nearby or a can of bug spray.

Take a look at a great line in round lace bed canopies for double beds and white, blue and pink square bed canopies here.