Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser 12mm, 19mm, 25mm, 33mm, 66mm

Looking for a new job in an office? Want to impress on your job interview? Look no further than the indispensable sorcery of Scotch magic tape 12mm and their co conspirator the Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser.

What am on about? There’s a key to success in moving up the ladder and it’s not getting caught photocopying your bum during overtime. It’s the ability to know your way around the office stationery cupboard, how to get things done swiftly and make use of the items in your environment.

There are several aspects which will impress when evoking the witchcraft embedded within Scotch Magic Tape 19mm. You can repair torn documents for frustrated office staff, fix quick notes to the table and doors and leave no marks and if you run out of post it notes, you can write on the tape too.

There are many types of Scotch tape which have been imposed on society. Indeed it’s a little known fact that Scotch Magic Tape 25mm and all its various sizes has been around for almost fifty years though not all know its secret.

But you will soon and being manager of your office stationery instead of the office clerk will soon be a simple request for promotion.

Dazzle your work colleagues as a master of stationery. Ripped or torn documents can be quickly healed thanks to the Scotch Magic Tape 33mm. Is your office manager about to staple two documents side by side? Stop them immediately and amaze them with your foresight.

Draw your Scotch Magic Tape dispenser gun and shoot a feed of tape in their direction. Magically join the two distant pieces of paper with the magic tape and astound the office with your prowess. To further illustrate your office powers, carefully peal back the tape to show the two documents can be separated again. Magic. And look, no marks remain.

The most amazing aspect of this near Scotch invisible tape is that it can be written on too. Use a biro, pen, marker or even a pencil to demonstrate that comments can be left on documents and later removed. This is perfect for the editing environment and passing feedback to office staff.

If you work in an architectural environment or one of interior design, you can also fix large landscape drawings to desks, it is so much more easier to work with than masking tape.

Choose your desired size, Scotch magic tape 19mm, 33mm or even 66mm to offer the best finish possible, then remove the tape and start again, it’s magic!

Be the king of your office and use Scotch magic tape 66mm to move up the office ladder. Don’t forget the Scotch magic tape dispenser. These make scissors redundant, especially if on an emergency document repair call, no fiddly handle or dangerous liaisons with sharp edges. Simply pull the tape downwards for the perfected serrated cut.

Scotch magic tape dispensers come in a variety of distinct shapes and sizes to suit any office environment. In the form of a dog, a shoe, a rabbit and a pebble magic tape dispenser. Some of which are specially weighted and double as a paper weight or even as a door stop in those summer months.

Invisible tape really does have many amazing uses, even for gift wrapping, taping to windows and furniture, not forgetting funny messages which can be pinned to the back of unwitting work colleagues. Oh the hilarity of pinning ‘kick me’ to the back of the office bully or nerd!

Don’t take our word for it, buy some and see for yourself. the Scotch magic tape dispensers are suitable for a wide range of magic tape sizes.

View the images above of Scotch magic tape 19mm x 33mm, Scotch magic tape 19mm x 66mm and 25mm Scotch magic tape. All of which look invisible when taped to documents and folders.

You can even photocopy the text underneath the invisible tape as well as the text you have written on, remarkable. And remember, once you’re done, the tape can simply be removed after.

Whether you’re buying Scotch magic tape 12mm x 66mm for joining documents or 12 rolls of Scotch magic tape for that office party, peruse the available Scotch magic tape dispensers below for ideas on how to deliver the perfect office invisible tape solution.

Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser Rabbit Black C29R4

This is the perfect Scotch magic tape dispenser for the busy office individual. It is in the shape of a rabbit, so if you wish to beat those office rules against decoration, you can deny it is a rabbit fully knowing that that it nibbles at your sandwiches while your boss isn’t looking.

It contains a roll of Scotch magic tape 19mm x 33mm and you can type on your computer with one hand while using your other hand to fix torn documents thanks to its weighted design. Do these Scotch products get any more magical? There’s even an attached mandrel to prevent loss. See more.

Scotch Magic Tape Contour Dispenser Desktop Weighted 19mm 33mm Grey C60 ST

Oh luvee, oh darling, looksee what we have for you! Is it a wave machine? Is it a slide? No it’s an innovative Scotch magic tape dispenser which has more curves than the office manager’s secretary and a very sleek and stylish contour design.

It holds Scotch magic tape 19mm by 33mm and comes in a two toned black and silver casing with integral tape hub. My oh my, your desk will stand out from the rest! This Scotch tape dispenser is also weight for easy one hand use, I don’t wish to know what you’re doing with the other! View here.

Scotch Magic Tape Compact Dispenser Desktop 19mm 10mm Silver C28 ST

Is your office a bit strict on office desk toys? Need to opt for bland time after time? That doesn’t mean you need forgo on style and efficacy of design however. Take a butchers at this Scotch magic tape dispenser. A compact model which accepts rolls of 19mm by 10mm scotch magic tape.

Coming in a silver colouring and measuring 50mm x 100mm x 60mm you can keep your desk tidy with this 25mm tape dispenser on hand for every occasion. Just sitting their waiting to be called upon in the next document emergency. Buy here.

Scotch Pebble Magic Tape Dispenser Weighted Base 18mm 33mm Black C36 B EU

Do you work for MI5? Did you happen to leave this in a park in Moscow? Oh dear, we’ve been rumbled by the KGB, the enemy have mistaken our Scotch magic tape dispenser as a listening device… but it’s ok, we can get some more.

This pebble styled Scotch tape dispenser brings style and function to your office. It holds tape of 19mm by 33mm and while it wont listen in on your colleague’s conversations, it can tape them. Get it, get!?! Oh ok, it’s weighted also. Over and out. View here.

Scotch Shoe Magic Tape Dispenser Desktop Durable Non Slip Tape 18mm 33mm 532305

Brighten up your office desk and put your feet up, well one foot at least. This very vivid red Scotch magic tape dispenser comes in the shape of a desirable cosmopolitan wedge – that’s a shoe to me and you. Measuring 25mm in diameter this fun yet stylish design will have your office marching in tune.

You’ll be head over heels with this in prime position, ready to fix any documents or add a quick note to documents. It contains a Scotch magic tape 18mm by 33mm roll and accepts other smaller sizes also. The tape dispenser is made of durable plastic and non skid rubber feet so when you pull the tape it doesn’t start tap dancing across the desk. See more.