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Are you feeling saucy, sexy and a little bou-tique tick tick boomy? Well let us all firstly agree that you are probably in the correct place. I am male. While I am not intimidated by these very intimate adult toys I am a little wary of how to write about them Madam, and these days even Sir. You are here primarily for money off and a Saucy Boutique discount code and perhaps I may get you to buy something else too.

All in all, we are in for a lot of fun either way – aren’t we boys and girls!?! I apologise for being gender specific I realise it’s not quite that simple these days. What would you like with your after dinner mint? A big black one? A brown one, something oversized or a little petite to go somewhere that is equally a snug fit?

For crying out loud how am I supposed to write about sex aids on a general subject website? I’ll get there, let’s give it a go, we are in the realm of trying things out after all. Dildos, there I wrote it. Is spelt plural with an e I wonder? Would you like plural? As they do make them that way too.

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I have to admit they are incredibly imaginative with the gadgets these days. It’s not quite as easy as a visit to the fruit and veg stall is it? Electro sex stimulation with a leather sex paddle? Oo er missus, what a conundrum and a little bit naughty but like the ice cream, a little bit nice too, ahem one presumes in any case.

Perhaps I am enjoying this a bit too much. Let’s delve a little further and see what you can spend your Saucy Boutique voucher codes with. Flavoured lubricants and oils? Edible treats, I think not only are we eating out tonight darling we’re eating these too. Condoms and a book about the Kama Sutra – now we’re on the same page.

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I discovered a naughty little section, it may even be quite large as it goes. It’s termed bondage, another oo er missus moment. Male chastity, gags and bits, collars and hand cuffs. Is this enrolment into the Police Academy? Where’s Leslie Nielson? I think I’ve found something for everyone that we can discuss at the table with Granny, Bath and Massage, surely we can keep that from getting too smutty? No, oh well I tried.

There appears to be plenty of adult toys for you to save money on when you purchase with a Saucy Boutique discount code. Whether it’s for free delivery, free gifts, a percentage off basket value or a free novelty for your Hen Night. It’s all quite entertaining isn’t it and this is just the part where you shop for the stuff.

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There is an incredible amount of sexy adult costumes and clothing too. Bra sets, stockings, baby dolls. Basques and corsets, sexy briefs and latex. I need to lie down a little… as the brown package has just arrived. If you are into sexy, saucy stuff for the bedroom and you know someone who is equally enamoured by bondage gear and nipple clamps. Don’t hang around and get a parking fine, use your Saucy Boutique discount codes February 2020 here.

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