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What gets your Rox off? Rox discount codes aside. We do not wish to know, we’re only interested in what gets your Rox on. The name of this retailer is so obviously a turn on the word Rocks which is essentially what they sell. Only the finest, purest Four C diamonds and gems from their own in house jewellers as well as branded wares from around the world.

You can talk about London as a shopping destination and it being so wonderful, expensive with all the brands but personally I love Vienna. They have streets full of famous world brands yet it is so much easier to shop and less crowded. The statement has little to do with anything other than this company positions itself and the boutiques of this luxury brand in the North in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds and Aberdeen.

It’s no wonder they opened a website online… so the Southern English could understand them. I am joking, their product doesn’t need words it needs viewing and very easy on the eye it is too. They proffer all the usual jewellery items you’d expect, diamond engagement and wedding rings, necklaces that dazzle with pearl jewellery that doesn’t. Do Rox have voucher codes? If they do you’ll take advantage I am sure.

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I haven’t got married yet, you have to gain permission and it’s not instantly purchasable on a Coutts credit card. I did kind of ask once but the girlfriend didn’t really understand and probably still doesn’t know. Because I had Squillions I suggested we turn up at the airport and just catch any flight, it didn’t happen – well I had to be sure.

Love eh? I’ll tell you what you will love and it will cost you less than what it did me even without a Rox voucher code in hand. A change of subject, Perfume. It’s not every company that can go out and start making their own range and be an hit. HELLO this one did.

It’s exclusive, it’s raunchy, it’s seductive and it’s ROX Luxe Candles, have a whiff of these smellies and you’ll never go back to perfume in a bottle again. Empty the candle from the very beautifully crafted glass container and gently massage the wax against your neck and wrists and you’ll be turning heads before you know it. Seriously this stuff… come on, ROX!

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I adore their website, why? They show a Celestial collection which is all about jewellery merged with the stars. Naturally all jewellers offer similar but these designs are a cross between quirky and exceptional. Have a butchers at the Celestial Gold Vermeil Hoop and Star Earrings, be wowed, they’re not cheap but they are not especially expensive for such remarkable designs.

Then there’s the Boho collection based on what I’d term a circular paving stone pattern, they suggest Moroccan so I’ll go with that. It’s seamless throughout the entire range – it may float your boat. Most things do with a Rox promotion don’t they darling!?! Where this jewellers technique may come into play is you want bespoke wedding rings or personalised engagement rings, you never know as a couple you may start a trend.

One last thing, what’s the time mate? How can you visit a luxury jewellers like these and not seek out their luxury brand watches. There’s Audemars Piguet, Chopard, Hublot and Zenith. Now I know you and your family thought you was clever suggesting spending £20,000 on your Daughter’s wedding but when these extravagant watches are the same price you might have to think again. Get a pretty discount with Rox voucher codes for April 2020 have a cheaper wedding and luxurious jewellery instead.

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